Lamborghini plans first full electric car for this decade

Lamborghini plans first full electric car for this decade

From the internal combustion engine to the hybrid drive to COR tauri, the motto of the italian sports car manufacturer lamborghini is. Cor tauri stands for a star in the constellation bull – in the opinion of the italians the brightest in the constellation – symbolistic for a sustainable and electric future.

On the way direzione cor tauri, lamborghini continues to devote itself to the internal combustion engine, 2023 the first production model with hybrid drive should come on the market. By the end of 2024, the entire product range should be electrified. At the beginning of 2025, lamborghini at the same time set the goal of reducing the CO2 outstall by 50 percent.

Roughest investment in the lamborghini history

In the hybrid drive, the company wants to invest more than 1.5 billion euros in four years, according to own information on the big investment in the history of lamborghini. The highlight of development should be a model with pure electric drive, "the brilliant services guaranteed and will be at the top in its market segment", like lamborghini it expresses it. "The focus is on the urgent ecological decisions that the world requires us."

Lamborghini models over the years

Lamborghini plans first full electric car for this decade

the 350 GT was built in the years 1964 to 1966.

Base of the art "product pyramid" should the SUV urus be (driving report), lamborghini president stephan winkelmann’s president. The huracan and the aventador also obedience "the last of their kind" could become. The tip of the pyramid forms the sian published in 2019, one "rolling laboratory" in terms of everything else. Like the art electric car – which should be suspected in the direction of aldebaran – looks, is not fixed yet.