Strange dna to amris pistol

Strange DNA to Amris pistol

AMRI’s video commitment to IS. Image: quapan / CC BY-2.0

The track leads to the personal environment of the alleged assassin from the berlin border place. The central announcements throw more and more questions

Who were the participants in the attack on the christmas market in berlin? A trace find raises the next question that deviates from the official version of the alone AMRI.

At the pistol, the anis amri, the alleged assassination of the bondsplatz, in italy, when he came to life, criminal technician secured the DNA track of a man, at the amri to the stuckstag of 19. December 2016 had lived. The federal criminal police office (BKA) weib that since about two years. The result has not been communicated according to the parliamentary examination outlook.

With the pistol of the brand ERMA, the polish freight forwarding driver lukasz urban had been shot dead in berlin. His DNA was also found on the weapon. In what form is unclear, possibly as a blood spatter. A ballistic comparison of the storey horses also occupies the identity of the pistol, with the amri on 23. December in italy on police fired and shot himself.

The previously unknown DNA on the ERMA pistol belongs kamel A., a 50-year tunisian who lives in germany for almost 30 years. Amri lived with him from the beginning of november 2016 until the tatag on 19. December 2016. The tunisian khaled A lived in the apartment in berlin-wedding. And the libyan police officer salah A. In which form camel A.S DNA was secured to the pistol, is not known. As well as the central investigators of the BKA followed the track.

Camel A. Is not unknown in the nominal islamist scene. It was recognized by police acceptances in november 2015. As someone who drove again and again from berlin to tunisia, he acted as a courier of various deliveries. In november 2015 he brought on behalf of the father of bilel balen ammar a suitcase to berlin. Ben ammar was a narrow friend amris and was considered second more meantime after the attack. Although it was determined against him and he was detected in the investigation SAB, he was deported to the operation of the BKA and under the state patronage of federal ministry of justice to tunisia.

A failed action leaves questions

In november 2015, the attorney general of berlin and the landeskriminal office (LKA) determined against ben ammar. Because they had received the information, the explosive delivered to him to berlin, were carried out in late november 2015 extensive raids – in a mosque, in apartments and vehicles.

Ben ammar was arrested, as well as camel A., the courier. The delivery then did not turn out as an explosive, but as food and drugstores (dates, olives, rose water). The arrested were released again.

The failed action has repeatedly procured the parliamentary examination experiences in both the house of representatives and in the bundestag. You do not have a final explanation so far. If the state protection was only incorrectly informed or hid something else behind it?

The information about the alleged explosives delivery had come from the BKA. It is to be amed that the source of origin was a V person. When the police were wrapped from the scene, a kind of test if you will monitor? Or vice versa was an official distraction manobever, a staging that should fail to protect certain persons in the scene? In any case, the procedure against ben ammar was subsequently set. Also kamel A. Remained unmolested.

The police action at the same time alerted the entire scene. Shortly thereafter performed mails against another alleged terrorist group of three tunisers around the ex-police officer sabou saidani (so-called "icebear"-group), which was observed by the BKA, also failed. In the group, ben ammar acted as "messaging", and alone the BKA had placed two V persons there. Who was whistled, you do not know yet. The state office for future protection (LFV) berlin was with at least one source (emanuel P.) represented in the grouping.

Stories of camel A.

In this environment, kamel A moved., whose DNA was found on the tatol in the bondsplace complex. At the beginning of november 2016 amri moved to him where he was with khaled A. A room shared. Both knew from italy, from where they came to germany later. The libyan police officer salah A. Was a year earlier, in december 2015, at kamel A. Moved in

After the attack on the bondsplatz, camel A laid. An excerpt strange behavior on the day. Two days after, on the 21. December 2016, he reported from himself from the police to provide information about amri, whose photo was circulating as an alleged assassination of the bondsplatz in the media. He struggled that amri has lived with him until the tatag. He just wanted to see him in the mosque. At the same time camel A. From amri a picture as a single course, the "always alone" had been and with "nobody contact" have had.

At night, police took kamel A.S undermieter salah A. Firm and learned by him that AMRI also lived in the apartment. On 22. December 2016 heard the LKA berlin camel A. Again. He realized that amri was his roommate, but had discriminated that because he was afraid, as a helper of a terrorist there. That khaled a. And salah A. Also lived with him, kamel A. But continue – as long until the investigators with the statement of salah A. Hours before confronted.

Now camel A said. From, amri had after the act, about 21 clock his clothes and his backpack. On demand, he answers, he had not been injured, had no blood traces or glass splinters in themselves.

A few days after the attack, the BKA amed the investigation and interviewed kamel A. Two days later, on the 24. December 2016, a third time. He now gave another version to protocol. Amri was not at 21 clock after the attack to get his stuff, but between 6 and 7 pm, so before the attack. He had his backpack and after neukolln to a "brothers" intelligent.

