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Privacy in brandenburg: more procedures for corona

Privacy in Brandenburg: More procedures for Corona

From 70 methods for privacy in brandenburg completed last year 16 with the contestment of a book money. This is from the techniquity report 2020, which the national officer for privacy in brandenburg, dagmar hartge, has presented on monday. Numerous the procedures forwarded by prosecutors to the data protector were ied to other supervisories.

Overall, the author has bubbanks in high 331.200 euros havenged. "Bubgelden are based on the income of persons and sales of companies. We go with eye mab", said hardge. "These bubbles were actually paid and did not have to be lowered, for which it came in other federal tandames as in the case of 11." incidentally, the revenues in brandenburg are often lower than in other federal tags.

1322 complaints

For 2020, the authorities recorded 1322 complaints, compared to the previous year 2019, this is an increase of 50 percent. 15 percent more data spans were reported and the number of hints and warnings grew by 70 percent. The past year corona has also imprinted its stamp with regard to privacy. Last but not least, this is due to virtual distance education and the increased work in the home office.

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Joseph biden: the woman, old man as a spearhead of democrats against trump

Joseph Biden: The woman, old man as a spearhead of Democrats against Trump

Joseph biden in january 2019. Image: AFGE / CC BY-SA-2.0

Biden is considered "middle-class joe". He is not so rich as trump, but the ex-vice-prassident under obama an alternative?

In the US, a lot is happening. Especially with the democrats. During the republicans of the old fewer millionar donald trump for the next prassidal election still seems to be sitting firmly in the saddle, it bubbles in the democratic party. It’s finally time, after the flap of hillary clinton, that a woman is prasidentine. It is best one left and no christian woman, but about a latina, a black or a muslim. Or how goods with a gay prassident?

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The right turn

The right turn

Rotation as a gameplay: the award-winning indie-game "fez"

How does it feel like working on a single project for fun years? Time to sacrifice money and nerves for one thing whose end is hardly foreseeable? Game designer phil fish has done exactly that. "Fez is my identity", he says in the documentary indie game: the movie. "I’m the guy who makes fez. That’s all."

"Fez" for fish has become a marathon with many thirst trails. At the same time, hardly any other indie project has become so many advanced laurels as well as "fez". As early as 2008, the independent games festival won the price for "excellence in visual art". Although little was known about the game, it was praised by the striking blogs and magazines in the sky. In the following years, however, it lacked progress messages – you could get the impression that the project is faltering, maybe even tapped in the duke-nukem trap. The year 2012 ended the doubts: "fez" sacked the grand prize at the IGF, fish merged a release date. So now the game has appeared: the long development time has been worth it, even if "fez" can not convince through. For now, there is the game only for xbox live, a PC catch is not fixed yet.

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Aleppo: un accused the syrian army, committed grays

Aleppo: Un accused the Syrian army, committed grays

Aleppo, summer 2016. Propaganda picture: al-nusra front

Evidence still stand out. The syrian opposition created with a lot of money informs european top politicians

One day after prasident hollande hijab riad had visited the driver of opposition representation, which was compiled in saudi arabia, he and the german chancellor merkel from the mirror cited with the words: "the situation is DESASTROS. She breaks a heart."

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Hoax or truth?

Discussion about the auction website for human eggs

The story about the auction site opened by the american nude photographer for eggs "schooner, young" women went around the world after first appearing in new york times. We had already noted (eggs of models) that this could be a good attention rifle for the business of ron harris, because much of this site was, from the monthly debug, obscure. After many media jumped onto the story, it is now discussed whether it has been a hoax that the new york times and then many other media, talking about the belief of the source, has jumped up.

Even if so far not really confirm that the website is actually intended for the implementation of auctions or only as an advertisement, so this question may be wrong anyway. Ron harris, operator of aerobicise ("the sexiest show on television"and some pornovites like eroticboxoffice.COM or SWEET18.Com, finally has the choice, with appropriate demand both the one variant and the other to realize. For security, the auctions run a few months. Anyway, he seems to explore the donors of his porn actors who may have liked to make a little money to make a little money. At the weekend there was on the website of ronsangels.Com still an alleged czech donor with a rose, which is also called yana on eroticboxoffice.COM could find. Meanwhile, it is both ronsangels.COM and disappeared from the porno site – and the latter is in turn since yesterday only for paying members ("EROTICBOXOFFIC IS NO LONGER TAKEING new memberships, just servicing our current members."), during sweet18.Com obviously removed from the network the original eight ice donors have since shrunk to three, probably for the reason that the five young women were too easy to identify as porn actors.

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Scrappage scheme: court expects wave of lawsuits over rejected notices

The administrative court (VG) in frankfurt am main is expecting numerous lawsuits from rejected applicants for the scrappage scheme. The president of the court, roland fritz, expects around 200 proceedings against the federal office of economics and export control (BAFA) in eschborn, which processes the applications, next year. Fritz told hesse’s minister of justice jorg-uwe hahn (FDP) this during a visit to the 23rd hessian motor show.¬†July, the ministry reported.

The VG frankfurt is the court of first instance for complaints in connection with decisions by the BAFA, which is based in nearby eschborn. If, for example, the authorities refuse an application for a scrapping permit, this is a so-called administrative act, which the person concerned can challenge before the local administrative court.

According to current estimates, the money for the possible 2 million bonuses of 2,500 euros each will last until the fall. According to BAFA’s overview, which is updated every working day, there are currently around 340 million tons of scrap left to be processed before the claims pot is exhausted.000 premiums to be granted. In mid-july, the number of applications rose somewhat surprisingly after the agency adjusted its overview to include multiple applications. BAFA still receives about 8000 to 9000 applications per day. ¬†/

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