“The next three to four days are crucial”

Hamas spokesman ussama hamdan believes in an end to the war in the gaza this week

Since 27. December tobt the worst israeli attack on palastinian areas since 1967. Permanent balance sheet: uber 1000 dead (according to the palasticians), of which about one third children and one third women. Ussama hamdan, press spokesman of hamas in lebanon, showed yesterday’s spoken confident about an early end of the dead. At the same time he finds sharp words against cypt and germany.

Wide parts even the arabaticity give hamas a complicity on the outbreak of the war in the gaza strip on 27. December, because you do not stop the missile curtail on israel. Ussama hamdan: our people lives under a occupying power since 1948, which occubed in 1967 even greater parts of his soil occupied. I believe it is unique in human history that one requires a people living under a crew that there is any resistance to his brutal occupier, yes, on top of that, too "protected". Here the roles are twisted in a unique way. Israel claims that it started the war to get rid of a forever the rockets of hamas. Ussama hamdan: israel wants to get rid of a palastinians forever. In my opinion, the current war can be seen in the context of the annapolis process. After a year-old negotiation, it was clear that the israeli side does not accept the right to juvening the escape, nor the palatinians may grant any right to self-determination, not even in eastern jerusalem,. Although they are publicly speaking of an independent palastic state – but doing five geographically uncomplifier cantons that are under israeli control. No palastic will accept this. Not even mahmoud abbas – I think. Because the israelis know this, you now want to breathe the palatinian resistance forcibly. You want to put us under prere that we at the end will sign everything you want. In short: you want the israeli finishing solution for the palace’s question. What do you mean by that? Ussama hamdan: the israelis want the country for himself. The targeted goal has not changed since the days and the dewurch ariel sharon and is to be driven by this war now: jordan should be the palastic state, so you want to transfer the ones that you can not lock in one of the fun cantons there.

The egyptians do not make their thing well

it is called that hamas had been surprised by this war. He was really so unpredictable? Especially since israel repeatedly broke the six-month truce and hamas has ultimately rejected a further deflection itself. Ussama hamdan: to the ceasefire I have to say that israel did not comply with him from the first day. In the six months – from june to december 2008 – in which he preserved, were carried out about 70 israeli aggression and over 50 israeli sub-invasions. 43 palastians were killed, 19 times the israeli fleet reached palastic fishermen. All this was done, while hamas held to the agreement and did not attack israeli settlements. But we do not look forever. When the agypal intermediary side announced us that the israelis in turn no obligation of the ceasefire agreement, it was clear that she is planning something. But nobody has expected an attack on gaza just because there was no ceasefire anymore. However, the attack is not therefore done, but because he, as I said, persecutes far-reaching political goals. On israeli and western prere, ipt abtnet does not have the size of rafah. This is done to prevent arms deliveries to hamas. At the same time, the situation of the applauded gaza residents becomes more difficult. How do you see the role of egypt? Is it a mediator in the conflict or part of it? Ussama hamdan: the egypt is claiming that they are intermediaries. But they do not do their thing well. Neither the ceasefire agreement nor in the detention exchange they had a happy hand. However, israel does not oppose them in any way. On the contrary, it leads to failure yet. Nevertheless, the boundaries in the war can not be opened, also means to prevent humanitize help for the inhabitants of gaza. Hizbollah boss hassan nasrallah and iran’s ayatollah khameni have for the first time of egypt namely as "partner" israel’s war in war against gaza. How is the hamas? Ussama hamdan: with the birthing of the boundaries in the war, you can break an international law. Yes, they have their part on the totung of the palastians. And all the arabs know that. In addition, the humanitarian situation in the gaza is really devastating. In and outside the hospital drama drama plays unimaginable eusabes. If the world really wants to know that, she should turn to the two norwegian doctors who fall in love with the gaza strip three days ago. What is the position of hamas to the more advisory initiative that provides immediate ceasefire, international troops on the border between egypt and gaza and talk about a solution? Ussama hamdan: our position is clear. We reject international troops. There was only one exception: when the crew of the gaza, the west bank and eastern jerusalem ends by israel, the option of an international troupe, which is stationed between us and the occupiers, be discussed. But if it’s all about that, this troop protects the occupiers and destroys us to protect ourselves in front of the occupiers, then we do not need even more foreigners on our floor. The most agypal initiative is not on our line. And she also left the deduction of the israeli troops from the gaza. Two data is repeated as deadlines for a termination of the war: the 20. January with the initial initiation obamas and the 10. February, where the new election of the israeli parliament takes place. It also rejects premier olmert for a continuation of the attacks, hoping to win the sympathies of his compatriots to win in order to win in possibly postponed elections. Ussama hamdan: olmert has no chance of a renewed role in israel’s political life. He is not even the river of the kadima party, that’s tzipi livni. But he likes to reach a continuation of the brutal war to harm the political reputation of livni and ehud barak, which he agrees that they did not defend his political stand after all his scandals.

