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The newly discovered unity of the disagreement

The winners receive the heib coveted vote of the united nations for their post-war mission in iraq

Bush’s anti-terrorism is an excerpt fragile company, if you do not want to keep it failed after the abandonment in casablanca / morocco, riad / saudi arabia or just back in falludscha / iraq and the youngly credited battle announcements of al-qaeda even for. The terrorists moge be peaked, but the fight continues – not least because of the rigorous US war policy has a new anger in the islamic camps. In america, bush also sits critics of its economic policy such as warren buffett and george soros in the neck. Debtmacher bush’s tax reduction program calls social injustice. Looks like a successful US government?

At least at the iraqi peace and olfront, bush wanted to score now. With the acceptance of the resolution introduced by america, great britain and spain in the UN security council with a 14: 0 result, this coup is at least premier. The only confidence spot: syria’s representative did not appear to vote.

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“Smaller states are more actionable”

The lawyer thomas hummel, as soon as the bayern party, active in the telepolis salon on the subject of marketing, international recognition and the territorial integration – and the independence of bavaria

The lawyer thomas hummel, as soon as the bayern party in the city council munchchen has been active, was a guest in the telepolis salon "separatism or the longing to be among oneself", the on the 13th. November in the bar in the lovelace took place. Peter muhlbauer talked to him about the questions of volker right, international recognition and the territorial integration with the separatism.

For hummel is clear: "smaller states are more actionable." fruhere "roughtip", that the bavarians, the preber and the hessen are to be consumed, "in order then to take the french better of the schadel, we have long overwound that". It is no longer crucial whether one is in a state structure like bavaria in germany or not, bavaria has always had good relations with his neighbor, which was not changed by an independence, as the war times were over. There is one in bavaria one "general dissatisfaction with the exemption by a policy from berlin". The CSU give before, she would be a separate party and not the "16. Landesverband der CDU". But it is up to independence "even a long way".

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“Highest concentration of extremist and terrorist groups in the world”

The islamic state is in afghanistan wide.

A pentagon report makes the main debt for failure in afghanistan: pakistan

Soon 16 years now it is now that the united states and their composites toted the taliban regime in afghanistan. Germany also participated in the use, which should free the land from the rule of god’s warriors. You do not have to be a afghanistan expert, but only switch off and turn on the news to know: that did not work until today. Without allied support, the government in kabul could probably not last long, the country was probably fast access to islamist militias.

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“The next three to four days are crucial”

Hamas spokesman ussama hamdan believes in an end to the war in the gaza this week

Since 27. December tobt the worst israeli attack on palastinian areas since 1967. Permanent balance sheet: uber 1000 dead (according to the palasticians), of which about one third children and one third women. Ussama hamdan, press spokesman of hamas in lebanon, showed yesterday’s spoken confident about an early end of the dead. At the same time he finds sharp words against cypt and germany.

Wide parts even the arabaticity give hamas a complicity on the outbreak of the war in the gaza strip on 27. December, because you do not stop the missile curtail on israel. Ussama hamdan: our people lives under a occupying power since 1948, which occubed in 1967 even greater parts of his soil occupied. I believe it is unique in human history that one requires a people living under a crew that there is any resistance to his brutal occupier, yes, on top of that, too "protected". Here the roles are twisted in a unique way. Israel claims that it started the war to get rid of a forever the rockets of hamas. Ussama hamdan: israel wants to get rid of a palastinians forever. In my opinion, the current war can be seen in the context of the annapolis process. After a year-old negotiation, it was clear that the israeli side does not accept the right to juvening the escape, nor the palatinians may grant any right to self-determination, not even in eastern jerusalem,. Although they are publicly speaking of an independent palastic state – but doing five geographically uncomplifier cantons that are under israeli control. No palastic will accept this. Not even mahmoud abbas – I think. Because the israelis know this, you now want to breathe the palatinian resistance forcibly. You want to put us under prere that we at the end will sign everything you want. In short: you want the israeli finishing solution for the palace’s question. What do you mean by that? Ussama hamdan: the israelis want the country for himself. The targeted goal has not changed since the days and the dewurch ariel sharon and is to be driven by this war now: jordan should be the palastic state, so you want to transfer the ones that you can not lock in one of the fun cantons there.

