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Automatic illegal recognition

A project under the german "safety research" tried to join "intention diagnostics" to prevent strikes on U-bahnthofen. This is just one example of the desired digital pattern recognition as security technology

It’s spat at night. The subway station in a german coen town is almost empty, only a passenger is still waiting for the last train. There is a crackling group of drunken teenagers. It comes to a change of words, the situation threatens to escalate. As one of the teenagers stabbed the man in front of the chest, suddenly turns a voice from the speaker: "attention, they are observed! Horen you immediately!"

So about the application scenario of adis looks short, short for "automated detection of intervention tiger situations by classification of visual pattern". This research association develops a kind of alarm system for public transport: the system of computer software and digital cameras should automatically recognize whether a constraint is notified in a certain situation and then the wax personnel point out.

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Epsc 2020: how can the economic area earth liven up?

EPSC 2020: How can the Economic Area Earth Moon liven up?

The international geophysical year carried out in 1957/58 is considered a breakthrough for the international scientific cooperation heavily enrolled by the cold war. In his framework, the first artificial satellites were brought into the erdorbit and found the first evidence for the people-made worldwarm. It was a time of optimism, the steely dan keyboarder donald fame 25 years later in his song "I.G.Y."With the refrain order: "what a beautiful world this will be / what a glorious time to be free ". An international lunar decade was able to revive this spirit of cooperation now for the consalation of the moon?

Earth moon economy undercluding all landers

"Rules-based order" – a clear rules-trimmed order – such as a mantra, vidvuds beldavs (university of latvia) repeatedly repeats this term in its presentation for the opposite current conference of planetary researchers EPSC 2020. Without such order, there is no progress in the development of a space concentrate. He not only share this vision with the initiative for an international lunar decade, whose beginnings until 2006, but also with its co-authors jim crisafulli (national space society), who has launched the space renaissance, dennis O’brien of space treaty project and bernard foishing, head of international lunar exploration working group (ILEWG).

Building an earth-moon economy by using the resources existing resources must allil all countries, not only those who each have space technologies. Then a project has the potential to be able to counteract global threats such as pandemics, climate change or bonding of asteroids more effectively than before, and konne reduce the risks of military confrontations. As an example of the effectiveness of international rules, beldavs called the basic united nations and other international organizations after the second world war. However, this order is at present by strengthening populist and nationalist aspirations.

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Driving report: genesis g70 2.0 turbo

Driving report: genesis g70 2.0 turbo

Hyundais nobleman wants to sell in germany from the end of 2019. We provided a G70 to provide a limousine based in dimension, equipment and premium claim to BMW 3 series, audi A4 and mercedes C-class.

Just only acquired infiniti his exit from the western european market because nissan did not succeed in positioning his noble brand. Toyota’s nobel label lexus has hardly been found for years of perception boundary. On the other hand, the pendant of the hyundai group, genesis, prepares itself despite the very obviously difficult task for his entry into the european market. That’s claim.

Borderliness with excellent products

The only promising advantage of bringing genesis is his team from european and german employees in model development. But if only a slightly better matching substance really can bring the breakthrough? We see that after all, what we have known about the attackability of bastion "german premium middle class" and the phenomenon "brand obstession", as a heroful attempt to conquer a zone edge area with an excellent product as a price-performance winner.

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Tryed out: alfa romeo mito 1.4 16v dct

Tryed out: alfa romeo mito 1.4 16v dct

Milan, 29. October 2010 – seemingly quiet and secretly the powertrain division of fiat has developed a double-clutch transmission, respect. It will not be about "from the top" in the market introduced, but just the little alfa romeo mito makes the beginning – the giulietta follows some later. Up­interesting "multiir"-valve control is the new double­clutch­transmission already the second technical exclamation mark of the italians in a short time. The MITO 1.4 16V DCT contributes both under the hood and thus offers one of the most modern coal series drives. We were able to drive him for the first time in italy.

Cardinal question: wet or dry?

But before we turn to the sporty-chic small car, a look at the technology. In contrast to automatic transmissions with hydraulic torque converter, the transmission of the moment for dual-clutch gearboxes is known via one of two couplings, which connect two partial transmissions to the drive. The course is changed without traction interruption by igniting the one clutch, while the other open.

In the fiat group, one has now consciously for a "dry" double clutch gear decided. Different to "wet" versions, such as you use VW and audi for their torque models, dry variants are designed for soil development so far only for torques up to about 250 nm. For example, in VW golf 1.4 TSI a seven-speed dry double-clutch gearbox or in the renault megane / scenic a dry 6-speed DKG of geutrung.

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New version of the lancia musa: fresh look and more utility

New version of the lancia musa: fresh look and more utility

Frankfurt, 30. August 2007 – the lancia musa gets a facelift. After the world premiere in the context of the 64. Film festival of venice is the car of 13. To 23. September 2007 at the IAA in frankfurt. The musa is the counter-piece to the fiat idea and based as this on the small car platform of the fiat group. The facelift does not change any of this; the basis is still the old punto generation.

Chrom details on the front

The front was updated with chromium detail and a newly designed front. In the middle of the chrome cooler grille is the new lancia logo, which now lit blue. The same design language has also been redesigned. The jerk lights were also redesigned; they are now based on LED technology. The responsive and long-lasting light emitting diodes should give the new musa in the rear view a distinctive night design.

75 liters more trunk

Variability identifies the interior: with a few steps, the seats in 32 different configurations can be arranged inelectively a special relaxation position. The luggage compartment could be extended by 75 liters thanks to lowering the loading floor. 395 liters of trunk volume are available at normal sitting position. Depending on the seat configuration, this value increases up to 1495 liters. Otherwise, surfaces of metal, chromium and satin finish should underline the exclusivity.

