The patient 0 of the euro rescue – greece

The patient 0 of the euro rescue - Greece

Ie: on the ancient odeon of herod on the acropolis growth the weeds. Photo: wassilis aswestopoulos

Better times or so bankrupt like never before? A balance

Four years of sparing community brought the greeks a meanwhile doubted by many contemporaries, primary budget supercuss and more than 20.000 demonstrations. Greece is now saved?

At least, the country had a budget deficit of 15.4 percent at the end of 2009 at the end of 2009 and owed 116 percent of gross domestic product to belongers.

Today we know that in 2013 with a deficit of 12.7 percent and a public debt ratio of 175.1 percent was completed. The said primary net of the budget is, depending on the calculation of 3.5 billion euros – as the greek government in the election campaign gladly conceded or at 1.5 billion euros, if you calculate the amount according to the specifications of the SPARTEMORANDUM.

Chronicle and statistics

On the 23. April 2010, the then premier giorgos papandreou recaptured from the picturesque eiland kastelorizo from greece to the IMF. A few days later he dear in parliament to vote on the first SPARTEMORANDUM. Since this dweller 8. May 2010 until 28. Marz 2014 found in the country 20.120 demonstrations instead. 6.266 of them were registered in the capital. In many of them, the police started tranengas, there were randale and a variety of destructed houses and shops. However, this did not change the political implementation of the austerity plan.

The institute for work of the employee union geend determined that within the four years of sparing

  1. The purchasing power of the greeks fell by 37.2 percent,
  2. One third of the population under the poverty line, which was set to 475 euros per month, lives,
  3. The number of unemployed to 1.360.000 rose. The quota was 9.5 percent in 2009 and catapulted until the end of 2013 on a whopping 28.5 percent,
  4. The gross domestic product by 25 percent of 231 billion to 182 billion euros sank.

For further press reports and studies, further success announcements are added:

  1. The expenditure for salary and pensions fell for the state of 22.2 billion euros in 2009 to 17.7 billion euros 2013.
  2. From 2010 to 2013, 24.7 billion euros were charged new taxes.
  3. Social spending fell from 17.2 billion euros 2009 to 15.9 billion euros 2013.
  4. The government expenditure for infrastructure fell to 6.6 billion euros over the same period of 9.5 billion euros.
  5. The invoices not settled by the state to private debtors adds up to 4.5 billion euros, because the state was simplified to obtain a primary supercuss.
  6. Through the strangulation of the economy, the payability of the debtors fell so much that the hemical taxpayers now fell to the state including criminals, interest and interest rate 62.3 billion euros. In 2009 there were still 33.5 billion. It is the money on which papandreou 2009 in the election campaign with his saying "there are money" proclaimed. Instead of driving this and to distribute as promised among the mussels, the policy he charged has almost doubled the sum.

Already in the first year of savings, from 2009 to 2010, 500 men took life due to the economic development of the country. At least that claims a study by the university portsmouth.

According to greek media reports, the number of suicides is now in a magnitude of 5.000 rose. The suicide is considered in greece from religious reasons as absolute taboo.

Today’s party landscape – the former people pasok people party

These numbers are reflected in the electoral jury. Papandreous pasok had on 20. October 2009 the elections with 43.92 percent of the votes won. 160 parliamentarians in vouli, the three-hundred-of-seat parliament guaranteed a rich majority. Only 13.18 percent were available at the elections on the 6. May 2012.

Finally, the former people’s party landed on the 17th. June 2012 with only 12.28 percent and 33 seats. Today, only 27 of the pasok chosen deputies are at their party. The incurred were excluded because of their resistance against savings laws. The government partner NEA DIMOKRATIA was a little better, 125 from 129 sit remained the party.

Papandreou himself has, so it suspects prosecutor, which also ruined the finances of the party. Partially. Reported sworn book advisors, payments of million sums, if superposed, have been noted on washing balls.

Pasok and nea dimokratia debt greek banks, telecommunications companies, the electricity company public power company and other cribes together more than 250 million euros.

The patient 0 of the euro rescue - Greece

Greek flag on the acropolis rocks. Photo: wassilis aswestopoulos

The two former arch rivals had given the banks to the state party financing of the future as security. On the one hand, her electoral votes fell dramatically, on the other hand, the entire party financing was clashed. "Just" seven million euros will receive greece’s parties for the european elections 2015. In 2011 there were still 55 million euros. However, the old parties have provided a trick.

This-year funding is distributed for half the results achieved in 2009 in the european elections. Ten percent of the funds will be awarded on the basis of the parliamentary results of 2012. The remaining forty percent is then available according to the results of the upcoming european elections. This is how the PASOK is considerably more than expected to expect due to their turnover in the population.

The party does not apply to the european elections alone. It is only available in elija elia (olive tree) on the lists. This covenant to european PES and martin schulz is traded in the field of FUF or six percent by the FUNF or six percent.

