Confederation expects up to 73.5 million vaccine doses in the second quarter

Confederation expects up to 73.5 million vaccine doses in the second quarter

The federal ministry of health expects between 70.5 and 73.5 million corona vaccine doses for germany in the second quarter. This is from delivery forecasts, which the ministry published in the internet. In the first quarter there are 19.8 million cans. In the second quarter, 10.1 million doses of the vaccine of the US manufacturer johnson johnson are to be delivered, from which only a dose of the vaccines used so far is notified.

Only with uncertainties

Earlier earlier, the ministry had indicated that from the 5. April to 1. May up to 15.3 million cans of vaccine should be supplied. According to the ministry, subject to the ministry are still subject to uncertainties. For the entire year 2021, the resort of federal health minister jens spahn (CDU) expects 323.7 million vaccine doses against corona for germany.

100.7 millions of these corona vaccines are expected by the german manufacturer BIONTECH and its US partner pfizer, at least 78 million doses of moderna, 56.3 million doses of astrazeneca, 36.7 million doses of johnson johnson, 24.5 million from curevac and 27.5 million from sanofi / GSK. For the last two, the prerequisite is that they are admitted by the european medicines agency EMA.

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On patrol in the social network – day of the day on facebook and co.

On patrol in the social network - day of the day on Facebook and Co

Tagelang the investigators in the near the place of residence and responded to the environment of missing – but the decisive turn brought a call on facebook. The fall of the 16-year isabella from the lower sachsian celle, which was held by some already dead and finally found well in france, made headlines nationwide. And he showed: criminal trap are also dissolved in the digital age in front of the computer screen.

Changed media consumption

"Public reliefs can be a valuable tool for investigations of any kind", says daniel kretzschmar, member of the executive board at the federation of german criminal officer. As an instrument for investigation, it has always been given. The social media and the internet are only other ways, which are also owed to a changed media consumption. "Where sooner the litfabsule looked at or a newspaper was read, as you can quickly look into the net today", says kretzschmar.

But what was in celle?? End marz disappears the 16-year-old schoolman isabella from her parents’ home. For weeks there is no sign of life, the police suspect a violent crime. A multi-divided facebook video call ends at the screen of a civil servant of the federal criminal police office (BKA). She recognizes the similarity with a madchen found in france and informs the colleagues in celle. Shortly thereafter, hope for certainty: the girl in france is isabella.

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Organ and corona – what about home office in the administration?

Organ and Corona - What about HomeOffice in the administration?

Administrative staff working in home office and access digital files rather than rolling paper mountains in the authority? For a long time this was difficult to conceivable. Through the corona pandemic, something could change now. Because the appeal to work at home after possibility is also arrived in the administration.

"The city has a steep learning curve in terms of home office", say helmut dedy, main fees of the german city tag. At the beginning of the pandemic, final devices were procured in shortest time and digitally has been set up.

Surprisingly good change

He had been surprised himself how well the conversion had worked at the beginning of the pandemic, says district director dirk lonnecke from the north rhine-westfalische kreis soest. There you have been to digitize the administration for some time now and have allowed home office before the beginning of the corona crisis. Consider that IT collapse CONNE, he had nevertheless, confesses lonnecke: "through the pandemic, we have greatly significantly changed the proportion of work that is done at home."

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Report: bmw plant electric scooter

The motorcycle manufacturer BMW apparently builds its model range: according to a report of the berlin newspaper (thursday) BMW is expected to launch an electric scooter in two years. The boss of the BMW motorcycle division, hendrik of kuenheim, said the newspaper, currently developed such a vehicle. In about two years, the production of the E-roller should start in the berlin work. The scooter must create at least 100 kilometers with a battery charge, said the son of the long-term BMW boss eberhard von kuenheim. "Also 100 km / h must be in it." that was the market research.

BMW has repeatedly tested the audience reaction over the past two years. At the end of 2009, the manufacturer presented the study C1-E, an electric scooter that is conceptually conceived for the earlier production model C1. The C1 was produced only for about four years, its production set in 2004. He had a kind of security cell, which was at the same time weather protection, was allowed to be driven without a helmet, but eventually failed at his high price. In september 2010, BMW showed the next electric scooter who "miniscoer e concept" however, was a conventional concept that is strongly rising to the mini brand.

BMW could ate even more at the end of 2010 with the maxi-roller concept C. First, BMW already announced a series production in the berlin plant – and second, one already thought about a version with electric motor after. The magazine motorcycle wants to have already discovered a groober at a factory visit to marz 2011, whose hardening was briefly suited by a windstob.

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Google down: youtube, gmail and other google services are not available

Since monday afternoon, several google services are no longer available. The video platform youtube spits off a bail page, also the google play store is no longer available. Other google services, including youtube music, gmail, google calendar and google’s cloud services do not work anymore.

The google search can be used, on the other hand, as usual. Other services, including, among other things, can be used at least without account linking, so for example in incognito mode of the browser. Also youtube music can still be used in free mode without registration. It is possible that the problem is greeted in google account management. Google has not yet become a bad out.

On his status dashboard google shows all his services as "offline" at. Downdectector on the storage side.COM report affected users among others from the USA, australia and several european countries.

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Audi shows the study a8 hybrid

Audi shows the study a8 hybrid

Ingolstadt, 2. Marz 2010 – after mercedes and BMW already offered something in this coarse, such an exhibit was expected: audi shows on the geneva motor show (4. To 14. Marz 2010) an audi A8 with hybrid drive. With its relatively uncomplicated parallel architecture, the A8 is a full hybrid that can even drive a little purely electrically. Most interesting, however, is that he works with relatively simple means.

