Joseph biden: the woman, old man as a spearhead of democrats against trump

Joseph Biden: The woman, old man as a spearhead of Democrats against Trump

Joseph biden in january 2019. Image: AFGE / CC BY-SA-2.0

Biden is considered "middle-class joe". He is not so rich as trump, but the ex-vice-prassident under obama an alternative?

In the US, a lot is happening. Especially with the democrats. During the republicans of the old fewer millionar donald trump for the next prassidal election still seems to be sitting firmly in the saddle, it bubbles in the democratic party. It’s finally time, after the flap of hillary clinton, that a woman is prasidentine. It is best one left and no christian woman, but about a latina, a black or a muslim. Or how goods with a gay prassident?

The field of democratic prasidential candidates is still wide. Most recently joe biden, born 1942, reported under barack obama viceprasident,. He is truly not a freshman in the political landscape, belonging to the political class or elite and is a typical representative of the woman old manner, which was already accused of behaving against women like a macho. Donald trump calls him as "sleepy joe".

Biden is considered exceptional politicians, as "middle-class joe", which should be close to the working and underlayer. He himself had at the beginning of his career as "the armest deputy in the congress" designates and now occurs for the third time as a prasidency candidate. In the first 24 hours after qualifying of its candidacy, he is already 6.3 million US dollars of almost 100.Received 000 donors. This is not so unusual, his competitor bernie sanders had barely fewered less than 5.9 million.

Obamas viceprasident, the 230.700 US dollars for his office, and now probably a similarly high pension, shot in surveys right at the top of the democratic applicant, also undergraded bernie sanders, the other old man, and above all the younger, also social democratically occurring candidates. However, there are rurders that the surveys are not representative (the steered democracy). I liked the americans after donald trump no more desire for experiments, but rather want an agent politician from the establishment, from which the right-wing populist trump sought to succeed successfully with regard to the choice. So about CNN commentator ana navarro for him promotes him, because to trump "normal" creating:

Joe biden is not A shiny new toy. He is not flashy. Hey is not going to set hearts racing. He is comfortable, knowledgeable, experienced, reliable and dependable. WE know what we’re getting with him. He inspires A feeling of trust and confidence.

Ana navarro

The typical rich congressman is not biders, while the democrat nancy pelosi, spokeswoman of the reprused antenhaus, 2015 a scatzed net mobils of US $ 100 million their own named their own. Biden booth 2015 with 900.000 US dollars in rank 27.

Since then it has been rumored that "middle-class joe" candy at the choice of prassidal, his wealth differences attracted curious looks. Probably also on the background, because the 72-year-old donald trump, together with his vice mike pence, continued to be steadfastly refused to submit their tax declarations, as is the ubrow. Bernie sanders has broken down his tax declaration. Lastly, biden published his tax declaration last in 2015. Together with his wife, who works as a university story, he achieved a gross income of almost 400.000 US dollars. At office as vice presenter, he and his wife had debt to the high of 465.000 US dollars. In 2014, they should have had one million debts.

Biden has founded american possilities, a political action committee (PAC), a few foundations such as beau biden foundation for the protection of children, biden cancer initiative, biden foundation, biden institute and penn biden center for diplomacy and global engagement. The network also served as the new york times notes to get his close employees and consultants jobs.

According to politico, bonden has been increasingly increasingly increasing since the end of his vice-protident. The new york times also agrees. In 2017, he bought a holiday home in rehoboth beach for $ 2.7 million, another house in his possessions should be 1.9 million worth. For a book contract he could not have achieved the fees of obamas, but a few hundred thousand dollars. And if he stops a lecture, he remains under obama, but at least demands 100.000 dollars, sometimes 200.000, there is something in the cash register. He remains far from the clintons, which have earned 150 million between 2001 and 2015, which was a boomerang for hillary clinton in the prasidential election campaign 2016.

