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Google cartel procedure: us government wants extensive data to search queries

Google cartel procedure: US government wants extensive data to search queries

The pleading in the antitrust proceedings against google – the US government and 14 US states – desire extensive insight into the work of the search engine operator. From an input to the federal france court in washington D.C. It shows that the liability for all sorts of data on all searches from the USA in the times 3. Till 9. February 2020 and 2. Till 8. Interestings in february 2015. In addition, the time and location of the search as well as the search terms, but also other data such as web-broiler and operating system was searched for, as well as to the advertisement ied to the search results.

Overall, in entering the US government, about 80 different data from google is required to request any search query. This also includes the number of clicks on respective advertisements as well as the revenue revenue and the high of the bid, which has provided for the advertising for the advertisers in the auction for the advertising place and whether his ad was clicked.

The US government in october 2020 in washington D.C. Your action filed. If you violate your supremacy on the field of online search and the associated advertisements, understood the competition and thereby have damaged consumers. Google sees the complaint as faulty and not helpful for consumers and finds the now requested amount of information overhamed, but want to talk to how US media reports.

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Distributed data processing: open source project ray 1.0 offers serverless api

Distributed Data Processing: Open Source Project Ray 1.0 offers Serverless API

The start-up anyscale has published the first major version of his project ray. Ray 1.0 is a framework for distributed programming, which is to be scalable for complex, roughly dimensioned data processing tasks, as they will apply for quantum computing for example. Roughest innovations are a stable API for serverless features and the integration of multiple libraries from the ray community (such as huggingface, intel analytics zoo and mars) into the okosystem of the framework. Ray 1.0 has native support for java on board and can be installed under windows.

Scalable okosystem for distributed data processing

Originally, the anyscale developers ray had designed as standard for distributed computing environments. Over the past three years, the project then developed into an extended okosystem with a series of libraries. The initiation of the first major major release took place on the first ray summit, which the start-up of the 30. September to 1. October 2020 had aligned virtual. In parallel, anyscale has introduced the private beta of a managed ray platform.

With ray 1.0 can be used to create highly scalable libraries, applications and services. The focus of distributed applications lies according to the blog entry on resources that run portable across various types of machine types, clusters and clouds. Automatically scaling over an API that controls the placement of resource requirements for suitable nodes, users should design the distributed data processing. The memory management can be automated, and the memory usage and application performance can be used and debug users in the dashboard.

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Shortly informed: opnv, bnd law, windows 10, perseverance

Shortly informed: OPNV, BND law, Windows 10, Perseverance

Contagion risk in the OPNV

Some a passenger is currently concealing the concern to be attacked in buses and tracks with covid-19 – whether this is justified, is now closed scientifically. The research organization of the berlin charite examines at least 650 selected commuters in the rhine-main verkehrsverbund for five weeks. The results of the contract research institute are expected to be available in april. The pandemic had brought the OPNV 2020 a historic burglary. On an annual average, there were only 40 percent of the full demand, the association of german transport companies announced. The study should now provide a scientific basis for discussions about infection paths.

Shortly informed by our site ยท short informed 19.02.2021: OPNV, BND law, windows 10, perseverance

Journalists call for better source protection

The organized journalism in germany sees source protection in the current draft for the neufang of the BND law not sufficiently guaranteed. Although confidentiality relations of journalists and journalists were provided under protection, but the bill must be reworked, but demand journalists associations, publishers and public broadcasting. "The protection must not be limited to personal data, but must include the entire editorial secrecy", it is called in a joint communication of the combination and broadcasting institutions.

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