Ios soon tracks head horizontal in real time

Ios soon tracks head horizontal in real time

Apple announced, in his iphones art, more for the horic protection: with the next smartphone operating system of the group, you can actually have to be checked for this reasonably whether the head or earhorist vulnerable is appropriate. The feature works in real time and even has a display function with a current level that can be deposited in the control center.

Measure music live

The in english "HEADPHONE LEVEL" mentioned function extends existing possibilities in the health app apple health. There has already been recorded since IOS 13, how high the loud headhortry in the past few weeks was on average. The system even offers a weekly, day and monthly comparison. However, what has been missing so far was a real-time monitoring – so you could not determine if the audio represents just at that moment on a safe level.

Already implemented for several years are also basic obvious protection functions, with which you can prevent on request that the ear or head horizers are primarily too loud. Hierfer, there is a regulator in the field of music in the system settings; in addition, you can activate the limit recommended by the european union, so that you can not first embark in unsafe terrain if you spoke the loudly.

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Mud pack? Mud pack!

Mogelpacking? Mog's pack!

It is important what comes out of the back: for the climate labels in the mobility turning is heavily debated.

The climate balance of electric cars is saved from profit motifs. A short replica

The mass motorization by means of electro-cars leads into a climate pulp league? The criticism of the colleague jan hegenberg on my article, which argues in this direction, begins with a fundamental misguision, based on much more.

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71 Percent of germans reject time change

Federal government: abolition of making "no problem"

In the night from saturday to sunday, the watches in europe will be influenced by an hour. That’s been like this since 1980. At that time, one hoped that the twice decreases energy saves energy. Investigations, however, showed that the opposite is the case.

At the burgern, the time change is extremely unpopular: a current survey after it is rejected from 71 percent of germans. As the reason for the respondents, among other things, call sleep briefs, daily grounds, and concentration trends. Ten percent make the time change even responsible for depression.

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“Arrange to return to romania and bulgaria again”

France’s minister of interior valls relies on the deportation of the roma

The french minister of interior valls knows the truth. You have to tell the french, he proclaimed a week ago. Among the roma there is only a minority intended to integrate in france is valls truth. "They have a way of life that leads to conflicts." and the heater that you "occupy" be to return to romania and bulgaria again.

The begging in the near the camps take to and the crimetat, fed to the minister of the interior. One knows such statements for a long time. What the numbers of evidence for the more complex "truth" missing – a causal relationship is difficult to prove here is to read in the nouvel observateur – is competitive due to preset incorporation. Even the transaction government under sarkozy drove this course.

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“Total was troy”: 7.5 million beat free offer in the epic store

7.5 million players have the strategy game "A total was saga: troy" picked up for free in the epic games store. For the launch on the 13th. August was the title of creative assembly to have for free for 24 hours. This is part of an exclusive decor that epic games has completed creative assembly and publisher sega. The steam version should follow only in august 2021.

Creative assembly, according to its own statement, has opted for the combined exclusive and free deal with epic games to achieve a new audience. That seems to have worked: so far that was also popular in china "total was: three kingdoms" as the most successful offshoot of the strategy game series. "Three kingdoms" was sold within a scarce week one million times.

Trailer too "total was: troy" (source: creative assembly)

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Nato-vizechef explains russia to the opponent

Appearantly, especially the US is based on an inspiration of the conflict with russia, due to ukraine crisis, the other NATO states will increase militar expenses

While the ostucraine of the government in kiev is largely entailed, as the prasident himself had room, and more and more buildings are occupied by humans protesting against kiev and / or the independence or. Request a referendum, NATO continues to attract the escalation again. At the same time, the ukrainian government launched the compulsory military service and staggered the militar in the east ukraine because of the worsening situation "full fight readiness". NATO-vizechef alexander vershbow said yesterday in a press conference, as AP reports that the russians had explained NATO to the opponent, which is why "we have to start, russia not long as a partner, but rather as an opponent to see".

