Performance of workers by adhd tutored

According to an international study, attention deficit syndrome is widely used in adults, which were affected 22 days less than a year

According to the study of an international scientific team, which included 7,000 employees and self-contained ages between 18 and 44 years in 10 countries, around 3.4 percent of the working proposition (in germany 3.1%, in the USA 5.2%, in france 7.2%) under the attention deficit syndrome (ADHD / ADHD) suffer. This was covered by the proportion, which is also amed in children and adolescents in the self-contains the share of 0.4 percent.

The scientists writes in their article, which appeared in the magazine occupational and environmental medicine, that people with ADHS have been working on average 22.1 days less than other employees. 8.4 days are work-related (so sick reported), 21.7 days they were working less and 13.6 days was the quality of work worse. This results in the 22.1 days of minor work. The differences are roughly the results of the study. Thus, the germans were working 13.6 hours less. Only for spain and mexico are recorded less work traps. In the netherlands, ADHS was improving work performance, but seeking scientists, for example, by the smaller number of persons for the survey to explain. On the other hand, the work performance was particularly strong in colombia (29.4 days), in the US (28.3) or in italy (22, spending) of ADHD. The sick days are in germany (to colombia) on the highest.

The persons studied were studied at ADHD in belgium, germany, france, italy, colombia, lebanon, mexico, the netherlands, spain and the united states and surveyed their jobs as part of the world health organization world mental health survey initiative. Manners are therefore more likely to be affected by ADHS as women, people in industrialists rather than those in developing policies, more young rather than ancient. Generally, lower educational layers according to the study are more likely to be adhs. Two-thirds of those who have already suffered in their childhood to ADHD still showed appropriate symptoms. However, because the ADHD diagnosis implies that symptoms have already occurred in childhood, it has been reported to people up to 44 years, which should report retrospectively to reports on inattention or impetus in their childhood. At all, what the scientists also point out, the diagnosis of ADHD in adults is not easy.

The scientists suggest the employers in the face of as gross working time losses to give their employees at the attitude to ADHD and then treat them. Finally, there are good treatment forms, while it is easier that the adults concerned are hardly treated because of their ADHS symptoms, but of the ages because of others "emotional" problems. At the highest, the US is at 43 percent, followed by the netherlands with 21 percent. For the other countries, this will be less than 10 percent, lebanon or mexico nobody. The coarse differences also have different disease cultures. The proposal to test employees by the employers on ADHD and then treat to increase performance and save costs, lets the impression of the supposition of allegedly good treatment methods, the scientists take a pharmaceutical group friendly perspective. The study was financed, among other things, with funds about eli lily, novartis, roche or glaxosmithkline.