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Performance of workers by adhd tutored

According to an international study, attention deficit syndrome is widely used in adults, which were affected 22 days less than a year

According to the study of an international scientific team, which included 7,000 employees and self-contained ages between 18 and 44 years in 10 countries, around 3.4 percent of the working proposition (in germany 3.1%, in the USA 5.2%, in france 7.2%) under the attention deficit syndrome (ADHD / ADHD) suffer. This was covered by the proportion, which is also amed in children and adolescents in the self-contains the share of 0.4 percent.

The scientists writes in their article, which appeared in the magazine occupational and environmental medicine, that people with ADHS have been working on average 22.1 days less than other employees. 8.4 days are work-related (so sick reported), 21.7 days they were working less and 13.6 days was the quality of work worse. This results in the 22.1 days of minor work. The differences are roughly the results of the study. Thus, the germans were working 13.6 hours less. Only for spain and mexico are recorded less work traps. In the netherlands, ADHS was improving work performance, but seeking scientists, for example, by the smaller number of persons for the survey to explain. On the other hand, the work performance was particularly strong in colombia (29.4 days), in the US (28.3) or in italy (22, spending) of ADHD. The sick days are in germany (to colombia) on the highest.

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Juvenity of the strike?

The progressive social suspension and the tricks increase of unrest

Infineon, gate gourmet, AEG, the public service on landel level, the baden wurttembergian university clinics have something in common: they have been played lately. Is an end to the typical german strike definition in sight?

Or even how the small, anarchosyndicalistic union fau hopes, a return of the strike as a combatant in the dispute between the classes? Maybe you do not have to apply so dick, but it actually looks at the attempt to make the attempt to revoke all the social achievements that have been explored in recent decades on growing resistance.

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71 Percent of germans reject time change

Federal government: abolition of making "no problem"

In the night from saturday to sunday, the watches in europe will be influenced by an hour. That’s been like this since 1980. At that time, one hoped that the twice decreases energy saves energy. Investigations, however, showed that the opposite is the case.

At the burgern, the time change is extremely unpopular: a current survey after it is rejected from 71 percent of germans. As the reason for the respondents, among other things, call sleep briefs, daily grounds, and concentration trends. Ten percent make the time change even responsible for depression.

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Strange dna to amris pistol

Strange DNA to Amris pistol

AMRI’s video commitment to IS. Image: quapan / CC BY-2.0

The track leads to the personal environment of the alleged assassin from the berlin border place. The central announcements throw more and more questions

Who were the participants in the attack on the christmas market in berlin? A trace find raises the next question that deviates from the official version of the alone AMRI.

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When it comes to epidemics, the aluut is not far

When it comes to epidemics, the aluut is not far

Corona virus: the excitement is not just about health, such as the circulating conspiracy theories and the racist hazy in hong kong

"The patient is fine. I talked to him only a few hours ago." such explanations must make the responsible physician of the first patient who has infected in germany with the coronavirus, often. That there is no lifestyle, the doctor emphasizes again by emphasizing that he is already considering when the patient is released.

It was wanted that the evidence of other diseases, which are often much more dangerous than the coronavirus with equally commitment and effort. Then maybe fewer people had to die on actually curable diseases. If one compares the dead of the coronavirus with the victims that die through the increased fine dust values, it becomes clear, it’s not just about health at the coronavirus.

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Merkel advertises for corona warning app – more than ten million downloads

Merkel advertises for corona warning app - more than ten million downloads

Chancellor angela merkel (CDU) has called all the burger for voluntary benefit of the new corona app, which has now been downloaded more than ten million times. The application is "an important helper when it comes to recognizing and interrupting infection chains", said merkel in her weekly video message (saturday). "The more participation, the gross is this benefit." as the robert koch institute (RKI) announced on saturday afternoon on twitter, the app launched last tuesday has now been downloaded 10.6 million times on smartphones.

"No disadvantage, if you decide someone against it"

Merkel was trust in the privacy of the app. You secure the privacy by consistently shaking generated data. Geodata were not charged, data not stored centrally. The app is also absolutely voluntary. "There is no reward for use and no disadvantage, if someone decides against it."

The warning app developed on behalf of the federal government can be downloaded since tuesday – under certain conditions to the mobile operating systems. You can measure if mobile phone users have come to a long time more than about two meters. If a user has been positive and has shared this in the app, she reports to other users that they have stopped nearing an infected. Then you can test on cash costs.

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Confederation expects up to 73.5 million vaccine doses in the second quarter

Confederation expects up to 73.5 million vaccine doses in the second quarter

The federal ministry of health expects between 70.5 and 73.5 million corona vaccine doses for germany in the second quarter. This is from delivery forecasts, which the ministry published in the internet. In the first quarter there are 19.8 million cans. In the second quarter, 10.1 million doses of the vaccine of the US manufacturer johnson johnson are to be delivered, from which only a dose of the vaccines used so far is notified.

Only with uncertainties

Earlier earlier, the ministry had indicated that from the 5. April to 1. May up to 15.3 million cans of vaccine should be supplied. According to the ministry, subject to the ministry are still subject to uncertainties. For the entire year 2021, the resort of federal health minister jens spahn (CDU) expects 323.7 million vaccine doses against corona for germany.

100.7 millions of these corona vaccines are expected by the german manufacturer BIONTECH and its US partner pfizer, at least 78 million doses of moderna, 56.3 million doses of astrazeneca, 36.7 million doses of johnson johnson, 24.5 million from curevac and 27.5 million from sanofi / GSK. For the last two, the prerequisite is that they are admitted by the european medicines agency EMA.

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Organ and corona – what about home office in the administration?

Organ and Corona - What about HomeOffice in the administration?

Administrative staff working in home office and access digital files rather than rolling paper mountains in the authority? For a long time this was difficult to conceivable. Through the corona pandemic, something could change now. Because the appeal to work at home after possibility is also arrived in the administration.

"The city has a steep learning curve in terms of home office", say helmut dedy, main fees of the german city tag. At the beginning of the pandemic, final devices were procured in shortest time and digitally has been set up.

Surprisingly good change

He had been surprised himself how well the conversion had worked at the beginning of the pandemic, says district director dirk lonnecke from the north rhine-westfalische kreis soest. There you have been to digitize the administration for some time now and have allowed home office before the beginning of the corona crisis. Consider that IT collapse CONNE, he had nevertheless, confesses lonnecke: "through the pandemic, we have greatly significantly changed the proportion of work that is done at home."

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