A-class e-cell: test drive in an electric mercedes

A-class e-cell: test drive in an electric mercedes

Valencia (spain), 10. December 2010 – apart from the missing exhaust, the electric version of the mercedes A-class can hardly be distinguished from its counterpart with a combustion engine when the vehicle is stationary. We are all the more excited about the impressions during a first test drive – after all, politics and industry are predicting a rough future for electromobility in germany too.

Noiseless start

The A-class E-cell is moved forward by an electric motor that delivers a peak output of 70 kw (95 hp). The continuous output is 50 kw (68 PS). The noiseless starting of an electric car is also fascinating with the E-cell. You will probably only get used to it if you regularly use electric vehicles. The electric benz set in motion almost silently. After a short period of habitation, I use the traffic light stop on a well-developed four-lane road to get an impression of the sprinting capabilities of the A-class E-cell. When it turns green, I kick that "accelerator" and experience immediately what it means when a torque of 290 nm is available from the first rotation.

Winner in the traffic light sprint

The electric A-class is extremely draughty and, above all, driven forward absolutely evenly. That makes driving fun, is comfortable and ensures that I can soon only make out the cars that have started at the same time in the rearview mirror. This experience is usually reserved for drivers of powerful sports cars. The mercedes accelerates quickly, especially in the first few meters, reaching 60 km / h in 5.5 seconds. But the electric motor doesn’t have much to gain on top of that, and up to 100 km / h it takes a total of 14 seconds. The E-cell is finally limited at 150 km / h – in favor of power consumption and thus the range of the vehicle.

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Duh throws bmw use of shutdown device

Duh throws bmw use of shutdown device

With a roughly applied attempt, the german environmental help (DUH) wants to detect the automaker BMW the use of a shutdown in at least one case. The DUH had notified after tests with a 2016 built BMW 320D touring with automatic, the exhaust values suggested that BMW used a so-called shutdown device. Tests in the strain operation had significantly higher exhaust values than in the laboratory. However, this is not enough as proof yet.

Prejected prompted

BMW has prompted the burrs of the DUH immediately. "There are no activities and technical precautions in the BMW group to influence the prufmodus for the collection of emissions," said the group on monday evening (4. December 2017) on request with. "Limitally applicable that BMW vehicles comply with and are not manipulated each of the leasher law."BMW stressed, the TUV sud had already tested a technically identical model in 2015 while not detecting any procedures. The DUH wants the results on tuesday (5. Introduce december 2017) in berlin. Previously, the ZDF broadcast had wiso as well as the daily newspaper daily mirror (edition of 5. December 2017) reported.

When the DUH is experienced, it was found that exhaust prere relief is switched off above 3500 / min. This increases the nitric oxide values (nox) strongly. Why, BMW did not want to tell. In addition, in a test on the strain, the values in the exact descendant of the NEFZ was just above the permissible limit value. If, according to the DUH, was only minimally faster, the nox values rose sharply.

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Little brother: the new mitsubishi asx on test

Little brother: the new mitsubishi asx on test

Trebur, 30. April 2010 – suvs didn’t do quite as well last year as most segments except small and micro cars actually did. Nevertheless, this type of vehicle has firmly established itself in the market, especially the VW tiguan has caught the fancy of car buyers. Recently, at the lowest end of the price scale, even dacia wants to play with the duster, it could even succeed. From june 2010 the next candidate enters the stage: the mitsubishi ASX. We had the opportunity to drive a pre-series specimen.

Design with a familiar touch

Visually, the mitsubishi ASX (which owes its name to a 2001 study) looks like a shrunken outlander. Especially in the front view you have to look twice to find differences. The wide-open "jetfighter"-grille is already familiar from other models of the brand, accentuated wheel arches give the vehicle a stocky look. All in all, the ASX presents itself in an unagitated, matter-of-fact way; there are no senseless design outgrowths. When looking at the side view, we notice the very short rear overhang, which has a relational background: although the ASX is a good 35 centimeters shorter than the outlander, both vehicles share the same wheelbase of 2.67 meters. Overall, 70 percent of the ASX components come from the outlander, only the rear floor structure has been newly developed.

