Google cartel procedure: us government wants extensive data to search queries

Google cartel procedure: US government wants extensive data to search queries

The pleading in the antitrust proceedings against google – the US government and 14 US states – desire extensive insight into the work of the search engine operator. From an input to the federal france court in washington D.C. It shows that the liability for all sorts of data on all searches from the USA in the times 3. Till 9. February 2020 and 2. Till 8. Interestings in february 2015. In addition, the time and location of the search as well as the search terms, but also other data such as web-broiler and operating system was searched for, as well as to the advertisement ied to the search results.

Overall, in entering the US government, about 80 different data from google is required to request any search query. This also includes the number of clicks on respective advertisements as well as the revenue revenue and the high of the bid, which has provided for the advertising for the advertisers in the auction for the advertising place and whether his ad was clicked.

The US government in october 2020 in washington D.C. Your action filed. If you violate your supremacy on the field of online search and the associated advertisements, understood the competition and thereby have damaged consumers. Google sees the complaint as faulty and not helpful for consumers and finds the now requested amount of information overhamed, but want to talk to how US media reports.

Jedi blue

In this case, google also refers to a further input of the US government, in which she requests documents for any form of communication of the search engine provider with third parties on antitrust examinations, for example a potential killion with facebook under the keyword "jedi blue". This should be the code name of the agreements that the US state of texas and other google and the operator of the social network accuse in their own lawsuit and who have not previously had in the lawsuit of the US government.

Further requested documents relate to the communication within google’s state investigation, the development of its search engine development, also compared to microsoft’s bing or duckduckgo and a total of the market share of google search. The US government is also interested in google-internal documents for a possible entry of apple or another company in the search market or whether and how often users of mobile-prescribed search engines other.

Google has rejected it so far to deliver some of the documents toese. This also includes which information should give the financing of think tanks by google or special scientific projects. The pleading in the cartel process also want to know whether google employees in connection with the search engine is imposed to use or avoid certain terms. The US government intervenes google 30 days to deliver the required documents.