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Corona makes the train more point

Corona makes the train more point

Image: christoph jehle, before jerking in the main train station berlin.

Traveling under corona conditions has changed visibly. It was decelerated, the number of travelers has significantly reduced and the timetable is valid again

On the 1. July started the trip with the bus sadly from freiburg. After several weeks in which you could not submit a ticket and enter the bus uncontrolled by the jerk-friendly tour, you are almost for normal operation in the sudbaden bus payable to the german course. However, on the driver, however, all in the bus carry the required oral / nasal protection, which mostly laminated the faces mostly mude faces at the fruben morgen.

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“Arrange to return to romania and bulgaria again”

France’s minister of interior valls relies on the deportation of the roma

The french minister of interior valls knows the truth. You have to tell the french, he proclaimed a week ago. Among the roma there is only a minority intended to integrate in france is valls truth. "They have a way of life that leads to conflicts." and the heater that you "occupy" be to return to romania and bulgaria again.

The begging in the near the camps take to and the crimetat, fed to the minister of the interior. One knows such statements for a long time. What the numbers of evidence for the more complex "truth" missing – a causal relationship is difficult to prove here is to read in the nouvel observateur – is competitive due to preset incorporation. Even the transaction government under sarkozy drove this course.

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“Total was troy”: 7.5 million beat free offer in the epic store

7.5 million players have the strategy game "A total was saga: troy" picked up for free in the epic games store. For the launch on the 13th. August was the title of creative assembly to have for free for 24 hours. This is part of an exclusive decor that epic games has completed creative assembly and publisher sega. The steam version should follow only in august 2021.

Creative assembly, according to its own statement, has opted for the combined exclusive and free deal with epic games to achieve a new audience. That seems to have worked: so far that was also popular in china "total was: three kingdoms" as the most successful offshoot of the strategy game series. "Three kingdoms" was sold within a scarce week one million times.

Trailer too "total was: troy" (source: creative assembly)

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Nato-vizechef explains russia to the opponent

Appearantly, especially the US is based on an inspiration of the conflict with russia, due to ukraine crisis, the other NATO states will increase militar expenses

While the ostucraine of the government in kiev is largely entailed, as the prasident himself had room, and more and more buildings are occupied by humans protesting against kiev and / or the independence or. Request a referendum, NATO continues to attract the escalation again. At the same time, the ukrainian government launched the compulsory military service and staggered the militar in the east ukraine because of the worsening situation "full fight readiness". NATO-vizechef alexander vershbow said yesterday in a press conference, as AP reports that the russians had explained NATO to the opponent, which is why "we have to start, russia not long as a partner, but rather as an opponent to see".

However, the russian government did not explain NATO to the enemy and so far no troops at the borders to the EU countries are relocated, as this is just the NATO. Apparently, above all, the US government is interested in stretching the conflict with russia or to demonstrate hard. This probably also serves to better enforce american interests in the transatlantic community and to revive them overhead.

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Now do not touch the mouse!

"Refresh – the art of the screensaver": on the internet and at stanford university, an exhibition with screensavers can be seen

If you want to see art, you have to look. And if the screensaver runs on the computer screen, you do not even see it. But who wants to see digital art, which is currently on the internet and on the californian university stanford should be better looking at the screen of his computer, even if you do not work on it. Because at the exhibition, which is presented online as online, twenty-two screensaver of artists are shown. And just run only if you do not work on the computer.

Do not touch the mouse now!

Mick and ted skolnick: the dreamingmedia screen saver

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Wirecard: eu commission turns on european financial supervision

Wirecard: EU Commission turns on European financial supervision

In the wirecard scandal, the EU commission now turns on the european financial supervision ESMA. The overseers should take the collapse of the munchner payment service provider and possibility of the supervisory authorities. To 15. July should be a leading examination report. This is apparent from a letter from the commission to the ESMA that the DPA is.

Wirecard had put bankruptcy on thursday. Background is a mutual fraud scandal for air bookings in high 1.9 billion euros. The economic supporting company ey, who prudent the 2019 financial statements, goes from severe crimetat in the global mabboat.

Protection for investors

In the letter from the EU commission to ESMA (european securities and market affairs) in paris, it is necessary to know a comprehensive description and analysis of events and a conveying whether the response of the supervisory authorities was appropriate. In germany, the federal institute for financial services supervision (bafin).

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