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Luxury liner with auxiliary motor: mercedes s 400 bluehybrid

Luxury liner with auxiliary motor: mercedes s 400 bluehybrid

Stuttgart, 22. September 2008 – in the topic of hybrid cars, german manufacturers had to fit a long time. Well, because some toyota prius already 600.000 kilometers and more have unwound, mercedes introduces his first form-ready model in the S 400 bluehybrid. But the customers must be patient until the coming summer, until they get this "mildhybrid" can put in the garage. We already had the opportunity to try the car.

No purely electric driving

The S-class differs from the S-class, apart from a side-mounted plaque and the hybrid lettering on the stern, not from its conventionally powered sisters. Our test vehicle still carries the well-known design dress, but when the hybrid-mercedes will come to the market for the next year, he has modified the facelift, which was expecting the facelift in 2009,. As in the inside of the word hybrid at the center console, no difference can be seen inside. There are the usual steering column lever to operate the seven-speed automatic, the known instruments and switches. When the end is switched on, however, a battery symbol in the main instrument becomes visible. We turn the end of the end and horns – a normal engine noise. Unlike the toyota prius or the lexus LS 600H, the hybrid S-class is instructed on the sprit burner to build up. Loose slide silently as japanese full hybrid competition is not in it. The S 400 bluehybrid is a so-called mildhybrid whose hybrid module leaves much smaller and correspondingly less powerful than in a full-hybrid and no purely electric driving allowed.

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Tryed out: alfa romeo mito 1.4 16v dct

Tryed out: alfa romeo mito 1.4 16v dct

Milan, 29. October 2010 – seemingly quiet and secretly the powertrain division of fiat has developed a double-clutch transmission, respect. It will not be about "from the top" in the market introduced, but just the little alfa romeo mito makes the beginning – the giulietta follows some later. Up­interesting "multiir"-valve control is the new double­clutch­transmission already the second technical exclamation mark of the italians in a short time. The MITO 1.4 16V DCT contributes both under the hood and thus offers one of the most modern coal series drives. We were able to drive him for the first time in italy.

Cardinal question: wet or dry?

But before we turn to the sporty-chic small car, a look at the technology. In contrast to automatic transmissions with hydraulic torque converter, the transmission of the moment for dual-clutch gearboxes is known via one of two couplings, which connect two partial transmissions to the drive. The course is changed without traction interruption by igniting the one clutch, while the other open.

In the fiat group, one has now consciously for a "dry" double clutch gear decided. Different to "wet" versions, such as you use VW and audi for their torque models, dry variants are designed for soil development so far only for torques up to about 250 nm. For example, in VW golf 1.4 TSI a seven-speed dry double-clutch gearbox or in the renault megane / scenic a dry 6-speed DKG of geutrung.

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The prasence of the author

The solution of the copyright is in the differentiation of the art and forms of art

There is a babylonian voices in the world of creative. Everyone believes, for everyone else speeches, not only seem to take party but also to know on which side of the barricades, which will be gross from day to day, the good and on which the boses are standing. The situation is much outrageous to the interests of authors, widening and consumers of art, when the political friend enemy thinking makes us troubles to us to impose most of the participants.

Depending on what kind of artwork creates an artist, the situation is very different. Thus, a solution to the copyright, if it should be acceptable for all, are very different in different areas of artistic work.

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Lamborghini plans first full electric car for this decade

Lamborghini plans first full electric car for this decade

From the internal combustion engine to the hybrid drive to COR tauri, the motto of the italian sports car manufacturer lamborghini is. Cor tauri stands for a star in the constellation bull – in the opinion of the italians the brightest in the constellation – symbolistic for a sustainable and electric future.

On the way direzione cor tauri, lamborghini continues to devote itself to the internal combustion engine, 2023 the first production model with hybrid drive should come on the market. By the end of 2024, the entire product range should be electrified. At the beginning of 2025, lamborghini at the same time set the goal of reducing the CO2 outstall by 50 percent.

Roughest investment in the lamborghini history

In the hybrid drive, the company wants to invest more than 1.5 billion euros in four years, according to own information on the big investment in the history of lamborghini. The highlight of development should be a model with pure electric drive, "the brilliant services guaranteed and will be at the top in its market segment", like lamborghini it expresses it. "The focus is on the urgent ecological decisions that the world requires us."

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Google cartel procedure: us government wants extensive data to search queries

Google cartel procedure: US government wants extensive data to search queries

The pleading in the antitrust proceedings against google – the US government and 14 US states – desire extensive insight into the work of the search engine operator. From an input to the federal france court in washington D.C. It shows that the liability for all sorts of data on all searches from the USA in the times 3. Till 9. February 2020 and 2. Till 8. Interestings in february 2015. In addition, the time and location of the search as well as the search terms, but also other data such as web-broiler and operating system was searched for, as well as to the advertisement ied to the search results.

Overall, in entering the US government, about 80 different data from google is required to request any search query. This also includes the number of clicks on respective advertisements as well as the revenue revenue and the high of the bid, which has provided for the advertising for the advertisers in the auction for the advertising place and whether his ad was clicked.

The US government in october 2020 in washington D.C. Your action filed. If you violate your supremacy on the field of online search and the associated advertisements, understood the competition and thereby have damaged consumers. Google sees the complaint as faulty and not helpful for consumers and finds the now requested amount of information overhamed, but want to talk to how US media reports.