Israel will not continue the war long

as far as the inheritance of obamas is concerned, I do not believe that they play a rough role in israeli calculus. The original prasident of the US has not addressed or admonished the israelis so far. Far more crucial seems to me as a key date of the 10. February. And even if the elections are moved in israel, then only a few days. Nevertheless, I do not think that israelis continue the war so long. Rather, I ame that the next three to four days will be very hard and crucial in combat and that at the end of the week will be a solution that will lead to the deduction of the troops and to the opening of the size of the gren. After that, the political negotiations come. How do you take this confidence?? Ussama hamdan: so far nothing is clear. But there are initiatives. In so far closed circles, between european, islamic and arab states. I think israel will accept these initiatives. I can not say more about that. At the beginning of the war, hamas has ca. 80 missiles daily fired on israel. Meanwhile it is only 20-30 daily. How peak is the hamas military? Ussama hamdan: no one can assess the maturity of the damage. But they can be ared: the resistance is not undergoing. How to evaluate the words of hassan nasrallah, who recently emphasized in one of his speeches recently that palastina "never left alone" can? Ussama hamdan: palastinians all over the world have saved it benevolent. You know that sayyed hassan nasrallah supports the resistance. And maybe you hope for even more. Let’s wait, which happens in the next few days. Ware the hamas, which opens the official resistance palastinas, gladly glad about a military support by lebanese hizbollah? Ussama hamdan: we were happy about a support through all arabs. It’s not about fighting us, but to wear the resistance with us. How will the end of this war look like hamas and fatah? Ussama hamdan: definitely not like before the war. We have to access the level of a dialogue to find the national palastic goals. If we do not do this, israel had achieved one of his goals, because it does not want dialogue among the palatinians. There is a clear, prasident mahmud abbus wool? Ussama hamdan: this clearance has existed for two years and so far, abbas did not like the same. I did not put on it. UN general secretar ban ki-moon has begun a multi-decid journey to the middle east and will also speak with mahmud abbas – but not with representatives of hamas. Ussama hamdan: that will not ask for his efforts. Instead of focusing on the US foreign office, which the hamas classifies as a terrorist organization, he should be based on the palastian people, which hamas has democratically champed in 2006. As general secretar of the united nations, he should give himself the muhe to get to know hamas and find out who she is and what she wants. And how do you see the german attitude, which specifically committed to the israeli side? Ussama hamdan: the german life under the prere of the holocaust, which the criminal nazis have refurbished against the jews. That is understandable. But now a new holocaust is committed – and that is not my terminology, but the matan vilnai, the deputy israeli defense minister, who has the palatinians "shoah", the hebra’s word for "holocaust", confederate when the israeli army re-invaded the gaza. We are not far away. Therefore, the germans must now ask themselves – especially because of their past – themselves: do you want to support a new holocaust or are they willing to help keep everything to stay? Have you really learned your lesson from the past or not? (mona sarkisto)