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Scrappage scheme: court expects wave of lawsuits over rejected notices

The administrative court (VG) in frankfurt am main is expecting numerous lawsuits from rejected applicants for the scrappage scheme. The president of the court, roland fritz, expects around 200 proceedings against the federal office of economics and export control (BAFA) in eschborn, which processes the applications, next year. Fritz told hesse’s minister of justice jorg-uwe hahn (FDP) this during a visit to the 23rd hessian motor show.¬†July, the ministry reported.

The VG frankfurt is the court of first instance for complaints in connection with decisions by the BAFA, which is based in nearby eschborn. If, for example, the authorities refuse an application for a scrapping permit, this is a so-called administrative act, which the person concerned can challenge before the local administrative court.

According to current estimates, the money for the possible 2 million bonuses of 2,500 euros each will last until the fall. According to BAFA’s overview, which is updated every working day, there are currently around 340 million tons of scrap left to be processed before the claims pot is exhausted.000 premiums to be granted. In mid-july, the number of applications rose somewhat surprisingly after the agency adjusted its overview to include multiple applications. BAFA still receives about 8000 to 9000 applications per day. ¬†/

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Study: conti was astutzpfeiler of the war economy in nazi time

Study: Conti was astutzpfeiler of the war economy in Nazi time

The pre-channel of the DAX group continental has played a significant role in the nazi economy after the results of an order study and also exploited thousands of forced laborers. This comes out of an investigation of the historian paul beger, the conti had touched and on thursday (27. August 2020) introduced in hanover.

Abused KZ adhesive

Arker found out in the processing of the history of today’s car supplier, among other things, that KZ adhesives had to test shoe soles of rubber products of the company. Be partly "until de-degradation and death have been exploited and abused," threw it. It was also used in the production of gas masks or the shift of production under day.

Around 10.000 forced laborers suffered from "human unwurred work and living conditions", explained continental. The management was "actively involved" and the company has benefited from the calling policy of the national socialist regime.

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Driving report: vw polo gti

Driving report: vw polo gti

Initially, the most fleeting polo was not allowed to wear the short GTI. When the cheap copy of an audi 50 started, first the second polo got the chance to settle with much more power from the weaker models. Today with the 115 hp of the first G40 in this class no state to make more. To keep up with competitors like the opel corsa OPC, it must be 200 hp already. A first short exit should clear whether that is actually too more laufspab.


The color red should be marked for a GTI. This is no different: red painted the brake caliper, red the line that runs on the kuhler grill and continue in the dark LED headlights, red the decorative seam in the interior, among others on the fibmmonds and the seats. Add to that on the front an additional spoiler lip below, the boiler grill in honeycomb optics, mass-maby fog lights, a two-tone roof spoiler, double tailpipe, rims in the GTI look and dark LED tail lights.

All this is natural only, depending on the taste quite smooth, beiwerk. Above all, the target group was more important to be a significant demarcation to the weaker models in terms of performance. The two-liter four-cylinder offers 200 hp and 320 nm. Even if the polo GTI is heavier than a half tonne than he first polo G40, this is of course for spirited performance. VW calls as a corner data 6.7 seconds for the sprint on tempo 100 and a highest speed of 237 km / h. The latter we could not try, but the polo GTI acts in virtually every situation over-powered. Striking is a slight delay in the gas acceptance. Here VW could probably improve with an update quickly.

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Abwrackpramie: 90 percent of the funds are gone

Abwrackpramie: 90 percent of the funds are gone

Eschborn, 17. August 20009 – those who still want to benefit from the government’s scrappage scheme for old cars must hurry: the claim pot is almost empty. With the current average of around 9,000 online reservations per day, the funds were exhausted in three weeks and thus just before the federal election on 27. September. According to the claims funds overview of the responsible federal office of economics and export control (BAFA), there are still funds available for 183.736 premiums (as of monday, 17. August, 11:30 a.M.). This is no longer even 10 percent of the total budget. The scrappage scheme has triggered a sales boom, especially for small cars. However, with the expiry of the taxpayer-funded incentive, experts fear a sharp drop in new registrations.

Car dealerships: growth – repair shops: sales decline

According to calculations by the federal statistical office, the auto trade achieved a 4.7 percent increase in sales in the first five months of this year. The number of newly registered cars even increased by 22.8 percent compared to the same period last year. The figures reflect the trend towards buying cheaper small cars with the help of the premium. Importers benefited more than german manufacturers from the boom. Sales in the german auto industry fell in the first five months by almost a third (32.5 percent) to just under 100 billion euros. Garages had less work to do with the younger car fleet and had to cope with a 3.8 percent drop in sales.