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Amazon services: apple easier for amazon “acceptable terms of contract”

Amazon services: Apple easier for Amazon'akzeptable vertragsbedingungen''akzeptable vertragsbedingungen'

Amazon pays for its streaming service prime video less commission to apple than other providers. If users extract a subscription over the app store, only 15 percent were fally – not 30 percent like ubrow.

As it came to this deal, has now been known through internal e-mails, which were released in the context of tim cooks appearance before the US congress last week. The negotiations were therefore on a highest level until they drove success in 2017.

Negotiations on a highest level

Apple’s internet boss eddy cue negotiated directly with amazon CEO jeff bezos. In an e-mail, he calls the possibilities amazon for prime video: app for ios and TVOS, 15 percent commission at subscription in the app (no commission for external signups), integration in siri and spotlight, siri calls from prime video films and help with tax implementation. Also the "upsell" of program packages – such as showtime – at prime video should cost the e-commerce giant only 15 percent commission.

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Merkel advertises for corona warning app – more than ten million downloads

Merkel advertises for corona warning app - more than ten million downloads

Chancellor angela merkel (CDU) has called all the burger for voluntary benefit of the new corona app, which has now been downloaded more than ten million times. The application is "an important helper when it comes to recognizing and interrupting infection chains", said merkel in her weekly video message (saturday). "The more participation, the gross is this benefit." as the robert koch institute (RKI) announced on saturday afternoon on twitter, the app launched last tuesday has now been downloaded 10.6 million times on smartphones.

"No disadvantage, if you decide someone against it"

Merkel was trust in the privacy of the app. You secure the privacy by consistently shaking generated data. Geodata were not charged, data not stored centrally. The app is also absolutely voluntary. "There is no reward for use and no disadvantage, if someone decides against it."

The warning app developed on behalf of the federal government can be downloaded since tuesday – under certain conditions to the mobile operating systems. You can measure if mobile phone users have come to a long time more than about two meters. If a user has been positive and has shared this in the app, she reports to other users that they have stopped nearing an infected. Then you can test on cash costs.

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New version of the lancia musa: fresh look and more utility

New version of the lancia musa: fresh look and more utility

Frankfurt, 30. August 2007 – the lancia musa gets a facelift. After the world premiere in the context of the 64. Film festival of venice is the car of 13. To 23. September 2007 at the IAA in frankfurt. The musa is the counter-piece to the fiat idea and based as this on the small car platform of the fiat group. The facelift does not change any of this; the basis is still the old punto generation.

Chrom details on the front

The front was updated with chromium detail and a newly designed front. In the middle of the chrome cooler grille is the new lancia logo, which now lit blue. The same design language has also been redesigned. The jerk lights were also redesigned; they are now based on LED technology. The responsive and long-lasting light emitting diodes should give the new musa in the rear view a distinctive night design.

75 liters more trunk

Variability identifies the interior: with a few steps, the seats in 32 different configurations can be arranged inelectively a special relaxation position. The luggage compartment could be extended by 75 liters thanks to lowering the loading floor. 395 liters of trunk volume are available at normal sitting position. Depending on the seat configuration, this value increases up to 1495 liters. Otherwise, surfaces of metal, chromium and satin finish should underline the exclusivity.

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Memorial: west ukraine worries poland

Memorial: West Ukraine worries Poland

Graduation guta penjazkaja in january 2017. Screenshot

Ukrainian nationalists moreover memorials to massaker at poland in 1944

From west ukraine dived on monday a frightening video. It shows that a memorandum from 1944 in the former village of guta penjatzkaja was destroyed by a blasting. Stones with the names of the dead goods are treached. On the stones you saw the forced flags of ukraine, the "ukrainian uprising army" (UPA) and SS runes.

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Closing party: new registrations in september 2009

Closing party: new registrations in september 2009

Hanover, 12. October 2009 – from now on the cure begins. Already at the end of september, three months before the end of the year, almost as many passenger cars have been sold as in the whole of 2008 – just under three million. Nevertheless, it would be too easy to extrapolate without further ado. Almost four million units had to be sold by the end of the year, which of course is not possible. September showed a slight upturn – thanks to the scrappage scheme, there were probably also many deliveries of cars that had a longer waiting period. And especially with popular models such as the golf, this may continue for some time to come.

After the pramie

But it will get quieter, now only the latecomers are coming, the premium pot is empty. Some market observers expect sales figures for the rest of the year to be worse than in previous years. The reason: prospective buyers who could not or did not want to benefit from the scrappage scheme are now waiting for spring to arrive. As cynical as it may sound, they are hoping that the car dealers’ need will increase and that prices will continue to fall until then. Some carmakers are trying to prevent the worst from happening by already launching rough cost-cutting programs.

In actual figures, new registrations in september were once again outstanding. Over 316.000 passenger cars were sold, as is currently the case, mainly smaller vehicles. In the year to date, some manufacturers have even doubled their sales as a result. According to the federal motor transport authority, the highest growth rates were recorded by lada (+140%), hyundai (+118%) and fiat (+97%). But german manufacturers such as ford (+39.2%), VW (+34.0%) and opel (+32.4%) also made significant gains in the interim results. These three can be particularly pleased because their absolute gains are much higher than the percentage figures would indicate. Mercedes (-17.0%), porsche (-10.0%) and BMW (-9.1%), on the other hand, lost again – admittedly not only because the scrappage bonus is of little benefit to them. Their losses are mainly due to weak sales of company cars. The biggest losses were suffered by the foreign brands saab (-64.8%), general motors (-57.9%) and chrysler (-47.3%).

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