“Total was troy”: 7.5 million beat free offer in the epic store

7.5 million players have the strategy game "A total was saga: troy" picked up for free in the epic games store. For the launch on the 13th. August was the title of creative assembly to have for free for 24 hours. This is part of an exclusive decor that epic games has completed creative assembly and publisher sega. The steam version should follow only in august 2021.

Creative assembly, according to its own statement, has opted for the combined exclusive and free deal with epic games to achieve a new audience. That seems to have worked: so far that was also popular in china "total was: three kingdoms" as the most successful offshoot of the strategy game series. "Three kingdoms" was sold within a scarce week one million times.

Trailer too "total was: troy" (source: creative assembly)

Financial question marks

Whether the free action is also financially worthwhile, is on another leaf. Background to the contract between epic games and creative assembly are unknown. It is likely that sega for the free action collapses a lump sum of EPIC. "Total was: troy" is now regular for 50 euros in the epic games store.

Microtransactions are available in "total was: troy" not. However, sales could generate expansion packages that creative assembly is regularly developing for its games. How many users of the epic games store "troy" but also really play, must show herself.

EPIC games is known to suppose his games store both with exclusive destinets and free offers – so there was in the past among other things "GTA V" and "civilization VI" for free. Mostly these titles are offered for free years after the launch. The free offer of "total was: troy" directly to the market launch was the first of its kind in the epic games store.

Fans override criticism

The "totally"-series attend the most famous strategy game series on the PC. The youngest offshoot is playing at the time of the trojan wars. According to developer creative assembly, the contract with EPIC games is not a long-term commitment. Future "totally"-so games could appear again directly to the start on steam.

Many fans of the game series were on the exclusive destiny: criticized the epic games store is often criticized because its functionality is significantly reduced compared to steam. For example, there is no system for user reviews. At "totally" in addition, the missing steam workshop will be related to the content created by users.