“Feng qingyang” brings konig donald into the zwickmuhle

"The dream is back." image: weibe’s house

Real game of thrones

In the exceptionalistic kingdom, it is still round. After a well-known sanger, the "madonna" was called, called to hunt the closed white house including donald into the air, asked some of his consultants to arrest them immediately, but did not happen.

Even if this was actually a punishable call to violence, you love the attractive chanteuse the matter as a plasticity. Especially since you already promise your promise in the election campaign, all hillary elections to know a service that you "blow job" called, remained unconnected.

The country is still deeply divided into trend and opponents of the new konig, which carried out the day after the crown on the bursting of the city’s wild wording; some see in the anti-donald demonstrations with pink mosa mosets, the "pussyhats" be called, even a violent "COLOR REVOLUTION" to the konigreich. Halfway relaxed between donald’s friends and enemies, it was only in the snakes in front of the loading of the hanflings that had donated to the inauguration 9000 joints.

Plutocracy and kleptocracy are now very open and unabashed

Konig donald has meanwhile adopted an entry ban for travelers from seven countries, allegedly because of the dangers of terrorism they outgoing, although since two decades no terrorist attack in the consolation was avoided by a tatter from one of these lands. While donald, on the one hand, are constantly rounding up, destroying the salafistic winding and their caliphate isis, the resources and financial source of these terrorists – the cheese of saudis – not on the list, just as well as their supports in qatar and egypt. That these remained spared by the sanctions is backed up that donald’s family group operates there.

The mixing of state and business interests is forbidden in the exceptionalistical table for each forma, the facto has always been held. Hillary had also had to be banned by the saudis yes millions of thalers and in return over their terrorist ideology is coarsent. Among donald, this seems to run similarly, which in the face of his past as "manager" nobody surprised. That hillary stuff her millions over a supposedly beneficiary foundation and donald his "dealer" now handled directly, rather for new transparency: behind the already transparent facade, that the exceptionalistical table has been a democracy, plutocracy and kleptocracy are now completely open and unabashed.

Meanwhile, the heralds and speakers make themselves with criticism of donald’s entry bans, because they "value", the "freedom" and the "principles of the exceptionalistic konigreich" deeply contradict. Also konigin angela and other foreign becoming carriers exported emport. But that konig obama had spent a spell against travelers from iraq in 2013 and the congress two years later stood that travelers from syria, sudan, iraq, iran "and any other country or area of concern" the access to the empire can be temporarily prohibited – this important message fell almost under the table in all excitement about the decree. Thus, donald was once more like there as a sole and worse ubella, although he only continued what his transactions had left him – and complained of fake news on another case.