New version of the lancia musa: fresh look and more utility

New version of the lancia musa: fresh look and more utility

Frankfurt, 30. August 2007 – the lancia musa gets a facelift. After the world premiere in the context of the 64. Film festival of venice is the car of 13. To 23. September 2007 at the IAA in frankfurt. The musa is the counter-piece to the fiat idea and based as this on the small car platform of the fiat group. The facelift does not change any of this; the basis is still the old punto generation.

Chrom details on the front

The front was updated with chromium detail and a newly designed front. In the middle of the chrome cooler grille is the new lancia logo, which now lit blue. The same design language has also been redesigned. The jerk lights were also redesigned; they are now based on LED technology. The responsive and long-lasting light emitting diodes should give the new musa in the rear view a distinctive night design.

75 liters more trunk

Variability identifies the interior: with a few steps, the seats in 32 different configurations can be arranged inelectively a special relaxation position. The luggage compartment could be extended by 75 liters thanks to lowering the loading floor. 395 liters of trunk volume are available at normal sitting position. Depending on the seat configuration, this value increases up to 1495 liters. Otherwise, surfaces of metal, chromium and satin finish should underline the exclusivity.