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Paris: with selfie against love locksmith

Paris wants to free his bridges of love locks. The ton-heavy evidence of mutual affection dangerous in the meantime not only the statics of popular bridges in the city of love. The tourists themselves are threatened: thrown out key, falling locksmith, whole parts of the brucken jellangers threaten the visitors packed with visitors. Self-portrays loversed couples should now free the parisian brigen from love locks. The city administration wants the expressions of happy visitors, tolerated since 2008 to the brucking, so on the internet. In addition to the bridge, coarse heart stickers appeal to lovers: "our brigkeit can not withstand your love gestures." as an alternative there is love widout locks (love without locksmith). On the website, self-portrays should testify to the smell of the couples – so they do not install a castle as worldwide and throw the key in the river.

Uber networks such as instagram or twitter can be in love with their selfie with the hashtag #lovewithoutlocks placed – and in doubt also loose again. By wednesday, around 300 photos came together of lovers, in the meantime there were also advertising of castle sales. They are umwise around the bridges – with sex prices of up to ten euros per lock.

Danger are in paris especially the brucken pont de l’archevĂȘche behind the cathedral notre dame and pont des arts to the louvre. At the fubgangerbrucke were collapsed a few weeks ago in the weight under the weight. Elements of the brucke are currently secured with nozzle. But other places curl locksmith – even the eiffel tower is affected.

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Lamborghini plans first full electric car for this decade

Lamborghini plans first full electric car for this decade

From the internal combustion engine to the hybrid drive to COR tauri, the motto of the italian sports car manufacturer lamborghini is. Cor tauri stands for a star in the constellation bull – in the opinion of the italians the brightest in the constellation – symbolistic for a sustainable and electric future.

On the way direzione cor tauri, lamborghini continues to devote itself to the internal combustion engine, 2023 the first production model with hybrid drive should come on the market. By the end of 2024, the entire product range should be electrified. At the beginning of 2025, lamborghini at the same time set the goal of reducing the CO2 outstall by 50 percent.

Roughest investment in the lamborghini history

In the hybrid drive, the company wants to invest more than 1.5 billion euros in four years, according to own information on the big investment in the history of lamborghini. The highlight of development should be a model with pure electric drive, "the brilliant services guaranteed and will be at the top in its market segment", like lamborghini it expresses it. "The focus is on the urgent ecological decisions that the world requires us."

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Memorial: west ukraine worries poland

Memorial: West Ukraine worries Poland

Graduation guta penjazkaja in january 2017. Screenshot

Ukrainian nationalists moreover memorials to massaker at poland in 1944

From west ukraine dived on monday a frightening video. It shows that a memorandum from 1944 in the former village of guta penjatzkaja was destroyed by a blasting. Stones with the names of the dead goods are treached. On the stones you saw the forced flags of ukraine, the "ukrainian uprising army" (UPA) and SS runes.

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Study: conti was astutzpfeiler of the war economy in nazi time

Study: Conti was astutzpfeiler of the war economy in Nazi time

The pre-channel of the DAX group continental has played a significant role in the nazi economy after the results of an order study and also exploited thousands of forced laborers. This comes out of an investigation of the historian paul beger, the conti had touched and on thursday (27. August 2020) introduced in hanover.

Abused KZ adhesive

Arker found out in the processing of the history of today’s car supplier, among other things, that KZ adhesives had to test shoe soles of rubber products of the company. Be partly "until de-degradation and death have been exploited and abused," threw it. It was also used in the production of gas masks or the shift of production under day.

Around 10.000 forced laborers suffered from "human unwurred work and living conditions", explained continental. The management was "actively involved" and the company has benefited from the calling policy of the national socialist regime.

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Domainkriege: trademark law contra privacy

Domainkriege: Trademark Law Contra Privacy

Come "german solution" now worldwide?

With a trademark lawsuit, many companies and state organizations are now trying to expropriate homepage owners within a few hours. However, the trademark law does not entail any entitlement to a domain transfer. The loss of privacy is a much more serious danger.

A few years ago, the internet was still completely insignificant and a technical game meadow. Mail servers of universities hoarding on the names of figures from asterix comics and you were actually happy when everything worked halfway. Lack of protective devices against abuse such as mass shipping of spam mails are a result. Another the lack of definition of the function of an internet address, whether either email or www.

