Juvenity of the strike?

The progressive social suspension and the tricks increase of unrest

Infineon, gate gourmet, AEG, the public service on landel level, the baden wurttembergian university clinics have something in common: they have been played lately. Is an end to the typical german strike definition in sight?

Or even how the small, anarchosyndicalistic union fau hopes, a return of the strike as a combatant in the dispute between the classes? Maybe you do not have to apply so dick, but it actually looks at the attempt to make the attempt to revoke all the social achievements that have been explored in recent decades on growing resistance.

That may have to deal with that the workers and employees now notice that not only faucable real wage pubs are in the range of a few percent at stake, but that it goes around, on all fronts, from the actual income above the pension to health insurance. Talk about the "impact", who wanted to secure the unions and workers, apparently arrived at the joints, they see what they still have to realize that it becomes less and less, and complain.

The song of the modest 18 minutches

Too clear are the contradicts that are suddenly open in the german corner of the globalized economy. The fact that flourishing companies dismiss thousands of employees to increase their profitability, one has not yet learned to understand as an inherent development moment of capitalism itself, but they ever shake their heads. That at steady rising unemployment numbers the life and weekly working time extended is to be, for many is no longer properly comprehensible.

The public and private employers are reacting to the company’s footwears with the good dummy trip. To conflict in public service hort that an increase in the weekly working time from 38.5 to 40 hours would probably mean only 18 minutes of unpaid multi-work in the day, with typical manner from the fact of unpaid multi-work and on the for negligible 18 minutes is lined.

But that these humble 18 minutes are part of a salamitik, which wants to make a half and then later a half and then later a few hours, is now leaked. Too clearly, the posts from recent years remember, the weekly working times from 48 to 72 hours per week for the future presented in view.

At the rotenburg spare parts warehouse of AEG, where they should not apply to the conditions for metalers, but those for retailers, the company does not remove a deterioration of the wage situation through this maaking in agreement: einbuben does not give it for the workers they just had to work for three and a half hours more per week. Apparently one dares the people the simplest forms of breaking bills.

If there is already factory trials, and the thereafter unemployed worker only around greater krumel from the bankruptcy measure from the strike, what they have developed, you claim rotzfrech, the unions had to agree only much of an extension of the surveying, and it was good not get that far.

Which ultimately go out on the argument that the workers had to do without only their wages to secure their workplaces forever.

Media: compilation of the spectacle volume

The media play a very own role in all this. Either takes on the press releases of the employer side and sausle the audience with the song of the 18 minutes, or it is reported by the conflicts, but in the sately known, ritualized and crushed form: the one side says that, and the other says that, they both sit at a table, and soon they agree. The struggle taking place, which is about the life qualitat of millions of people, will never be clear. The camera is always floating about the tip, a direct procurement with the living conditions of those affected overlook niche formats that send spat at night for the owls.

That the police also take place in germany in germany that it has given quite successful strikes in recent months, as in the european port, that the strike at gate gourmet, in which it also coincides about working time demand and the shortness of vacation request goes, meanwhile lasted for 129 days (booth 13.2.06) – it all falls below the table or is deported into the said niches.

Sometimes one wonders what goods were, if all these things were reported exactly as intense as the private life of paris hilton. Where did we find out when the strange contradiction was expressed in clear words, that the alleged end of the working society has always produced more and less workforce and less money more and less? Where did we go, if always asked about the values that arise in this way? Overflow hopes.

Where is the danger, the escalator also worship, unfortunately, this is always valid for capitalism, and if he actually provoked a composure of social conflicts, then he has on the other side but also with a compaction of the spectacle volume in the obsumption, the the media has a good opportunity to drag any form of reality perception in blodes of blodginism: the "caricature", the winter olympiad, the coming fubball world cup thank you.