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“Ride on the razor blade”

Data protection warns against the development of the information society towards the monitoring company

The schleswig-holstein data protection officer helmut baumler warns of the ever-gross risks and threats for the privacy and for fundamental rights. Development for the information society worldwide the same one "ride on the razor blade". Baumler has his 23 today. Techniquity report. He warns that the risk of the surveillance state was by no means banned. In addition, the danger of the monitoring company.

The video surveillance technique not only take to public bursts, but also in department stores, shopping arguments, buses, railways and private land. There were more opportunities today because each people secretly watch. Movements in the private and public space can be recorded minutios.

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At the threshold to the automatic war

The success in the robot race of DARPA is another step on the way to autonomous combat robots

Robot have been in the modern war for years. The cruise missiles of the american and russian dispute are nothing more than selfishly targeted bombs, which penetrate deep into the area of an opponent and accurately detonate their deadly freight at the desired place by means of modern GPS and radar-assisted landscape tracking. So to speak kamikaze robots. This type of robot is ultimately stupid, the target coordinates are previously determined and the robot flies on a predetermined route – smaller deviations corrective – in the desired target.

Another example is the unmanned declaration aircraft, so-called UAV (unmanned aereal vehicle), which are practically remote drones, but also take certain tasks. You can achieve a previously entered target area automatically and then stay in the air in a high up to 30 km until you are retrieved for certain tasks. Escaped with steering crakons you can even attack goals. But only with an officer in the background, in safe distance, sometimes even from a usage center in the USA, the actions of the UAV on the screen and granted instructions to a control panel (trained pilots or computer players?To).

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Bmw and toyota cooperation cooperation

BMW delivers toyota’s art diesel engines and works closely with the japanese in research. Both corporations agreed on thursday in tokyo a corresponding partnership – and want to examine further projects. This has the clearance of 28.11. 2011 confirmed. For the munchner it is the first cooperation with a japanese manufacturer. "We see our partnership as an important step waiting," said BMW sales board ian robertson at a press conference on the edge of the tokyo motor show in the japanese capital. With the alliance of the manufacturer, the auto industry is a cooperation richer and stronger the trend to cooperate competitors.

The two manufacturers want to work together in basic research for battery technology, especially in the further development of lithium-ion technology, which is considered important key technology for the development of electromobility. "It clearly makes sense for two experienced and innovative companies, their strength and experience to bundling", said BMW development board klaus draeger. Toyota applies approximately to hybrid drives as a guided. The batteries are important for both the coupling of combustion and e-motors, but also for pure electric vehicles probably the crucial component.

BMW also supplies toyota both with 1,6- and with 2.0-liter diesel engines. The japanese industry giant wants to use the economical engines mainly to expand its own pallet of consumable vehicles. Over stucco numbers and the financial framing data, the companies did not give any information.

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Which paths drove out of the crisis?

Capitalism has a chance or we have to go to the search for alternatives?

The refund will come close. So far, especially the periphery of the european union, such as hungary, romania or latvia, had to be preserved before the IMF, the world bank and the EU in front of the state bankruptcy, the world bank and the EU, for the first time with greece, a country of eurozone threatens the insufficiency. As another bankruptcy candidates are now traded the eurolander portugal and spain. Also, core countries of the capitalist system stewing under a tremendous debt burden and will be attributable to a high-wet pace. The public debt of japan, the second growing economy in the world, has planned more than 200% of gross domestic product (GDP). Great britain (state, economy and consumer) has already attracted a debt mountain of almost 500% of its GDP. The state US debt should set up a new all-time record this year with 1.6 trillion US dollars. It is absolutely obvious that this rapid progressive debt-orgody of most industrialized countries can not be maintained longer for a long time. Meanwhile, rating agencies threaten to train their first-class credit valuation even the US and gobritain.

As the – smoldering for decades! – crisis with the bankruptcy of lehman brothers manifest was, since the financial markets tumbled on the abyss. Several industrial sites are now involved in financial attention, precisely because they could prevent the economic total crash in 2009 by means of extensive economic programs and trillion-saving rescue measures for the financial sector. How can this once again delay or even stopping momentum again to dynamics and will be thoroughly stopped? Are there any way out of this crisis? If this systemimmanent – ie in the context of the capitalist mode of production – are credited or we have to go to the search for alternatives?

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Homeschooling: call for digital sovereignty by free software

Homeschooling: call for digital sovereignty by free software

The company is pursuing the company for computer science (GI) that many schools against the background of the corona crisis and the current suffering from homeschooling "privacy policy, proprietary software solutions" insert. Especially programs that transfer data of those affected into third countries like the USA are questionable in the face of existing "good alternatives". So existed "powerful and easy-to-use cloud solutions and learning management systems", which allowed a privacy-compliant, legally secure operation on european servers.

Resources required

The GI mentions about the freely available programs moodle and ilias, which supported with plugins like H5P interactive cooperative work forms and one "suitable basis of the IT infrastructure of schools" represented. In order to run such solutions smoothly and to avoid trap, but the countries had to provide the necessary personnel and technical resources required for this purpose. Only so it may be possible, the swelled solutions "continuously improve", to further develop conditionally friendly and competitive applications.

In general, the association is planning to strongly reduce the digital sovereignty of schoolers, schools, teachers and IT location through open source software. This will make it transparent, "which data how and by whom are processed". At the same time "the dependence of coarse corporations reduced". The public visibility of the source code allows you to find vulnerabilities faster and swallow security. So everyone involved "in the digital world self-determined, self-determined and surely act".

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