However, the russian government did not explain NATO to the enemy and so far no troops at the borders to the EU countries are relocated, as this is just the NATO. Apparently, above all, the US government is interested in stretching the conflict with russia or to demonstrate hard. This probably also serves to better enforce american interests in the transatlantic community and to revive them overhead.

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Epsc 2020: how can the economic area earth liven up?

EPSC 2020: How can the Economic Area Earth Moon liven up?

The international geophysical year carried out in 1957/58 is considered a breakthrough for the international scientific cooperation heavily enrolled by the cold war. In his framework, the first artificial satellites were brought into the erdorbit and found the first evidence for the people-made worldwarm. It was a time of optimism, the steely dan keyboarder donald fame 25 years later in his song "I.G.Y."With the refrain order: "what a beautiful world this will be / what a glorious time to be free ". An international lunar decade was able to revive this spirit of cooperation now for the consalation of the moon?

Earth moon economy undercluding all landers

"Rules-based order" – a clear rules-trimmed order – such as a mantra, vidvuds beldavs (university of latvia) repeatedly repeats this term in its presentation for the opposite current conference of planetary researchers EPSC 2020. Without such order, there is no progress in the development of a space concentrate. He not only share this vision with the initiative for an international lunar decade, whose beginnings until 2006, but also with its co-authors jim crisafulli (national space society), who has launched the space renaissance, dennis O’brien of space treaty project and bernard foishing, head of international lunar exploration working group (ILEWG).

Building an earth-moon economy by using the resources existing resources must allil all countries, not only those who each have space technologies. Then a project has the potential to be able to counteract global threats such as pandemics, climate change or bonding of asteroids more effectively than before, and konne reduce the risks of military confrontations. As an example of the effectiveness of international rules, beldavs called the basic united nations and other international organizations after the second world war. However, this order is at present by strengthening populist and nationalist aspirations.

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Strange dna to amris pistol

Strange DNA to Amris pistol

AMRI’s video commitment to IS. Image: quapan / CC BY-2.0

The track leads to the personal environment of the alleged assassin from the berlin border place. The central announcements throw more and more questions

Who were the participants in the attack on the christmas market in berlin? A trace find raises the next question that deviates from the official version of the alone AMRI.

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Joseph biden: the woman, old man as a spearhead of democrats against trump

Joseph Biden: The woman, old man as a spearhead of Democrats against Trump

Joseph biden in january 2019. Image: AFGE / CC BY-SA-2.0

Biden is considered "middle-class joe". He is not so rich as trump, but the ex-vice-prassident under obama an alternative?

In the US, a lot is happening. Especially with the democrats. During the republicans of the old fewer millionar donald trump for the next prassidal election still seems to be sitting firmly in the saddle, it bubbles in the democratic party. It’s finally time, after the flap of hillary clinton, that a woman is prasidentine. It is best one left and no christian woman, but about a latina, a black or a muslim. Or how goods with a gay prassident?

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Python: pallets publishes six new major versions for flask and co

Python: Pallets publishes six new major versions for Flask and Co

After two years of development, the development team behind pallets project has published six new major versions: flask 2.0, tool 2.0, jinja 3.0, click 8.0, itsdangerous 2.0 as well as markupsafe 2.0. The company offers a collection of open source libraries for web development with the programming language python.

With the new releases, pallets prefer a fundamental change: the company will look at projects such as PSF, cpython and django and names the main branch of his repositories in "main" around. Background is a sensitization of terms with a racist background, which has taken place in many technical fields in recent months.

Farewell to python 2 and 3.5

All six releases take farewell to python 2.X and 3.5 and set at least version 3.6 of the programming language ahead. Since october 2020 is python in version 3.9. The pallets development team plans to orient themselves for art versions on the supported versions of cpython. Removing the compatibility code should positively influence the performance and maintainability of the code. The releases were once removed as deprecated (outdated) features, but also introduced new deprecations. Test tools like pytest automatically output warnings from outdated versions, and can convert them to errors, so developers can recover what they should change to their project.

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