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Duh throws bmw use of shutdown device

Duh throws bmw use of shutdown device

With a roughly applied attempt, the german environmental help (DUH) wants to detect the automaker BMW the use of a shutdown in at least one case. The DUH had notified after tests with a 2016 built BMW 320D touring with automatic, the exhaust values suggested that BMW used a so-called shutdown device. Tests in the strain operation had significantly higher exhaust values than in the laboratory. However, this is not enough as proof yet.

Prejected prompted

BMW has prompted the burrs of the DUH immediately. "There are no activities and technical precautions in the BMW group to influence the prufmodus for the collection of emissions," said the group on monday evening (4. December 2017) on request with. "Limitally applicable that BMW vehicles comply with and are not manipulated each of the leasher law."BMW stressed, the TUV sud had already tested a technically identical model in 2015 while not detecting any procedures. The DUH wants the results on tuesday (5. Introduce december 2017) in berlin. Previously, the ZDF broadcast had wiso as well as the daily newspaper daily mirror (edition of 5. December 2017) reported.

When the DUH is experienced, it was found that exhaust prere relief is switched off above 3500 / min. This increases the nitric oxide values (nox) strongly. Why, BMW did not want to tell. In addition, in a test on the strain, the values in the exact descendant of the NEFZ was just above the permissible limit value. If, according to the DUH, was only minimally faster, the nox values rose sharply.

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Driving report: ford expedition 3.5 v6

Palm springs, 24. October 2016 – ford’s luxury SUV is officially (yet) not to europe – too rough, too heavy, too massive, with 15 liters real consumption too thirsty and without diesel option. In the US, however, the car adapts to the XL dominated strain picture. We tried the supersize SUV.

With a long of 5.23 meters, the ford expedition is long, but that’s just the basic version. There is also the 5.61 meter-measuring "expedition EL", which offers up to eight passengers coarse space ratios. The americans use him as a capital groom room and railing wagon at the same time. Especially the top model "king ranch" is suitable for this purpose.

For a base price of 62.295 dollars you get – unlike this – a fully equipped car. In contrast to many soft-consumed crossover, the driver can switch to automatic or manual 4×4 mode at any time and even shut down in yellow. Unlike in the fully-haired europe, there is a need for real rail in the USA in the USA, such as the numerous weekend homes far apart on rivers, lakes or in the mountains.

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18 Percent potential for sarrazin party

The former berlin financial senator still wants to stay in the SPD

Summer seems past this year at the beginning of september, the summer hole takes all the longer. Picture on sunday tried to fullen by asking the EMNID institute, how many burgers were electioned by the controversial attention-artist thilo sarrazin party. The potentially 18 percent that came out are not necessarily surprising in view of other surveys in the youngest past, which does not hurt the axel-springer publisher, the result as "shock for the established parties" showcase. An actually not quite uninteresting detail, which brought forsa to light, however, is that the convenient for sarrazin calculated in left party electors is significantly over the average, of which 29 percent. By contrast, only 17 percent for him were voted by union elections.

The result, however, insofar as sarrazin supposedly does not think about ground a new political grouping or to join a non-established: the focus he said he has "ideas in mind", no parties. Currently, it seems doubtful if that on the 30. August initiated party relay procedures for exclusion from the SPD leads – even because the party’s performance sees itself confronted with a flood of letters, in which members and the wahler with the huguenot explain solidarity.

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On patrol in the social network – day of the day on facebook and co.

On patrol in the social network - day of the day on Facebook and Co

Tagelang the investigators in the near the place of residence and responded to the environment of missing – but the decisive turn brought a call on facebook. The fall of the 16-year isabella from the lower sachsian celle, which was held by some already dead and finally found well in france, made headlines nationwide. And he showed: criminal trap are also dissolved in the digital age in front of the computer screen.

Changed media consumption

"Public reliefs can be a valuable tool for investigations of any kind", says daniel kretzschmar, member of the executive board at the federation of german criminal officer. As an instrument for investigation, it has always been given. The social media and the internet are only other ways, which are also owed to a changed media consumption. "Where sooner the litfabsule looked at or a newspaper was read, as you can quickly look into the net today", says kretzschmar.

But what was in celle?? End marz disappears the 16-year-old schoolman isabella from her parents’ home. For weeks there is no sign of life, the police suspect a violent crime. A multi-divided facebook video call ends at the screen of a civil servant of the federal criminal police office (BKA). She recognizes the similarity with a madchen found in france and informs the colleagues in celle. Shortly thereafter, hope for certainty: the girl in france is isabella.

