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Ios soon tracks head horizontal in real time

Ios soon tracks head horizontal in real time

Apple announced, in his iphones art, more for the horic protection: with the next smartphone operating system of the group, you can actually have to be checked for this reasonably whether the head or earhorist vulnerable is appropriate. The feature works in real time and even has a display function with a current level that can be deposited in the control center.

Measure music live

The in english "HEADPHONE LEVEL" mentioned function extends existing possibilities in the health app apple health. There has already been recorded since IOS 13, how high the loud headhortry in the past few weeks was on average. The system even offers a weekly, day and monthly comparison. However, what has been missing so far was a real-time monitoring – so you could not determine if the audio represents just at that moment on a safe level.

Already implemented for several years are also basic obvious protection functions, with which you can prevent on request that the ear or head horizers are primarily too loud. Hierfer, there is a regulator in the field of music in the system settings; in addition, you can activate the limit recommended by the european union, so that you can not first embark in unsafe terrain if you spoke the loudly.

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England: google and apple block update of the corona app with check-in function

England: Google and Apple block update of the Corona app with check-in function

Apple and google forbidden an update of the app NHS covid-19 for england and wales because it should violate the data protection rules associated with the exposure notification framework. This reports among other things the BBC.

Accordingly, the update should actually add a check-in function, with which users and users can not only document their presence in one place or on an event on their smartphone, but can also pass this list in case of infection. Exactly this possibility to pass on the list of checked-in places but aborted against the specification that location data was not shared with the respective health workercies, apple or google.

Projected transfer of location data

The prevented update should be the contact tracking app of the british health service NHS used in england and wales actually to yield that function, as it is currently demanded in many places. Users are designed to scan a QR code created for DAFUR, which is provided in places where many people meet. Only locally on the smartphone creates a list of visited places and events. Find the contact tracker that someone with covid-19 was such a place or on such an event, download the associated code into its own database. The app regularly compensates for your list with this and informs about the possible contact, if necessary.

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Amazon services: apple easier for amazon “acceptable terms of contract”

Amazon services: Apple easier for Amazon'akzeptable vertragsbedingungen''akzeptable vertragsbedingungen'

Amazon pays for its streaming service prime video less commission to apple than other providers. If users extract a subscription over the app store, only 15 percent were fally – not 30 percent like ubrow.

As it came to this deal, has now been known through internal e-mails, which were released in the context of tim cooks appearance before the US congress last week. The negotiations were therefore on a highest level until they drove success in 2017.

Negotiations on a highest level

Apple’s internet boss eddy cue negotiated directly with amazon CEO jeff bezos. In an e-mail, he calls the possibilities amazon for prime video: app for ios and TVOS, 15 percent commission at subscription in the app (no commission for external signups), integration in siri and spotlight, siri calls from prime video films and help with tax implementation. Also the "upsell" of program packages – such as showtime – at prime video should cost the e-commerce giant only 15 percent commission.

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Report: apple takes store suppliers into the pliers

Report: Apple takes Store suppliers into the pliers

Apple seems to screw in the corona crisis on the conditions for third-party manufacturers who want to distribute their products via the official apple store. Like the in the great britain the telegraph reports, it is also affected by the – currently booming paragraph over apple’s in-house online store. Some suppliers report, they were from the iphone group "pronounced".

Anti-demand payment term, changed sales model

According to the information, the manufacturers have to be significantly longer to wait for their money. The payment term was demanded from 45 to 60 days. The only goods were not very tragic, because other handlers in covid-19 times require similar constituents. It is unclear, for how many countries the new measures apply; apple guides models but like the same worldwide.

The iphone manufacturer represents loud the telegraph at the same time the sales model. There is a so-called consignment model, a commission-based sale. This ensures that the apple retail store and the apple online store believe the report first dropped money when a product was actually sold, not already when apple has received it (plus 60 days, sees itself). Thus, apple moves the inventory costs quasi to the suppliers.

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Black unity collection: apple attaches special edition of the watch

Black Unity Collection: Apple attaches special edition of the WATCH

The apple watch will give it for the first time as a limited special edition at apple: with the "black unity collection" you want to "celebrate black story and black culture and gold", as the company announced on tuesday. The new variant of apple watch series 6 is only sold on february and should no longer be consuming.

The new, held in the colors of the pan-african flag bracelet will remain individually but on sale, so apple. With watchos 7.3 also follows a new, appropriate unity dial sheet. The operating system update should be shared with ios 14.4 still appear on tuesday.

Watch special edition only in february

The special edition of the watch is apparently the ALU version of the apple watch series 6 with special caption on the back side. Apple wants the "black unity collection" to offer the full price for this model variant from almost 430 euros. The black unity sports bracelet is sold for just under 50 euros. It will be composed of individual colored rubber prints by hand and pressed into a unit, the manufacturer writes.

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Record: apple’s boral value achieves two trillion dollars

Record: Apple's boral value achieves two trillion dollars

Apple’s boren value has risen for the first time on the threshold of two trillion US dollars – a new record mark. After a 24-hour course plus on more than $ 467, the market capitalization of the california iphone group marked the new milestone on wednesday.

The achievement of this historic brand is the result of a tremendous price rally – at the beginning of the year, the stock had still cost nearly $ 300. Apple was only used in august 2018 as the first US group into the financial history, which made a thirteenth rating at the borse.

If the company had still needed on 42 years for the first trillion, the second was not added in barely more than two years. This artist can be interpreted as a proof of the persistently rough economic success, which apple continues to have its products as the iphone despite a global economic crisis due to the corona pandemic.

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