Privacy in brandenburg: more procedures for corona

Privacy in Brandenburg: More procedures for Corona

From 70 methods for privacy in brandenburg completed last year 16 with the contestment of a book money. This is from the techniquity report 2020, which the national officer for privacy in brandenburg, dagmar hartge, has presented on monday. Numerous the procedures forwarded by prosecutors to the data protector were ied to other supervisories.

Overall, the author has bubbanks in high 331.200 euros havenged. "Bubgelden are based on the income of persons and sales of companies. We go with eye mab", said hardge. "These bubbles were actually paid and did not have to be lowered, for which it came in other federal tandames as in the case of 11." incidentally, the revenues in brandenburg are often lower than in other federal tags.

1322 complaints

For 2020, the authorities recorded 1322 complaints, compared to the previous year 2019, this is an increase of 50 percent. 15 percent more data spans were reported and the number of hints and warnings grew by 70 percent. The past year corona has also imprinted its stamp with regard to privacy. Last but not least, this is due to virtual distance education and the increased work in the home office.

Throat a case from the field of data protection law controversial platforms, in which a schoolman had reported a data span in the microsoft cloud. He was able to access personal data in four schools, including school documents, teaching preparations, mails of teachers and their contact details. Teachers fally changed user groups by privately. The school had not yet concluded a contract for order data processing or a privacy policy.

Pladoyer for HPI schulcloud

Since the judgment of the european court of justice "privacy shield" also applied to schools, hardening up to its implementation for the use of the hasso plattner schulcloud, which can be used within five days. "The HPI-schulcloud is coordinated with us and the feedback from potsdam teachers is that it works", said hardge. With microsoft negoties your office because of the privacy problems. The schools were not allowed to loose alone.

Much were discussed in the early year and summer 2020 also the often open in local out-of-the-like hostists for contact tracking. According to numerous complaints, the results of controls in the above 50 brandenburg guest states were more humiliating: in 30 cases, more data were collected than prescribed and in 36 cases cafes and restaurants have not been implemented the lottery period or to spat. In single traps, companies used the contact details even properly for own advertising purposes.

The state officer spoke out a warning against the investment bank of the state of brandenburg (ILB) because they had only used a transport and no end-to-end-casing of mail communication in the application for the application for corona emergency aids, not required wage data and also only inadequately informed about the data processing.

CWA instead of luca

With regard to the luca app, the state data protection director referred to the opinion of the privacy conference of 29. April. "Many topics have not yet been completed by the supplier, as it is necessary goods. The problems should be turned off within four months", said hardge. The corona warning app has the advantage that you can inform you faster about an infection risk, as this is achieved at luca over the health officials. HARTGE pladated for a touch of the corona warnapp through new functions.

Inquiries and complaints on video monitoring rose 2020 again on 190. The state officer reported that the state chancellery during the one-month unit expo the exhibition chocolates in the potsdam city center around the clock by video cameras guards. A signage was missing as well as a documentation. Money for the privacy persistence ignored the state chancellery or only used them half-heartedly, which is why she was warned.

Problem case comrade

Another problem area of video monitoring are the increasingly popular drones. So nice a broker for better marketing of a primary stucco drones over the neighborhood flying and manufacture aerial photography. In the pictures that the company published online, the neighboring reason to see, including private garden and sun terraces. After the broker loosen the shots voluntarily on his website, it remained in a formal legal notice.