Paris: with selfie against love locksmith

Paris wants to free his bridges of love locks. The ton-heavy evidence of mutual affection dangerous in the meantime not only the statics of popular bridges in the city of love. The tourists themselves are threatened: thrown out key, falling locksmith, whole parts of the brucken jellangers threaten the visitors packed with visitors. Self-portrays loversed couples should now free the parisian brigen from love locks. The city administration wants the expressions of happy visitors, tolerated since 2008 to the brucking, so on the internet. In addition to the bridge, coarse heart stickers appeal to lovers: "our brigkeit can not withstand your love gestures." as an alternative there is love widout locks (love without locksmith). On the website, self-portrays should testify to the smell of the couples – so they do not install a castle as worldwide and throw the key in the river.

Uber networks such as instagram or twitter can be in love with their selfie with the hashtag #lovewithoutlocks placed – and in doubt also loose again. By wednesday, around 300 photos came together of lovers, in the meantime there were also advertising of castle sales. They are umwise around the bridges – with sex prices of up to ten euros per lock.

Danger are in paris especially the brucken pont de l’archevĂȘche behind the cathedral notre dame and pont des arts to the louvre. At the fubgangerbrucke were collapsed a few weeks ago in the weight under the weight. Elements of the brucke are currently secured with nozzle. But other places curl locksmith – even the eiffel tower is affected.