“Smaller states are more actionable”

The lawyer thomas hummel, as soon as the bayern party, active in the telepolis salon on the subject of marketing, international recognition and the territorial integration – and the independence of bavaria

The lawyer thomas hummel, as soon as the bayern party in the city council munchchen has been active, was a guest in the telepolis salon "separatism or the longing to be among oneself", the on the 13th. November in the bar in the lovelace took place. Peter muhlbauer talked to him about the questions of volker right, international recognition and the territorial integration with the separatism.

For hummel is clear: "smaller states are more actionable." fruhere "roughtip", that the bavarians, the preber and the hessen are to be consumed, "in order then to take the french better of the schadel, we have long overwound that". It is no longer crucial whether one is in a state structure like bavaria in germany or not, bavaria has always had good relations with his neighbor, which was not changed by an independence, as the war times were over. There is one in bavaria one "general dissatisfaction with the exemption by a policy from berlin". The CSU give before, she would be a separate party and not the "16. Landesverband der CDU". But it is up to independence "even a long way".

The doctrine of the territorial integration say that states should also continue to exist as they are. There should be no annexation and no military area expansion, domestic decisions should remain without influence. On the other hand, however, there is the self-determination right of the volker. The concept of the territorial integrity was strong in the cold war, where there was two power bloc and it was relatively clear who was a friend and enemy, and it was clear what happens if the peace was not stopping. Then there could be a nuclear war. Here you did not want to create even small conflicts, which undermine the coarse, but some sympathy stable conflict.

Muhlbauer launched the government speaker of seibert, who said to catalonia, the federal government will not recognize the independence because of the territorial integration and because of the one-sided explanation. And he pointed to states that have been unilaterally explained as independently and recognized, for example, the USA. The show the difference between politics and the right, says hummel. Seibert use the volkerkrecht only as an excuse for that one confesses politically rather to spain than to catalonia.

As an exception, there is sometimes the reason that if a central government is underprinted a people or a region, it has no representation or even terrorized, it is allowed to split: "but generally recognized here is very little." the speech of volks is also problematic. Are the bavarians a people, the francs obedient? Stringent does not let that loose. The smallest minority is always the individual anyway. At kosovo, the recognition went very fast. Without using the volkerrecht for this purpose.