Nato-vizechef explains russia to the opponent

Appearantly, especially the US is based on an inspiration of the conflict with russia, due to ukraine crisis, the other NATO states will increase militar expenses

While the ostucraine of the government in kiev is largely entailed, as the prasident himself had room, and more and more buildings are occupied by humans protesting against kiev and / or the independence or. Request a referendum, NATO continues to attract the escalation again. At the same time, the ukrainian government launched the compulsory military service and staggered the militar in the east ukraine because of the worsening situation "full fight readiness". NATO-vizechef alexander vershbow said yesterday in a press conference, as AP reports that the russians had explained NATO to the opponent, which is why "we have to start, russia not long as a partner, but rather as an opponent to see".

However, the russian government did not explain NATO to the enemy and so far no troops at the borders to the EU countries are relocated, as this is just the NATO. Apparently, above all, the US government is interested in stretching the conflict with russia or to demonstrate hard. This probably also serves to better enforce american interests in the transatlantic community and to revive them overhead.

The american vershbow has already worked for the US government for a long time, was last at the pentagon and has been vice chief of the divine collar since 2012. Vershbow said against the few invited journalists, the reversal of the crimea and the obvious manipulation of the riots in the ostukraine had changed relations between NATO and russia fundamentally. Already the day before he had said russia was taken from cooperation to confrontation. It is hidden that obviously considerable parts of the population and also the safety force in the ostukraine with the spatuses, which are by no means be controlled by moscow.

We are witnessing to invasion without obvious invaders. In which transparently duplicitous propaganda creates A virtual reality through state media before supposedly "local" activists – both aided by and sometimes consisting of russian special forces – impose A physical reality on the ground.

The world view is simply black and woman, as it is a conflict that is believed to receive or in which the opponent should be down. NATO wants the "sovereignty and freedom of choice of russian neighbors" defend, russia, on the other hand "obviously, attempts to regain the hegemony and to limit their sovereignty under the guise of a defense of the russian world". So it is amed by the american NATO vicechef that russia is seeking to dominate the eastern european NATO-lander. So far this is only the fear that deals in some countries, but there are no signs.

Vershbow picked up on the cold war and recalled that NATO as "bulwark" was created against the soviet union to explain that now new defense measures were taken to deter russia from an aggression against NATO members, which were once part of the soviet union. NATO allegedly wants to respond to any, even indirect threat, which is why the reaction time must be tured, for example by laying fighting troops to eastern europe. But you will not hurt the agreements with russia from 1997 at NATO enlargement therefore. At that time, it was promised not to deploy nuclear weapons or greater troops in the new member countries, while moscow has agreed to preserve the integrity of the land. That did not comply with russia at ukraine, which is not a NATO memberland, one had to say. Nevertheless, vershbow said that russia has therefore violated the commitments, which is why one is actually just entitled to station in poland or other eastern member countries permanently. Daruber was talking in NATO in summer.

On wednesday, vershbow had already explained at a press conference with the georgian minister of defense that a stationation of NATO troops in georgia, as required by this, is controversial. But NATO must support the support for defense reforms and military modernization from the russian neighbors moldova, georgia, armenia and azerbaijan. You also have to think about it to expand the common militarubs.

Vershbow also made it clear that the US wants to take advantage of ukraine crisis to bring the NATO member trainers to increase their defenses. This was relieved by the pentagon and at the same time demand the US rusts industry. The crisis, so versehbow yesterday should as "wake-up call" works. The increase in defense expenditure will be a main point of negotiations if the head of state meet the next time.

At the beginning of april, the falke said in a speech that all states had to have the right to meet their own choice without threat, even if in recent years, especially the US has broken the volkerrecht and violated the sovereignty of states:

Russia’s actions – altering legally recognized borders by force and actively subverting the government of a friendly neighbouring state – pose A real threat to open, rules-based international system, A system based on resepect for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of all states and their right to make their own choices without fear of intimidation OR interference.