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England: google and apple block update of the corona app with check-in function

England: Google and Apple block update of the Corona app with check-in function

Apple and google forbidden an update of the app NHS covid-19 for england and wales because it should violate the data protection rules associated with the exposure notification framework. This reports among other things the BBC.

Accordingly, the update should actually add a check-in function, with which users and users can not only document their presence in one place or on an event on their smartphone, but can also pass this list in case of infection. Exactly this possibility to pass on the list of checked-in places but aborted against the specification that location data was not shared with the respective health workercies, apple or google.

Projected transfer of location data

The prevented update should be the contact tracking app of the british health service NHS used in england and wales actually to yield that function, as it is currently demanded in many places. Users are designed to scan a QR code created for DAFUR, which is provided in places where many people meet. Only locally on the smartphone creates a list of visited places and events. Find the contact tracker that someone with covid-19 was such a place or on such an event, download the associated code into its own database. The app regularly compensates for your list with this and informs about the possible contact, if necessary.

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The right turn

The right turn

Rotation as a gameplay: the award-winning indie-game "fez"

How does it feel like working on a single project for fun years? Time to sacrifice money and nerves for one thing whose end is hardly foreseeable? Game designer phil fish has done exactly that. "Fez is my identity", he says in the documentary indie game: the movie. "I’m the guy who makes fez. That’s all."

"Fez" for fish has become a marathon with many thirst trails. At the same time, hardly any other indie project has become so many advanced laurels as well as "fez". As early as 2008, the independent games festival won the price for "excellence in visual art". Although little was known about the game, it was praised by the striking blogs and magazines in the sky. In the following years, however, it lacked progress messages – you could get the impression that the project is faltering, maybe even tapped in the duke-nukem trap. The year 2012 ended the doubts: "fez" sacked the grand prize at the IGF, fish merged a release date. So now the game has appeared: the long development time has been worth it, even if "fez" can not convince through. For now, there is the game only for xbox live, a PC catch is not fixed yet.

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Driving report: genesis g70 2.0 turbo

Driving report: genesis g70 2.0 turbo

Hyundais nobleman wants to sell in germany from the end of 2019. We provided a G70 to provide a limousine based in dimension, equipment and premium claim to BMW 3 series, audi A4 and mercedes C-class.

Just only acquired infiniti his exit from the western european market because nissan did not succeed in positioning his noble brand. Toyota’s nobel label lexus has hardly been found for years of perception boundary. On the other hand, the pendant of the hyundai group, genesis, prepares itself despite the very obviously difficult task for his entry into the european market. That’s claim.

Borderliness with excellent products

The only promising advantage of bringing genesis is his team from european and german employees in model development. But if only a slightly better matching substance really can bring the breakthrough? We see that after all, what we have known about the attackability of bastion "german premium middle class" and the phenomenon "brand obstession", as a heroful attempt to conquer a zone edge area with an excellent product as a price-performance winner.

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Batteries are to become more sustainable and human rights-friendly in the eu

Batteries are to become more sustainable and human rights-friendly in the EU

Batteries that are sold in the EU should be sustainable, powerful and safe on their entire lifecycle. They are to be produced with a potential environmental impact of materials obtained under full compliance with human rights as well as social and ecological standards. For this, the EU commission wants to ensure and suggests the EU legislation for batteries.

Battery cells, modules and sets are to be produced with clean energy possible and only contain small amounts of dangerous substances. They should be designed energy efficient and for a long life.

High collection rate

Batteries of all kinds, for example, for the industry, in electrical or electric cars, should also be used, recycled or recycled at the end of their lifetime. The current collective ratio of batteries in the household should rise from 45 percent to 65 percent in 2025 and 70 percent in 2030. Industrial, starter or traction batteries must be collected without exception.

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Aleppo: un accused the syrian army, committed grays

Aleppo: Un accused the Syrian army, committed grays

Aleppo, summer 2016. Propaganda picture: al-nusra front

Evidence still stand out. The syrian opposition created with a lot of money informs european top politicians

One day after prasident hollande hijab riad had visited the driver of opposition representation, which was compiled in saudi arabia, he and the german chancellor merkel from the mirror cited with the words: "the situation is DESASTROS. She breaks a heart."

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Now do not touch the mouse!

"Refresh – the art of the screensaver": on the internet and at stanford university, an exhibition with screensavers can be seen

If you want to see art, you have to look. And if the screensaver runs on the computer screen, you do not even see it. But who wants to see digital art, which is currently on the internet and on the californian university stanford should be better looking at the screen of his computer, even if you do not work on it. Because at the exhibition, which is presented online as online, twenty-two screensaver of artists are shown. And just run only if you do not work on the computer.