Small coarse

With a length of 4.29 meters, the ASX is slightly shorter than the nissan qashqai and hyundai ix35, while the VW tiguan is 13 centimeters longer. Despite this, the mitsubishi has a wheelbase that is seven centimeters longer than the VW. The result is noticeable when opening the relatively narrow rear doors: in the rear, people up to 1.90 meters find sufficient space, only the headrests can not be pulled out far enough. The trunk is on a classy level with at least 416 liters, only the coarser VW tiguan offers significantly more with 470 liters. A practical feature of the ASX is a 30-liter storage compartment under the luggage compartment floor. In addition, the split backrests fold down together with the seat belts to form a flat surface.

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Distributed data processing: open source project ray 1.0 offers serverless api

Distributed Data Processing: Open Source Project Ray 1.0 offers Serverless API

The start-up anyscale has published the first major version of his project ray. Ray 1.0 is a framework for distributed programming, which is to be scalable for complex, roughly dimensioned data processing tasks, as they will apply for quantum computing for example. Roughest innovations are a stable API for serverless features and the integration of multiple libraries from the ray community (such as huggingface, intel analytics zoo and mars) into the okosystem of the framework. Ray 1.0 has native support for java on board and can be installed under windows.

Scalable okosystem for distributed data processing

Originally, the anyscale developers ray had designed as standard for distributed computing environments. Over the past three years, the project then developed into an extended okosystem with a series of libraries. The initiation of the first major major release took place on the first ray summit, which the start-up of the 30. September to 1. October 2020 had aligned virtual. In parallel, anyscale has introduced the private beta of a managed ray platform.

With ray 1.0 can be used to create highly scalable libraries, applications and services. The focus of distributed applications lies according to the blog entry on resources that run portable across various types of machine types, clusters and clouds. Automatically scaling over an API that controls the placement of resource requirements for suitable nodes, users should design the distributed data processing. The memory management can be automated, and the memory usage and application performance can be used and debug users in the dashboard.

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Driving report: ford expedition 3.5 v6

Palm springs, 24. October 2016 – ford’s luxury SUV is officially (yet) not to europe – too rough, too heavy, too massive, with 15 liters real consumption too thirsty and without diesel option. In the US, however, the car adapts to the XL dominated strain picture. We tried the supersize SUV.

With a long of 5.23 meters, the ford expedition is long, but that’s just the basic version. There is also the 5.61 meter-measuring "expedition EL", which offers up to eight passengers coarse space ratios. The americans use him as a capital groom room and railing wagon at the same time. Especially the top model "king ranch" is suitable for this purpose.

For a base price of 62.295 dollars you get – unlike this – a fully equipped car. In contrast to many soft-consumed crossover, the driver can switch to automatic or manual 4×4 mode at any time and even shut down in yellow. Unlike in the fully-haired europe, there is a need for real rail in the USA in the USA, such as the numerous weekend homes far apart on rivers, lakes or in the mountains.

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Shortly informed: opnv, bnd law, windows 10, perseverance

Shortly informed: OPNV, BND law, Windows 10, Perseverance

Contagion risk in the OPNV

Some a passenger is currently concealing the concern to be attacked in buses and tracks with covid-19 – whether this is justified, is now closed scientifically. The research organization of the berlin charite examines at least 650 selected commuters in the rhine-main verkehrsverbund for five weeks. The results of the contract research institute are expected to be available in april. The pandemic had brought the OPNV 2020 a historic burglary. On an annual average, there were only 40 percent of the full demand, the association of german transport companies announced. The study should now provide a scientific basis for discussions about infection paths.

Shortly informed by our site ยท short informed 19.02.2021: OPNV, BND law, windows 10, perseverance

Journalists call for better source protection

The organized journalism in germany sees source protection in the current draft for the neufang of the BND law not sufficiently guaranteed. Although confidentiality relations of journalists and journalists were provided under protection, but the bill must be reworked, but demand journalists associations, publishers and public broadcasting. "The protection must not be limited to personal data, but must include the entire editorial secrecy", it is called in a joint communication of the combination and broadcasting institutions.

