“Highest concentration of extremist and terrorist groups in the world”

The islamic state is in afghanistan wide.

A pentagon report makes the main debt for failure in afghanistan: pakistan

Soon 16 years now it is now that the united states and their composites toted the taliban regime in afghanistan. Germany also participated in the use, which should free the land from the rule of god’s warriors. You do not have to be a afghanistan expert, but only switch off and turn on the news to know: that did not work until today. Without allied support, the government in kabul could probably not last long, the country was probably fast access to islamist militias.

But why is it like that? The question are also militars. The pentagon comes in a new report to the congress into a unique finding: although there are many causes for the previous failure. However, the coarse single factor is pakistan, because spareches had a jerking room there. "Afghanistan still sees itself an externally enabled and negligent uprising opposite", it is called there.

"Highest concentration of terrorists"

The report pays "no less than 20 up-to-date and terrorist networks". Besides the taliban, the haqqani network and al-qaeda are. And as the goods that is not enough, now the islamic state has now established a cell in afghanistan. The report speaks of the "highest concentration of extremist and terrorist groups in the world".

And the crowds, the afghan national defense and security forces (ANDSF), are able to answer taliban attacks. But: "while the ANDSF had success in urban areas, the taliban successfully controlled some rural areas. They occupied liberated areas after the ANDSF did not manage to consolidate their achievements and establish a permanent prasence."

The report corresponds to what general joseph votel from the U.S. Central command in marz in front of the senate armed services committee (SASC) statement: the possibility of sparkling back to pakistan, tackling the entire surgery. And also general john nicholson, the US commander in afghanistan, said in february, the "main factor, of which our success depends", be it, "external protection rooms and support for the uprising to eliminate".

The solution: more instructors?

NATO now sends several thousand additional soldiers to afghanistan. After a meeting of the minister of defense, nato general secretar jens stoltenberg said that but not that NATO receives the fighting again. These had been explained two years ago for finished. From the great britain, for example, new 85 soldiers come to the scan of 500 soldiers who are already there. But they had no fight order, according to the british defense minister michael fallon. Their mission was to train afghan officers to help build the air force and advise the resistances.

But what put additional instructors when the taliban has jerking room in pakistan? More soldiers brought only tactical and operational advantages, warns robert cassidy, an ex-officer and afghanistan veteran. Nurably regional cooperation with pakistan, he asks.

Prere on pakistan

But the MUSSE has to be brought to the local security offshoot, his "deep-rooted strategic cultural pathologies" to break up: "pakistan’s doubled freestyle and exporting neighbor terrorists and spatical is the big obstacle for peace in afghanistan and sudasien." the pakistani inter-services intelligence directorate (ISI) maintains connections to al qaeda, taliban and other extremists who find shelter in pakistan.

More than 33 billion dollars have paid america since 9/11 to pakistan and get nothing but betrayal, scold cassidy. This sad truth is known to US government as NATO for years. "Without a policy strategy that forces pakistan to stop shelter and support, this war will continue forever, with or without more troops." robert cassidy is attributable to the conclusions of nicholson, to strong the troop parts of the afghan disputes, which have already proved that they can get the taliban. These are according to nicholson the afghan special security forces and afghan air force.

Only so let the "standstill" overwear, the US militar continues to stare. Must pakistan more with the stick and less with the carrot coming, writes robert cassidy, and suggests as concrete measures, among other things, pakistan deprive the status as gross non-NATO allilies and explain the country to the terrorism supporter.

That more soldiers are not a solution, emily knowles also means from the british remote control project in a new study: "not too few troops are the big problem for success in afghanistan. But the missing political will to remove maximum prere on all conflict parties to bring them to the negotiating table." pressing prere also have to hear the delivery of weapons from pakistan to afghanistan.


But why did afghanistan still do not have their own army, which can provide security in the country? This question is unlikely to explain with jerking areas in pakistan. Although NATO has officially ended the fight for combat in november 2014 and to 15.000 men decreases only to train – train, advise, assist (TAA) – there. But much has not brought anything so far. So far, donald trump could not otherwise.

His "departure" in afghanistan, the new prasident yielded against a tunnel complex of the islamic state in the achin district in the province of nangarhar "mother of all bombs" puzzle. The strongest non-nuclear bomb of the US militar may have demonstrated its impact owness. But the use also showed how far away is the victory.

How many people have been killed is unclear. But in the rough and large, according to the first items, nothing has changed through the use of the superbomb. "More than a bang effect did not come out", commented theo summer on time online. Meanwhile, trump "beaten into the bus": "the decision on how to continue has left the militar."