Bidden spokesman bill russo wants to continue the candidate "middle-class joe" represent. He has not held shares or persecutive interests since the beginning of his term of office: "when he left the wife house, he wrote a purchaser and went to a lecture trip to pay the debts that have accumulated as a politician during his time, and to ensure that for his grandchildren. He has devoted his whole career to the attempt to make life easier for the hard-working people in this country. The american people know that."

That’s thick socially romantic and selflessly applied. Apparently, this is necessary because the criticism of income and wealth inequality has increased. His records of his long-term job as a senator, which he observed his university, remain under his statement until after the choice under closure. Originally they had to be made accessible this year.

Ukrainian corruption

At the latest, when biders probably helped that his son hunter, an investment handler, in ukraine got a lucrative job, he has come to miscredit, but it does not seem to harm him. Biden had supported the maidan protests and then after the fall of yanukovich’s new government in ukraine. He also liked to travel to the ukraine for this purpose.

Shortly after the fall, it became known that hunter biden hunter came to the supervisory board in the large ukrainian gas producer burisma holding (son of US deputy presenter benefit from ukraine policy). For burisma, this was a skilful chess train, with the son also to bring the US vice-preacher behind. It was also interesting that the group was a yanukovich (2010-2012) of yanukovich, who had already had to do with raids during his term of office and could secure the most thereafter.

A procedure taken by the general state platform against mykola zlochevsky because of money washing had probably also been set with the american jerk cover. Biden is supposed to be on the background of a US loan of a billion US dollars along or. Have enforced the jerkt├Ęt of the general state lawyer viktor shokin. Shortly before, the prosecutor had given a procedure against zlochevsky to the national anti-corruption heritages (NABU), which this was set up (should follow according to russiagate now ukrainegate?To).

With artem sytnyk, the director of nabu, bidents were connected. He should helped whether with or without bidens mission to harm donald trump in the election campaign by publishing information about his election campaign manager john manafort (ukraine intervened in US election campaign). In kiev furrow to trump, because he made russia and putin-friendly exercises. Due to the publication, trump manafort had to dismiss that because of his businesses in ukraine, U.A. For yanukovych, finally convicted because he had lusted millions by the fiscal.

"If the prosecutor is not fired, you do not get the money"

Biden released his policy style in the last year himself when he explained when the council on foreign relations has been organized or thoroughly thoroughly thoroughly asserted those along the attorney general: "I said, you’re not getting the trillion. I’m going to be leaving here in, i think it what about six hours. I looked at them and said: I’m leaving in six hours. If the prosecutor is not fired, you’re not getting the money. Well, son of a bitch. He got fired. And she put in place someone who what solid at the time." thus, it is also possible to operate from personal interests out of politics with cannons, but with money, above all, there will be corruption that is actually excited, also practiced on a highest level of democratic vice-preacher. Trump is not far from the middle class joe (the US subtle subtle policy).

Hunter biden has recently returned from the supervisory board of burisma. And with reference to trump’s lawyer rudy giulina, who from him and his work "transparent political reasons" attack. That his father entered the prassidal election campaign was allowed to stand in the background.

The politician of the obama and biden government also had victoria nuland, deputy secretary of state in the auf ministry, in a belonged conversation with the american ambassador in ukraine, in front of the fall of yanukovich on 4. February 2014 made clear (the dimension of the LUGE). The american government went to a regime change, was discussed, who was then in the american interest in power. Nuland sat for "yats" incidentally, especially from economic reasons, jezenuk was also entitled to the meaning of washington prime minister. In order to enforce american solutions against concerns in the EU, the known sentence of nuland fell: "fuck the EU." even with the power games of washington bidents were involved.

Below barack obama was not really involved here, while divian minister kerry and biden moved the knitswoman. Kerry, one will remember, was then the one who quickly escalated the conflict with russia after the MH17 will quickly escalate by explaining images as evidence that moscow is responsible for the shooting. But they were never delivered and remained fake news. So much has not changed in transition to donald trump. Biden already played the trump at the munchen 2009 security conference. Washington will "strike a new tone", he said: "the good news is: america will do more. The bad news is: america will also demand more from our partners. The threats we are standing, take no jerking at limits."