Preserved internal combustion engine

This is mainly at the internal combustion engine used: it is the 2.0 TFSI with four cylinders and 211 hp, who otherwise does some classes underneath his service. The structure of the hybrid drive: A hydraulically rigid wet coupling connects the gasoline engine with the electric motor, which at the same time as a generator service and it brings to 33 kw and 211 nm. It follows an eight-speed automation, in between a separating clutch, which replaces the torque converter together with the electric motor. The system performance of the entire drive 180 kw (245 hp), the "system"-torque 480 nm. Because the electric machine developed warm, are integrated in your housing kuhlkanale. The power of the two drives are brought over the front wheels on the strain.

With li-ion battery

The lithium-ion battery of the A8 hybrid is housed in the stern. Their capacity is 1.3 kwh, the operating voltage amounts 266 volts. The trunk volume lies despite the memory at 400 liters. The nearly 1.9 tonnes of heavy sedan is expected to accelerate from zero to 100 km / h in 7.6 seconds, highest speed 235 km / h. The consumption estimates audi to an average of 6.2 liters per 100 kilometers. In city traffic, the hybrid drive saves about 20 percent fuel. Purely electric are up to 65 km / h and a range of two kilometers possible. The E mode can be activated via a corresponding key in the cockpit.

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Bosch: “schwarziptelligenz for batteries”

Bosch wants to better use the batteries. With a networking of the monitoring systems and self-learning algorithms, the actual, individual battery state is to be considered stronger. Ideally, a performance increase is accompanied by a deflection of life.

The mostly used lithium batteries in electric cars hold around 500 to 1000 charging cycles. According to bosch, the manufacturers normally become a mileage between 100.000 to 160.000 kilometers ared. At an average use, the batteries thus hold around eight to ten years – slightly more long than a vehicle generation. Since he is the most expensive component on an electric car, the battery management in the vehicle is already monitoring the operating conditions down to the cell level.

Standardized amptions

In the development of battery monitoring, the engineers had to hold up to typical parameters so far and comply with potentially extensive values to potentially harmful values, especially at cargo and drainage. In the case of programming, as well as standardized amptions were previously the aging of the cells.

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Record: apple’s boral value achieves two trillion dollars

Record: Apple's boral value achieves two trillion dollars

Apple’s boren value has risen for the first time on the threshold of two trillion US dollars – a new record mark. After a 24-hour course plus on more than $ 467, the market capitalization of the california iphone group marked the new milestone on wednesday.

The achievement of this historic brand is the result of a tremendous price rally – at the beginning of the year, the stock had still cost nearly $ 300. Apple was only used in august 2018 as the first US group into the financial history, which made a thirteenth rating at the borse.

If the company had still needed on 42 years for the first trillion, the second was not added in barely more than two years. This artist can be interpreted as a proof of the persistently rough economic success, which apple continues to have its products as the iphone despite a global economic crisis due to the corona pandemic.

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Favorite car of the adac?

Munchen, 14. January 2014 – according to information of the suddeutsche zeitung from tuesday the auto club ADAC should have manipulated the alleged favorite car of german manipulated. According to press report, only 3409 votes for the winning car VW golf should have given. An ADAC paper of december 2013, however, as an official result for the winner of the "yellow angel" 34.299 votes called. But the club does not want to call concrete numbers. "We did not manipulate numbers," said the ADAC spokeswoman marion-maxi hartung on tuesday in munchen.

How many readers of the member magazine ADAC – motorwelt have participated in the popularity tuning, will not be announced. "Fact is that in recent years, we have sporadically published the exact results of the rider’s election (for example in 2011 and 2012, in 2013, however not)," adac spokesman said christian garrels. "An automatism or even a customized commitment is not here."

Uniformly eliminated?

However, the premieges to the club are still much further. Understanding the club, the lobbying, against which he keeps the members against each other, such as E10 gasoline, zero-per-thousand border, or car toll. The accusation of "fighter journalism in favor of steel and automobillobby" is also in the room, which suddeutsche zeitung with the apparently intransparent choice of favorite cars of the germans associated. The power true is almost involved in a person: michael ramstetter, editor-in-chief of the member magazine ADAC – motorwelt and simultaneous communication leader of the club, which invented the price "yellow angel" in 2004.

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Merkel gives e-car target, criticism of green and spd

The grunes see in the notes of chancellor angela merkel (CDU) that germany does not create the goal of one million electric cars by 2020, a bankruptcy declaration. That the car country germany is then thanks to a federal chancellor, which does not make the topic with the topic, said grunen faction vice oliver krischer today the german press agency. The task of the goal is an "climate and industrial policy bankruptcy declaration". Minister of economic affairs brigitte cypries and environment minister barbara hendricks (both SPD) said that electric mobility was "of outstanding meaning" for germany.

The federal government had set itself the goal of bringing a million electric cars on german straps through purchase incentives by 2020. The sale runs despite a pramie of up to 4000 euros but only sluggish. Merkel had said on monday on a corporate congress of the union faction: "as it looks right now, we will not achieve this goal."For example, smartphones, one knows that certain technical developments are spread from" suddenly exponentially "a certain point.

"Instead of being consistent instead of electromobility, the federal chancellor has stopped its protective hand over the diesel for years," critical critishes. In the end, in the end, they are shinging at the end, instead of finally the frame for the breakthrough of the electric cars.

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