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Poststelle new ghost ghosts through the all

Astronomer traces new class of black punches on

Black punches, those post-sphere vacuum cleaners who swallow matter and energy completely, are known to pay astrophysics, scientific interested layers and science fiction authors to fascinate astrophysics, scientifically interested layers and science-fiction authors. So far, the researchers spurt two types of them: stellar and supermassive black punch. For a long time between the coarse and small black punches, a huge luck gapped. Now this could definitely be closed using the hubble space telescope.

Poststelle new ghost ghosts through the all

Image: nasa

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To reduce?

To reduce?

Munchen, 15. April 2013 – in december 2012, the third edition of the audi RS6 was introduced. She has two cylinders and 20 hp less than their direct process, but should also consume significantly less. We wanted to know how the fleet kombi ride.

Quite quiet

560 hp and 700 nm torque catapulting the family combination in 3.9 seconds at speed 100 and make it fast up to 305 km / h. The latter, however, only if the customer relies the package dynamic plus, for that audi again 12.900 euro extra requires. Otherwise, at 250 km / h is concluded, which is probably usually enough. Already a single kick on the accelerator can enhance, delight, enchant … And the fuser. The ride goes really pretty unacceptingly. The prere on the start button elicits the V8 a short, hoarse hosing, but quickly disappears. Urnied remains a quite quiet rest, which is slowly filled by the quiet rising noise of the engine and the rolling radder. When driving D of the automatic, the comfort program of the vehicle setup system and a gentle prere on the accelerator pedal, the nobel audi is so quiet that you think he konn is no aquatic water.

But woe if the strain is free and the right fug finally gets the whole freedom of movement. At the kickdown, the combination attracts a front. And now you finally hate the V8 bollers and the exhaust. In dynamic mode, the rush is correctly loud and at the load change in the middle speed range, programmed missing valves as in racing poles from the direction of the direction. With just four seconds on tempo 100, the new RS 6 avant is 0.7 seconds faster than its transaction.

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Hackathon of esa, nasa jaxa: with satellite data against corona and climate crisis

Hackathon of ESA, NASA & AMP; Jaxa: with satellite data against Corona and climate crisis

The space agencies in europe, the USA and japan organize a hackathon to better use data from earth observation programs and overlook the consequences of the corona pandemic. The ESA, the NASA and the jaxa now participate, should take place the event of 23. Until 29. June. The hackathon should therefore take place virtually and the participants: inside with expert: connect the inside of the room travel agencies. Various challenges should be solved, the victorious team becks a integration of their technology that "earth observation dashboard".

A year "EO-dashboard"

With the hackathon, the parties want to celebrate the first birthday of this dashboards. The european portal had been opened in june 2020 and combines satellite data of the EU earth observation program copernicus with analysis of environmental parameters and measured values of human activities. It should, above all, should make the afterweight of the then young coronavirus pandemic, the first lockdown, and the then ongoing phase of the interim recurrence of the economy of the economy, transparent to the smallest regions transparent. Meanwhile, the ESA cooperates with the partners from the US and japan.

On the basis of data collected in space, for example, changes in the air and water quality, as well as economic and human activities, can be seen in-lovingly industry, shipping, construction, traffic and agricultural productivity. New applications should now be developed in the hackathon, in the area of several specific challenges, for example to greenhouse gases. Further details and the registration form is available on a specially furnished website. To participate, those are explicitly interested, which never before "chopped" to have.

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Functograph: scientists build production robots from cheap 3d printers

Functograph: Scientists build production robots from cheap 3D printers

The robot-built and functographed by a team of meiji university tokyo can not only print individual parts such as toothbraders, levers or retail parts, but also assemble them fully automatically to a finished machine. The robot is even fahig to use the so built machine.

Functograph: Scientists build production robots from cheap 3D printers

The coffee muple assembled by the functograph is also served by the robot.

This is possible on the one hand through specially manufactured mounting tools, which can be attached to the printhead of the creality printer, and with which the printed parts are recorded, can be positioned and thus can be converted together. These tools are software control, so that the optimal, as well as 3D-printed manipulator is also available for more complicated transgrets, which is also available.

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