Tryed out: alfa romeo mito 1.4 16v dct

Tryed out: alfa romeo mito 1.4 16v dct

Milan, 29. October 2010 – seemingly quiet and secretly the powertrain division of fiat has developed a double-clutch transmission, respect. It will not be about "from the top" in the market introduced, but just the little alfa romeo mito makes the beginning – the giulietta follows some later. Up­interesting "multiir"-valve control is the new double­clutch­transmission already the second technical exclamation mark of the italians in a short time. The MITO 1.4 16V DCT contributes both under the hood and thus offers one of the most modern coal series drives. We were able to drive him for the first time in italy.

Cardinal question: wet or dry?

But before we turn to the sporty-chic small car, a look at the technology. In contrast to automatic transmissions with hydraulic torque converter, the transmission of the moment for dual-clutch gearboxes is known via one of two couplings, which connect two partial transmissions to the drive. The course is changed without traction interruption by igniting the one clutch, while the other open.

In the fiat group, one has now consciously for a "dry" double clutch gear decided. Different to "wet" versions, such as you use VW and audi for their torque models, dry variants are designed for soil development so far only for torques up to about 250 nm. For example, in VW golf 1.4 TSI a seven-speed dry double-clutch gearbox or in the renault megane / scenic a dry 6-speed DKG of geutrung.

Enormously: 350 newton meters

The fiat engineers have now managed in four-year development work to interpret such a gearbox for torques up to 350 nm. In addition, the new C635 transmission is ("6" for six swing and "35" for 350 nm torque) very compact and should be used in vehicles of the B and C segment, which the fiat group offers mainly.