Ios soon tracks head horizontal in real time

Ios soon tracks head horizontal in real time

Apple announced, in his iphones art, more for the horic protection: with the next smartphone operating system of the group, you can actually have to be checked for this reasonably whether the head or earhorist vulnerable is appropriate. The feature works in real time and even has a display function with a current level that can be deposited in the control center.

Measure music live

The in english "HEADPHONE LEVEL" mentioned function extends existing possibilities in the health app apple health. There has already been recorded since IOS 13, how high the loud headhortry in the past few weeks was on average. The system even offers a weekly, day and monthly comparison. However, what has been missing so far was a real-time monitoring – so you could not determine if the audio represents just at that moment on a safe level.

Already implemented for several years are also basic obvious protection functions, with which you can prevent on request that the ear or head horizers are primarily too loud. Hierfer, there is a regulator in the field of music in the system settings; in addition, you can activate the limit recommended by the european union, so that you can not first embark in unsafe terrain if you spoke the loudly.

Watchos warns of ambient

The apple watch has also been equipped since watchos 6 with a larm protection feature: the clock watches the ambient highlights and automatically reports when a safe level has been exceeded. Again, this is recorded in apple health.

However, that is quite sensitive – she likes to start, if you only fuck the hair. Apple emphasizes that no audio data is stored and / or passed on, the detection achievements on the device.