Scrappage scheme: court expects wave of lawsuits over rejected notices

The administrative court (VG) in frankfurt am main is expecting numerous lawsuits from rejected applicants for the scrappage scheme. The president of the court, roland fritz, expects around 200 proceedings against the federal office of economics and export control (BAFA) in eschborn, which processes the applications, next year. Fritz told hesse’s minister of justice jorg-uwe hahn (FDP) this during a visit to the 23rd hessian motor show.¬†July, the ministry reported.

The VG frankfurt is the court of first instance for complaints in connection with decisions by the BAFA, which is based in nearby eschborn. If, for example, the authorities refuse an application for a scrapping permit, this is a so-called administrative act, which the person concerned can challenge before the local administrative court.

According to current estimates, the money for the possible 2 million bonuses of 2,500 euros each will last until the fall. According to BAFA’s overview, which is updated every working day, there are currently around 340 million tons of scrap left to be processed before the claims pot is exhausted.000 premiums to be granted. In mid-july, the number of applications rose somewhat surprisingly after the agency adjusted its overview to include multiple applications. BAFA still receives about 8000 to 9000 applications per day. ¬†/