Coffee set reading of demoscopes

Certainly the demoscopes are not. Too very much the percentages of mostly telephone surveys vary. Too differently, the statements of respondents fall out. The demoscopes face unclear tasks. Your survey results of equal coffee rates, because you get on average of less a fiveftel of the called or on the street wahler an answer.

The representative statot of opinion research is therefore no longer given a priori. It is clear only that the european elections combined with local and regional elections will become the euro in may for the atypical referendum.

New parties – the time of populists

On the part of the drachmen-BEFORDERS, several small parties occur. It is the time of populists, although some parties and groups rather on the sectors of the monty python classic "the life of the brian" recall. The "drachme of the funf stars" around the fruheren papandreou brother-in-law thodoros katsaneva’s tried after the model beppe grillos and with slogans of the blessed andreas papandreou to promote wahler. The party name is program, the drachme should be restored.

A little further links can be found "plan B", the party of alekos alavanos. The former mentor alexis tsipras now destroys his own work, syriza, and might with ultraink slogans back to the eight sephel. Rather national conservative, the economist dimitris kazakis applies to his EPAM for a european parliament. The once-communist kazakis collected numerous appendages of the truther movement and mixes well-founded economics arguments with consorting theories.

The parliamentarians excluded from the people’s parties and the judicial regional president thessalonikis panagiotis psomiadis have either linked to other parties or, but each for themselves, own movements.

In the middle of this pondering a pro-europa party was bursting the journalist stavros theodorakis. With "to potami" (the river) he liked the political landscape of greece. Funf percent are not enough – with such a result, said the party leader in the television interview, "you have to go home". In surveys, the new party whose program is not yet properly traded up to two-digit values.

Against the river, his operations, the electoral court of neoliberal dimourgia ksana under thanos tzimeros together with the liberal drasi of thodoros skylakakos under the name "the bridges" (gefyres). Tzimeros was traded in 2012 before the elections as well as theodorakis now, demoscopically as europafan and potential surprise candidate. He failed at the locking clause of three percent.

Despite the uncertainty of demoscopias, it is considered certain that syriza and the trio from nea dimokratia, to potami and golden morgenrote will find again on the first four bursts of the party list after the european election.

The current trend in the country indicates that in extreme cases it could come to a placement of syriza before potami, golden morgenrote and nea dimokratia. For the nea dimokratia it is about survival. Because she should abstain as in 2012 the pasok, then the already shaky political stability in the country perdu. In front of the pasok catastrophic parliamentary elections in 2012, the demoscopes predicted a head on head race of nea dimokratia and pasok. As a further uncertainty factor, you have a refusal of potential voters of the golden morning red. These fears, so the theory that they could get in an outing as a party of the party as well as this visor to the investigators.

Even before the elections, all parliamentarians of the party must be a student judge. It is considered to be sure that the government is important to send most of them behind swedish curtains.

For whom there is still money ..

In the middle of this chaos, politicians try desperately to vote their bullets. For the employees of parliament there was a bonus of 1.35 million euros from the state treasury. As you know, the above-mentioned the coveted state posted the supported party.

The patient 0 of the euro rescue - Greece

Monastirakiplatz near the acropolis – a lot of operation, little turnover. Photo: wassilis aswestopoulos

While the country’s continued income tax is no money from its parties. But they can be unpunished million sums of debt. On 101.065.652.15 euro is the sum quantified, which is owed by the reeders to social security duties. At the same time mittlerstandler must have more than 1.000 euro debt in the state or social insurance accounts and arrests scenes. This is not lost through a parliamentary request of the opposition.

That the shipowner notoriously not paying their employees is a detail, which is more indirectly burdened the state termination.

But that the shipowner but despite the opposite promise and although the government of samaras celebrated this as its success, 400 million euros taxes do not pay, which weighs harder. The shipowners had committed themselves to this payment himself after whether their tax freedom of the scream from germany and abroad became too rough.

Is there the primary supercuss?

In all these numbers of numbers and vanishing millions, doubts about the primarubersheck of the greeks are quite justified. Hans werner sense of the ifo institute suspects confectionery. His greek colleague, professor yanis varoufakis, will be more concrete.

For him, greece after four years of chaotic policy simply bankruptter than ever before. In his blog, the visiting professor of the university of texas expects to realize the primary supercuss.

The scheme is known, it was under "greek statistics" four years ago to the slogan. The greek financial foxes together with their colleagues of the eurostat debt of the greek municipalities of 700 million euros and the state social insurers of 4.7 billion euros simply "punch punch" explains – ie omitted. The 5.4 billion euro liabilities exist, but they are simply omitted when calculating the budget.

Varoufakis even went a step further. He entilled that the first discovery of greek statistics was involved in the beginning of a few years ago the man feather-proof involved, who now applies them, finance minister yannis stournaras.