The newly discovered unity of the disagreement

The winners receive the heib coveted vote of the united nations for their post-war mission in iraq

Bush’s anti-terrorism is an excerpt fragile company, if you do not want to keep it failed after the abandonment in casablanca / morocco, riad / saudi arabia or just back in falludscha / iraq and the youngly credited battle announcements of al-qaeda even for. The terrorists moge be peaked, but the fight continues – not least because of the rigorous US war policy has a new anger in the islamic camps. In america, bush also sits critics of its economic policy such as warren buffett and george soros in the neck. Debtmacher bush’s tax reduction program calls social injustice. Looks like a successful US government?

At least at the iraqi peace and olfront, bush wanted to score now. With the acceptance of the resolution introduced by america, great britain and spain in the UN security council with a 14: 0 result, this coup is at least premier. The only confidence spot: syria’s representative did not appear to vote.

Support for america’s fourth resolution design for the UN security council was not expected to expect, after the united states eagerly, though coarse parts had improved cosmetically. Most recently, the votes of russia, france, china and germany could be collected without any significant resistance. The fundamental conflict of the volkergemeinschaft was declared without guaranteeing that new editions does not occur tomorrow’s new praventiv wars tomorrow.

Largely only rhetorical appreciation of the UN role

Doubles like the french au-abister de villepin, above all, agreed to america’s post-war resolution in order to bring the united nations back into the power game. But the volkergemeinschaft has become really important by the now decided resolution? The multiple change in the draft resolution was essentially focused on the question "vital role" the UN in reconstruction, government education and democratization of iraq.

According to the resolution, an independent representative of the united nations is now involved in the coordination of humanitarian tasks. This fig leaf of the volkergemeinschaft the security council is intended to clause the security council on these and competent activities of unprazeness. Its independence is therefore essentially that the efforts that the occupiers alone for themselves is largely independent of their influence.

The UN has thus been assigned a supporting role, which is always conveyed that it still exists in the US world supplies of the USA. Play decision for the winners is to secure their control function as a occupying power under circumstances also long term. Therefore, the US ambassador at the UN, john negroponte, previously explained that an automatic end of the anglo-american crew for winners is unacceptable. The french proposal to terminate the occupation rule after 12 months, one would not want to correspond. The end of the crew is now linked to the development of political matters to a free, egg and democratic iraq.

The question of when the political conditions satisfy the high expectations of the winners, but probably neither the winners and certainly not to answer the defeated themselves. Anyway, it could become paradoxically prescribed freedom and democracy that ultimately restart authority in iraq. Because not only in this point, the resolution remains appealable if such a future iraqi government is projected, which does not make its equitable rule on ethnic, religious or gender-specific criteria. The american civilian administrator paul bremer just explained that the formation of a representative interim government continues to be viscous.

A small concession to the used US war critics includes the scheme that after a year, the security council will review the success of the resolution and, if necessary, will advise new macers. Central next to the at least rhetorical appreciation of UN participation is the cancellation of trading sanctions against iraq with the exception of the arms embargo. The precious fabric of the pipelines can now now, controlled by the occupations, from iraq on the world market to the industrialist. The UN program "ol for food" will expire in six months. Instead, a development fund should be constituted at the central bank of iraq, in which the elderly from the OL business is collected. Until the formation of an iraqi government is to be financed from this supply imports, repair expenses for OLFORDER systems and recovery decreases by an international body controlled pot. Kuwait is also expected to receive reparations for the first US gulf war from the iraqi energy sales supplies.

The volkerrecht remains at the rough consensus on the route

The foreign ministers of russia, france and joshka fischer explained before signing obligatory not to be fully justified by the war with this resolution. But the text of the resolution connects in various ways the dangers inflated before the war of bush with the now pending peace mission to continue to combat the threats outstanding from iraq for the security. Just this reference to bush’s advanced war base, weapons of weapons – which are apparently not available – to destroy, accuse the suspicion that the resolution will ultimately be prepared as a fictitious legitimacy of the war.

This is how hard-snacked like counteractable "the importance of the disarmament of iraqi weapons of mass destruction" highlighted. The present resolution also contradicts the previous course of the security council to lift the sanctions only when the UN weapon controls come to a negative result in their search. At least the re-commitment of the UN weapon inspectors could be recalculated by the safety council modeled in this particular end catching of the resolution. Although no one can seriously believe that even after unfavorable failed research, weapons of mass destruction can be found, but sometime the buoyancy is known to replace reality.

The resolution, which was now decided, all involved made as a political success. The bush government sees itself in its limit of war and secures the leading regency about iraq. The war oppons, on the other hand, continues to be "vital role" the UNO traumes, although the french aufemister de villepin immediately explained, "perfect" do not be this resolution. In this respect, the present resolution makes it particularly clear that the volkerrecht continues to remain a soft to diaper category in the frissible coexistence of the volker, which is dominated by political and diplomatic opportunities.