Merkel advertises for corona warning app – more than ten million downloads

Merkel advertises for corona warning app - more than ten million downloads

Chancellor angela merkel (CDU) has called all the burger for voluntary benefit of the new corona app, which has now been downloaded more than ten million times. The application is "an important helper when it comes to recognizing and interrupting infection chains", said merkel in her weekly video message (saturday). "The more participation, the gross is this benefit." as the robert koch institute (RKI) announced on saturday afternoon on twitter, the app launched last tuesday has now been downloaded 10.6 million times on smartphones.

"No disadvantage, if you decide someone against it"

Merkel was trust in the privacy of the app. You secure the privacy by consistently shaking generated data. Geodata were not charged, data not stored centrally. The app is also absolutely voluntary. "There is no reward for use and no disadvantage, if someone decides against it."

The warning app developed on behalf of the federal government can be downloaded since tuesday – under certain conditions to the mobile operating systems. You can measure if mobile phone users have come to a long time more than about two meters. If a user has been positive and has shared this in the app, she reports to other users that they have stopped nearing an infected. Then you can test on cash costs.

Help for health markets

Merkel also said in her video message: "the app can now become our companion and proclaimer." without this technical assistance, health markets are still dependent on the memory and the readiness for information infected people.

The chancellor warned at the same time: "the most important thing remains to avoid new infections from the outset." there are still on behavior. Holding, himding washing and wearing everyday masks were uneasy.