Hoax or truth?

Discussion about the auction website for human eggs

The story about the auction site opened by the american nude photographer for eggs "schooner, young" women went around the world after first appearing in new york times. We had already noted (eggs of models) that this could be a good attention rifle for the business of ron harris, because much of this site was, from the monthly debug, obscure. After many media jumped onto the story, it is now discussed whether it has been a hoax that the new york times and then many other media, talking about the belief of the source, has jumped up.

Even if so far not really confirm that the website is actually intended for the implementation of auctions or only as an advertisement, so this question may be wrong anyway. Ron harris, operator of aerobicise ("the sexiest show on television"and some pornovites like eroticboxoffice.COM or SWEET18.Com, finally has the choice, with appropriate demand both the one variant and the other to realize. For security, the auctions run a few months. Anyway, he seems to explore the donors of his porn actors who may have liked to make a little money to make a little money. At the weekend there was on the website of ronsangels.Com still an alleged czech donor with a rose, which is also called yana on eroticboxoffice.COM could find. Meanwhile, it is both ronsangels.COM and disappeared from the porno site – and the latter is in turn since yesterday only for paying members ("EROTICBOXOFFIC IS NO LONGER TAKEING new memberships, just servicing our current members."), during sweet18.Com obviously removed from the network the original eight ice donors have since shrunk to three, probably for the reason that the five young women were too easy to identify as porn actors.

Clay shirky, a media professor, complains, for example, in a feed article the new york times, to fall in to a hoax. He registered and made some offers for eggs, but no answer. Other offers can not be found on the website, even though USA today reported on monday that a TV producer was allegedly already made an offer of $ 42,000: "the real danger here is that when the short press believes, a story is credible, provided that they see them in the times, the need for times plays a much coarse role to distinguish the real folded."

Carey goldberg, the author of the times story, has pushed another article on thursday, in which she responds to the criticism. Supposedly she contacted a spokesman of harris, who said that the funf women had joined themselves because of the media rumb, but that the auction site was quite serious. Apparently, now goldberg is now securing, everything was only a giveaway, but you will only know this in a few months when the first auctions are closed. On shirky’s criticism that at least the times at this story had at least by no means accuracy before speed, as the newspaper claimed, did not work. Goldberg says that the times is vulnerable to manipulations of this type as long as they started reporters, "which consider the network as a foreign country in which the normal rules of skepticism do not apply and in which the prere that the story is unifiking, over the follow-up."

But this opposite of journalism in the network and in the more realistic print media does not convince right, even if they reminded of the GAG GAG also around the world of our first sex, zusal shirkey himself from the story for prospective journalists only the self-reliable conclusion pulls that does not draw that all newspaper reports are true and that you should check the sources. But even if the auction website of harris should only be a giveaway for his porn products, so will this idea to auction human body parts, certainly somewhere and sometime inheritance, which it really seriously mean.