The time "between 18 and 19 o’clock" had a little hook. According to the official version, amri should have stopped in this period in the near the truck parking at the friedrich krause-shore and in the fussilet mosque. About 18:30 am AMRI enter the mosque room in the perlebersger straben and leave again after 19 o’clock. At 7:30 pm he should then have capped the truck.

Somehow the investigators seemed to the witness camel A. Not yet satisfied, because on the 16. February 2017 there was a fourth interrogation with him through the BKA. Now the respondent relocated the time when amri was supposed to be a last time with him, back. That’s about 16 o’clock, so camel A. It had been bright.

However, this time increases questions. Because according to the official version amri should have been between 15:30 and 16:30 clock with two acquaintances in a snack in the wedding. So many tatters did not drive to amri, but away from him.

The most questionable is that this fourth interrogation of camel A. In february 2017 not in the summary note of the BKA from end marz 2017 uber amris escape.

But then it came a year later, on 15. January 2018, even to a fold interrogation with camel A. He was revealed that the criminal technicians have found his DNA at the turgaffe, the ERMA pistol, his DNA. The clerk wanted to know how he clarifies. Camel A. Answered, he had never seen the weapon, he had not seen a weapon in his apartment, he did not pay everything he knew about amri.

That’s it. The interrogation was ended at the point, the commissars no longer asked. In what way and whether the BKA has continued to pursue the DNA track is unclear. The accused was kamel A. But obviously not guided.

A whole series of those involved were deported: bilel ben ammar on 1. February 2017, khaled A., the room service, on 22. February 2017, as well as the libyan policeman salah A. As well as at least two of its drug complications. Not but camel A. He lives until today in berlin.

Results in fingerprints, DNA or fiber tracks

The bundestag investigative committee wants to consult the BKA at the beginning of may at the beginning of may. The DNA find of camel A must also. To come up for discussion.

For the second time, the bundestag has tured a meeting week for corona and canceled U-committee meetings. With health hazards this is difficult to justify how the solution shows in the house of representatives of berlin. There, the breitscheidplatz-committee now came together again at the end of april after multilingual pause. Deputies and press was separated, the meeting was transferred to another room for the journalists. However, only media representatives were admitted, no audience and therefore not a bondship victim who had registered for this purpose. Place it had given more than enough.

Loaded as witnesses were two murder commissaries of the crime scene group, which had primarily examined the truck’s tractor. Head of the group was thomas bordasch, boss of the 7. Murder commission at the LKA berlin. He had already been a witness to marz in the bundestag and had made sensational statements.

In the house of representatives he repeated this statement. All recorded fingerprints, DNA or fiber tracks have you in "ellenlangen reports" listed and given to the state protection. What has become of all the traces, "whether they were evaluated", he does not know. Results of evaluation or adjustment were not reflected. With one exception: only with two finger and hand flat tracks on the driver’s side of the truck was informed that they came from amri. Bordas sustainment was made by his colleague matthias O. Trimmed.

The evaluation report must be submitted immediately to the examination experiences.

Also, in particular of the extremely strange location of the HTC mobile phones from amri, the mondrittiler repeated what could already be described in the bundestag. The device, with which amri should have communicated with a so-called IS mentor, found himself in a body pile behind other objects. Pure "technically" due to the accident, it did not have been there, so on-board, he did not know how. The only explanation was that it was done by someone there.

He suspects himself, the device could have fallen out of the cab, when the dead forwarding driver was pulled out of rescue crafts. Then someone could have put it in the place where it was found. But that’s not convincing, because on the floor of the bondage place, countless objects, without someone had taken anywhere.

Both investigators reported a few more details of the crime scene truck. So that a lot of blood was detected on the passenger side in the truck. There lukasz urban, the dead polish freight forwarding driver, was found cruotherly. This contradicts the theory of the federal prosecutor’s office, urban had stopped behind the seats in his lounger when he was shot at the parking lot of the truck and fits more on the amption that he was only being killed on the bondsplatz.

Bordasch and O. Caught that several tailwives spoke of it, it was shot. Cartridge horses or other traces did not find the investigators.

Also a mantrail use remained unsuccessful. Although amri was proven a few minutes after the attack near the zoo station, the person’s dog did not take the way there, but in the opposite direction. If the dog had not received amris smell in the truck cockpit, but from another person?

It is unclear what it had with a jacket found, which was found in the near the tray and in the two bloody cell phones and a lebanesian passport with registration stitching. If the object was obvious and criminally handed criministically, mordermittler bordasch also does not.

The 7. Murder commission, which made the essential trail work under the direction of thomas bordasch, was subsequently dissolved. Your members came to the state protection department of the LKA. Why he met his group, he did not know, such as a bodiceash.

Maybe it was a random selection, maybe it was also an intention: because if there is no commission of the central tightrooms, there may be no questions from there either on the evaluators in the protective or the BKA.