Bose’s awakening 2010?

According to ferdinand dudenhoffer of the CAR center at the university of duisburg-essen, the german car market is facing an even worse crash next year than previously expected. In 2010, one million fewer cars could be sold than this year, the scientist predicted. In germany only 2.7 million cars were sold with it. Compared with 2008, this would be a drop of over 12 percent.

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“Ride on the razor blade”

Data protection warns against the development of the information society towards the monitoring company

The schleswig-holstein data protection officer helmut baumler warns of the ever-gross risks and threats for the privacy and for fundamental rights. Development for the information society worldwide the same one "ride on the razor blade". Baumler has his 23 today. Techniquity report. He warns that the risk of the surveillance state was by no means banned. In addition, the danger of the monitoring company.

The video surveillance technique not only take to public bursts, but also in department stores, shopping arguments, buses, railways and private land. There were more opportunities today because each people secretly watch. Movements in the private and public space can be recorded minutios.

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At the threshold to the automatic war

The success in the robot race of DARPA is another step on the way to autonomous combat robots

Robot have been in the modern war for years. The cruise missiles of the american and russian dispute are nothing more than selfishly targeted bombs, which penetrate deep into the area of an opponent and accurately detonate their deadly freight at the desired place by means of modern GPS and radar-assisted landscape tracking. So to speak kamikaze robots. This type of robot is ultimately stupid, the target coordinates are previously determined and the robot flies on a predetermined route – smaller deviations corrective – in the desired target.

Another example is the unmanned declaration aircraft, so-called UAV (unmanned aereal vehicle), which are practically remote drones, but also take certain tasks. You can achieve a previously entered target area automatically and then stay in the air in a high up to 30 km until you are retrieved for certain tasks. Escaped with steering crakons you can even attack goals. But only with an officer in the background, in safe distance, sometimes even from a usage center in the USA, the actions of the UAV on the screen and granted instructions to a control panel (trained pilots or computer players?To).

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Domainkriege: trademark law contra privacy

Domainkriege: Trademark Law Contra Privacy

Come "german solution" now worldwide?

With a trademark lawsuit, many companies and state organizations are now trying to expropriate homepage owners within a few hours. However, the trademark law does not entail any entitlement to a domain transfer. The loss of privacy is a much more serious danger.

A few years ago, the internet was still completely insignificant and a technical game meadow. Mail servers of universities hoarding on the names of figures from asterix comics and you were actually happy when everything worked halfway. Lack of protective devices against abuse such as mass shipping of spam mails are a result. Another the lack of definition of the function of an internet address, whether either email or www.

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Poststelle new ghost ghosts through the all

Astronomer traces new class of black punches on

Black punches, those post-sphere vacuum cleaners who swallow matter and energy completely, are known to pay astrophysics, scientific interested layers and science fiction authors to fascinate astrophysics, scientifically interested layers and science-fiction authors. So far, the researchers spurt two types of them: stellar and supermassive black punch. For a long time between the coarse and small black punches, a huge luck gapped. Now this could definitely be closed using the hubble space telescope.

Poststelle new ghost ghosts through the all

Image: nasa

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To reduce?

To reduce?

Munchen, 15. April 2013 – in december 2012, the third edition of the audi RS6 was introduced. She has two cylinders and 20 hp less than their direct process, but should also consume significantly less. We wanted to know how the fleet kombi ride.

Quite quiet

560 hp and 700 nm torque catapulting the family combination in 3.9 seconds at speed 100 and make it fast up to 305 km / h. The latter, however, only if the customer relies the package dynamic plus, for that audi again 12.900 euro extra requires. Otherwise, at 250 km / h is concluded, which is probably usually enough. Already a single kick on the accelerator can enhance, delight, enchant … And the fuser. The ride goes really pretty unacceptingly. The prere on the start button elicits the V8 a short, hoarse hosing, but quickly disappears. Urnied remains a quite quiet rest, which is slowly filled by the quiet rising noise of the engine and the rolling radder. When driving D of the automatic, the comfort program of the vehicle setup system and a gentle prere on the accelerator pedal, the nobel audi is so quiet that you think he konn is no aquatic water.

But woe if the strain is free and the right fug finally gets the whole freedom of movement. At the kickdown, the combination attracts a front. And now you finally hate the V8 bollers and the exhaust. In dynamic mode, the rush is correctly loud and at the load change in the middle speed range, programmed missing valves as in racing poles from the direction of the direction. With just four seconds on tempo 100, the new RS 6 avant is 0.7 seconds faster than its transaction.

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