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Homeschooling: call for digital sovereignty by free software

Homeschooling: call for digital sovereignty by free software

The company is pursuing the company for computer science (GI) that many schools against the background of the corona crisis and the current suffering from homeschooling "privacy policy, proprietary software solutions" insert. Especially programs that transfer data of those affected into third countries like the USA are questionable in the face of existing "good alternatives". So existed "powerful and easy-to-use cloud solutions and learning management systems", which allowed a privacy-compliant, legally secure operation on european servers.

Resources required

The GI mentions about the freely available programs moodle and ilias, which supported with plugins like H5P interactive cooperative work forms and one "suitable basis of the IT infrastructure of schools" represented. In order to run such solutions smoothly and to avoid trap, but the countries had to provide the necessary personnel and technical resources required for this purpose. Only so it may be possible, the swelled solutions "continuously improve", to further develop conditionally friendly and competitive applications.

In general, the association is planning to strongly reduce the digital sovereignty of schoolers, schools, teachers and IT location through open source software. This will make it transparent, "which data how and by whom are processed". At the same time "the dependence of coarse corporations reduced". The public visibility of the source code allows you to find vulnerabilities faster and swallow security. So everyone involved "in the digital world self-determined, self-determined and surely act".

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Black unity collection: apple attaches special edition of the watch

Black Unity Collection: Apple attaches special edition of the WATCH

The apple watch will give it for the first time as a limited special edition at apple: with the "black unity collection" you want to "celebrate black story and black culture and gold", as the company announced on tuesday. The new variant of apple watch series 6 is only sold on february and should no longer be consuming.

The new, held in the colors of the pan-african flag bracelet will remain individually but on sale, so apple. With watchos 7.3 also follows a new, appropriate unity dial sheet. The operating system update should be shared with ios 14.4 still appear on tuesday.

Watch special edition only in february

The special edition of the watch is apparently the ALU version of the apple watch series 6 with special caption on the back side. Apple wants the "black unity collection" to offer the full price for this model variant from almost 430 euros. The black unity sports bracelet is sold for just under 50 euros. It will be composed of individual colored rubber prints by hand and pressed into a unit, the manufacturer writes.

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Start of diesel-refurbishment

Start of diesel-refurbishment

The federal corporation office (KBA) has granted the general operating permit (ABE) for several diesel-reveruse. With these systems, the owner of euro 5 self-relays in prohibition zones retract. There are now shares for various engine families of mercedes, volkswagen and volvo. The two german manufacturers support the conversion with up to 3000 euros – but only under certain conditions.


5.4 of the 15.1 million diesel cars in germany (as of: 1. January 2019) are certified according to the euro 5 standard. These are often cars that were approved in 2011 and 2015 and often do not have a significant value. With the nachrustung an SCR catalyst mg to stickoxidausstob traceable to at most 270 / km limited, these cars seal must go into municipal areas closed. A umschlusselung does not take place; but there is an entry in the vehicle registration. If there are more immigration – in the meantime was about discusses the automatic number plate recognition – is open.

According to calculations by the federal environment agency (UBA), the actual nox emissions from euro 5 diesels were an average of 906 mg nox / km far mg over the legal limit of 180 / km. The goal of a nachrustung is to improve air quality. Are effective these systems, the KBA has confirmed through the iance of abes. But who pays darfur?

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18 Percent potential for sarrazin party

The former berlin financial senator still wants to stay in the SPD

Summer seems past this year at the beginning of september, the summer hole takes all the longer. Picture on sunday tried to fullen by asking the EMNID institute, how many burgers were electioned by the controversial attention-artist thilo sarrazin party. The potentially 18 percent that came out are not necessarily surprising in view of other surveys in the youngest past, which does not hurt the axel-springer publisher, the result as "shock for the established parties" showcase. An actually not quite uninteresting detail, which brought forsa to light, however, is that the convenient for sarrazin calculated in left party electors is significantly over the average, of which 29 percent. By contrast, only 17 percent for him were voted by union elections.

The result, however, insofar as sarrazin supposedly does not think about ground a new political grouping or to join a non-established: the focus he said he has "ideas in mind", no parties. Currently, it seems doubtful if that on the 30. August initiated party relay procedures for exclusion from the SPD leads – even because the party’s performance sees itself confronted with a flood of letters, in which members and the wahler with the huguenot explain solidarity.

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