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Audi shows the study a8 hybrid

Audi shows the study a8 hybrid

Ingolstadt, 2. Marz 2010 – after mercedes and BMW already offered something in this coarse, such an exhibit was expected: audi shows on the geneva motor show (4. To 14. Marz 2010) an audi A8 with hybrid drive. With its relatively uncomplicated parallel architecture, the A8 is a full hybrid that can even drive a little purely electrically. Most interesting, however, is that he works with relatively simple means.

Preserved internal combustion engine

This is mainly at the internal combustion engine used: it is the 2.0 TFSI with four cylinders and 211 hp, who otherwise does some classes underneath his service. The structure of the hybrid drive: A hydraulically rigid wet coupling connects the gasoline engine with the electric motor, which at the same time as a generator service and it brings to 33 kw and 211 nm. It follows an eight-speed automation, in between a separating clutch, which replaces the torque converter together with the electric motor. The system performance of the entire drive 180 kw (245 hp), the "system"-torque 480 nm. Because the electric machine developed warm, are integrated in your housing kuhlkanale. The power of the two drives are brought over the front wheels on the strain.

With li-ion battery

The lithium-ion battery of the A8 hybrid is housed in the stern. Their capacity is 1.3 kwh, the operating voltage amounts 266 volts. The trunk volume lies despite the memory at 400 liters. The nearly 1.9 tonnes of heavy sedan is expected to accelerate from zero to 100 km / h in 7.6 seconds, highest speed 235 km / h. The consumption estimates audi to an average of 6.2 liters per 100 kilometers. In city traffic, the hybrid drive saves about 20 percent fuel. Purely electric are up to 65 km / h and a range of two kilometers possible. The E mode can be activated via a corresponding key in the cockpit.

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Ace expects falling fuel prices

According to the automobile club of europe (ACE), there could be a slight easing of fuel prices in the near future. The ACE sees one reason in a drop in demand in china, after the authorities there raised the prices for gasoline and diesel by up to 25 percent. At the same time, saudi arabia has announced that it will increase its oil demand.

The calculation of the ACE is simple: "if the demand of one of the major energy consumers decreases and the supply of the major producer increases, this usually has a steaming effect on the prices". It is at least to be hoped that despite the beginning of the vacation season, fuel prices in europe will come under prere. The current prices had little to do with the lawfulness of the market economy and a lot to do with speculators who habitually evaded the grasp of the financial police.

On this occasion, the ACE today also criticized the different fuel prices in europe. Because of different taxation, they could drift apart by up to 50 percent within the EU; in net prices, however, the difference would amount to a maximum of 17 cents for premium gasoline and 19 cents for diesel. The interests of consumers were too often ignored in the internal market.

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Abwrackpramie: waiting list is from 3. september online

After the number of possible applications for a scrappage scheme reached today, the federal office of economics and export control (BAFA) has closed the online reservation portal for the time being.

However, as announced, the authority will set up a waiting list for 15.000 additional applicants. These can be applied for from thursday, 3. September from 9.00 a.M. At the address www.Ump.Bafa.The customer can submit an online application and register for the waiting list. After that, the online portal will be closed for good, the authority announced today.

Whether and how many of the applicants on the waiting list will still receive a premium of 2,500 euros remains to be seen: they will only be served if the agency sorts out those applications from those already submitted that do not qualify for premium payment. This is the case, for example, if a premium has been requested twice or if application requirements are not met and BAFA sends a rejection notice.

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Chechnya: kadyrow desires

The murder of nemzov made the power struggle between the moscow security services and the chechen ruler

On the statement of the then russian president medwediev, was on 17. April 2009 conceded the end of the so-called anti-terror action in chechnya. Under this name, the second chechnyan war started in 1999, which demanded crisp under the civilian victim and was carried by both sides with terror and goalor. From russian militar circles announced that the decision of political leadership could lead to that about 20.000 soldiers, intelligenceers and participants of special units of militia, which in chechnya so far in the context of the "anti-terror action" operated step for step deducted. The 42. Motorized protection division and the 46. Automous brigade of the interrelation of the ministry of interior are stationed in the long run in chechnya and were left in the partial republic.

In chechnya since then, however, only seemingly peace has been returned. Rather is to speak of a cemetery rest. Wiladimir putin had taken account of the ancient conflicts in the north caucasus when he picked up his extermination against the chechen mudschahedin? As a former intelligence officer he knew that he could only meet the rebels with disappointing from their own ranks. He succeeded in bringing the baptized bandenfuhrer ramzan kadyrov, who had a name for himself as a resistance cusp, torturer and killer in chechnya, to boot.

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