Do not touch the mouse now!

Mick and ted skolnick: the dreamingmedia screen saver

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Wirecard: eu commission turns on european financial supervision

Wirecard: EU Commission turns on European financial supervision

In the wirecard scandal, the EU commission now turns on the european financial supervision ESMA. The overseers should take the collapse of the munchner payment service provider and possibility of the supervisory authorities. To 15. July should be a leading examination report. This is apparent from a letter from the commission to the ESMA that the DPA is.

Wirecard had put bankruptcy on thursday. Background is a mutual fraud scandal for air bookings in high 1.9 billion euros. The economic supporting company ey, who prudent the 2019 financial statements, goes from severe crimetat in the global mabboat.

Protection for investors

In the letter from the EU commission to ESMA (european securities and market affairs) in paris, it is necessary to know a comprehensive description and analysis of events and a conveying whether the response of the supervisory authorities was appropriate. In germany, the federal institute for financial services supervision (bafin).

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Paris: with selfie against love locksmith

Paris wants to free his bridges of love locks. The ton-heavy evidence of mutual affection dangerous in the meantime not only the statics of popular bridges in the city of love. The tourists themselves are threatened: thrown out key, falling locksmith, whole parts of the brucken jellangers threaten the visitors packed with visitors. Self-portrays loversed couples should now free the parisian brigen from love locks. The city administration wants the expressions of happy visitors, tolerated since 2008 to the brucking, so on the internet. In addition to the bridge, coarse heart stickers appeal to lovers: "our brigkeit can not withstand your love gestures." as an alternative there is love widout locks (love without locksmith). On the website, self-portrays should testify to the smell of the couples – so they do not install a castle as worldwide and throw the key in the river.

Uber networks such as instagram or twitter can be in love with their selfie with the hashtag #lovewithoutlocks placed – and in doubt also loose again. By wednesday, around 300 photos came together of lovers, in the meantime there were also advertising of castle sales. They are umwise around the bridges – with sex prices of up to ten euros per lock.

Danger are in paris especially the brucken pont de l’archevĂȘche behind the cathedral notre dame and pont des arts to the louvre. At the fubgangerbrucke were collapsed a few weeks ago in the weight under the weight. Elements of the brucke are currently secured with nozzle. But other places curl locksmith – even the eiffel tower is affected.

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When it comes to epidemics, the aluut is not far

When it comes to epidemics, the aluut is not far

Corona virus: the excitement is not just about health, such as the circulating conspiracy theories and the racist hazy in hong kong

"The patient is fine. I talked to him only a few hours ago." such explanations must make the responsible physician of the first patient who has infected in germany with the coronavirus, often. That there is no lifestyle, the doctor emphasizes again by emphasizing that he is already considering when the patient is released.

It was wanted that the evidence of other diseases, which are often much more dangerous than the coronavirus with equally commitment and effort. Then maybe fewer people had to die on actually curable diseases. If one compares the dead of the coronavirus with the victims that die through the increased fine dust values, it becomes clear, it’s not just about health at the coronavirus.

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Hoax or truth?

Discussion about the auction website for human eggs

The story about the auction site opened by the american nude photographer for eggs "schooner, young" women went around the world after first appearing in new york times. We had already noted (eggs of models) that this could be a good attention rifle for the business of ron harris, because much of this site was, from the monthly debug, obscure. After many media jumped onto the story, it is now discussed whether it has been a hoax that the new york times and then many other media, talking about the belief of the source, has jumped up.

Even if so far not really confirm that the website is actually intended for the implementation of auctions or only as an advertisement, so this question may be wrong anyway. Ron harris, operator of aerobicise ("the sexiest show on television"and some pornovites like eroticboxoffice.COM or SWEET18.Com, finally has the choice, with appropriate demand both the one variant and the other to realize. For security, the auctions run a few months. Anyway, he seems to explore the donors of his porn actors who may have liked to make a little money to make a little money. At the weekend there was on the website of ronsangels.Com still an alleged czech donor with a rose, which is also called yana on eroticboxoffice.COM could find. Meanwhile, it is both ronsangels.COM and disappeared from the porno site – and the latter is in turn since yesterday only for paying members ("EROTICBOXOFFIC IS NO LONGER TAKEING new memberships, just servicing our current members."), during sweet18.Com obviously removed from the network the original eight ice donors have since shrunk to three, probably for the reason that the five young women were too easy to identify as porn actors.

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