When it comes to epidemics, the aluut is not far

When it comes to epidemics, the aluut is not far

Corona virus: the excitement is not just about health, such as the circulating conspiracy theories and the racist hazy in hong kong

"The patient is fine. I talked to him only a few hours ago." such explanations must make the responsible physician of the first patient who has infected in germany with the coronavirus, often. That there is no lifestyle, the doctor emphasizes again by emphasizing that he is already considering when the patient is released.

It was wanted that the evidence of other diseases, which are often much more dangerous than the coronavirus with equally commitment and effort. Then maybe fewer people had to die on actually curable diseases. If one compares the dead of the coronavirus with the victims that die through the increased fine dust values, it becomes clear, it’s not just about health at the coronavirus.

The fama of the chinese bioowaffe

There are conspiration theorists in the network the fama of a chinese organic bogaffe, which is put into its competitors in the world market. These fake news were even directly backed by health minister spahn.

This also makes it clear that such consasing in a climate of fear and the irrational alitat can then be effective if the disease spreads here. Rational explanations pointing out that there are much more dangerous and far-widening diseases that are hardly respected there.

The combination of a disease labeled as a disease with a country, which is perceived as a global competitor, can amalgamate such an ideological bructure, which also has social influence.

Racist mobilization in sudkorea and hong kong

Of course, the disease also affects the domestic situation of china’s neighboring countries. So in sudkorea, a petition on the prasident website called, "to banish chinese state burger from our country". After a few days, the initiative was already over 285.000 people have been signed, although so far only three illness traps in the country is speech. Again, it is not primarily about health protection.

This is just the pretext for a new racist mobilization against people of chinese origin in sudkorea. These antichinese campaigns have nothing to do with a criticism of the real policy of the chinese government. This is ready to fix that in various asian states again and again chinese handlers who live there for generations and have no relations with the chinese government, victims of such racist attacks. They are seen by the local agents as competitors and should be chased.

A special situation is hong kong, where the protests against too strong approximation to china have lasted for months. There are also among the left the dispute as to whether these protests are amongwhile emancipatory and contact against the power claim of an authority state or whether it is more of a reactionar movement, as an author in the january ie of the monthly magazine concretely with the headline "pegida in hong kong" polemically pointed to the point.

At least for a relevant part of the movement, the harsh assessment was not allowed to be wrong. Finally, part of the protest movement demands the limits to mainland china. This requirement had become noimed before the outbreak of the disease and has now been provided with a new budget. The fact that assets from the protest movement of the relationship between the disease and the protest against china itself is made shows a twitter entry of the hong konger oppositionelle joshua wang:

"Just a few weeks ago, we talked hong konwer daruber, which masks best protect us from the tranengas of the policemen. Today we are still discussing about masks, but which can be used to protect us from the coronavirus from china."

A rational handling of the disease had to mobilize all the power to effectively combat the disease medically. It was not possible to play a role from which country people who prescribe this task. Such a disease had to be a request to solve such problems transnational.

The right political force of all countries, on the other hand, use the disease for further exclusion and for nationalism. That has tradition. The fear of the syphilis, which is afraid of the syphilis, has contributed to the whimarial subject in the weimar republic, as it was worked out well in a book published by wolfgang fritz haug in an argument publisher. The company must be kept in panic again and again and in regularly.

There are some threat campaigns stapled. It’s a spleen fire, then the alleged swine flu, who threatened the population. Currently it is the coronavirus. They are often the same circles that make these diseases on their right-wing propaganda, which as the vaccine confinement suggests that a rapid medical evaporation of diseases that were curable were prevented.