Memorial: west ukraine worries poland

Memorial: West Ukraine worries Poland

Graduation guta penjazkaja in january 2017. Screenshot

Ukrainian nationalists moreover memorials to massaker at poland in 1944

From west ukraine dived on monday a frightening video. It shows that a memorandum from 1944 in the former village of guta penjatzkaja was destroyed by a blasting. Stones with the names of the dead goods are treached. On the stones you saw the forced flags of ukraine, the "ukrainian uprising army" (UPA) and SS runes.

With the memorial built in 2005, a coarse stone cross and two stone slabs with names of the dead, the 600 to 900 inhabitants of the village guta penjatzkaja was thought of the 28th. February 1944 were killed in a massacre. Part of the people was burned alive in their homes. Under the dead were especially poland, but also jews. The massacre refused volunteers of the 4. Police regiments of the SS division galicia under the direction of SS-sturmbannfuhrer siegfried banz and members of the ukrainian uprising army (UPA).

On the video, which appeared on the internet on monday, it can be seen that the memorial stop is in sessions and apparently blown up.

"Attacks threaten relationships"

The polish foreign office published an explanation on tuesday. It is said that the attack is clarified and the culprits are detected. Such attacks had to be punished, "because they threaten the polish-ukrainian relations".

The ambassador of ukraine in poland, andrii deshchytsia, condemned the attack as "barbarian act of vandalism" and promised, the culprits were found. Have this vandalism "nothing to do with ukraine". Ukrainians and poland are "wise people", who knew, "who is behind such provocations". The head of department domestic policy of regional administration lviv (lviv), olga beresjkuk, explained via facebook, the attack is one "provocation": against the background of russian aggression "try someone to boiling the people".

All these allusions are aimed at russia. Already at the fire in the union house of odessa on 2. May 2014 and at the murder attack on the ukrainian journalists pawel scheremet in july last year, ukrainian lace officials and politicians had claimed russia "stick behind it". Evidence for this statement has not been mentioned today. The investigation in both cases are not progressing. There is no judicial charges.

On tuesday evening, the ukrainian aufemister pawel klimkin condemned the attack. It will not succeed in dealing with ukraine and poland with such provocations, wrote the foreign minister. The criminals had to be punished.