Epsc 2020: how can the economic area earth liven up?

EPSC 2020: How can the Economic Area Earth Moon liven up?

The international geophysical year carried out in 1957/58 is considered a breakthrough for the international scientific cooperation heavily enrolled by the cold war. In his framework, the first artificial satellites were brought into the erdorbit and found the first evidence for the people-made worldwarm. It was a time of optimism, the steely dan keyboarder donald fame 25 years later in his song "I.G.Y."With the refrain order: "what a beautiful world this will be / what a glorious time to be free ". An international lunar decade was able to revive this spirit of cooperation now for the consalation of the moon?

Earth moon economy undercluding all landers

"Rules-based order" – a clear rules-trimmed order – such as a mantra, vidvuds beldavs (university of latvia) repeatedly repeats this term in its presentation for the opposite current conference of planetary researchers EPSC 2020. Without such order, there is no progress in the development of a space concentrate. He not only share this vision with the initiative for an international lunar decade, whose beginnings until 2006, but also with its co-authors jim crisafulli (national space society), who has launched the space renaissance, dennis O’brien of space treaty project and bernard foishing, head of international lunar exploration working group (ILEWG).

Building an earth-moon economy by using the resources existing resources must allil all countries, not only those who each have space technologies. Then a project has the potential to be able to counteract global threats such as pandemics, climate change or bonding of asteroids more effectively than before, and konne reduce the risks of military confrontations. As an example of the effectiveness of international rules, beldavs called the basic united nations and other international organizations after the second world war. However, this order is at present by strengthening populist and nationalist aspirations.

Space concomity – clear and binding rules necessary

Industrially operated mining, production facilities and transport capacity on the moon could be operated in the long run favorable than on earth. Due to the less sensitive environment, lower gravity and vacuum, starting from the moon are less expensive. This allowed them to open up market in the earth-close orbit where the moon made of satellites, room stations or solar power plants were placed. Especially valuable materials obtained from moon dust or asteroids such as rare earths could also be brought to the earth. And of course, the moon itself is a market, as well as from there missions to mars.

The feasibility of such a space concomity and the political skills required for that should be proven by 2030. By 2040, then first pilot projects could follow (such as water demand on the moon or the production of basalt fibers), from 2040 the economic area earth moon could then blow up and after 2050 the earthly economy overflow. Finally, hours in space far more resources and energy available than on earth. Prerequisite for this but clear, binding rules. Without a "rules-based order" be the necessary long-term planning and investment not possible.

Profitable managers with space resources

The basis for dafur beldavs recommends the OU’s space production, especially the moon agreement entered in 1984. This agreement is previously supported by 18 states, but in particular of US space companies and politicians increasingly called into question. So US prasident donald trump on 6. April 2020 exemplified to ignore moon agreement. Unfortunately, the NASA followed by the artemis accords of its current moonland program of this arrangement: although the moon agreement is not explicitly mentioned in it, but it is not intended to provide no involvement of the united nations, developing countries have been completely hidden and sought-after bilateral cooperation.

An abandonment of international agreements for the use of space, warnt beldavs, became the door to nationalism and military conflicts in all open and the path to sustainable development. Contrary to the rhetoric of trump and other US politicians, no nation has the power to impose their orders of the world and space. A regulation of space activities konne are not exercised outside the UN and is not feasible without inclusion of USA and china "as equal partners". The moon agreement will only be able to exclude the military use of space, but not the commercial. Profitable business with space resources are quite possible. The contract also has been set up from the outset so that it can be adapted to the unpredictable future technological and political developments. One third of the signatories are sufficient to convene a conference, the necessary changes. That’s a process that will probably be even more than decades.

Infrastructure on the moon and space stations in orbits

The need for international cooperation for the development of a space concentrate also emphasized guo linli (china association for science and technology), but focused on technological aspects in their lecture. In particular, the costs for the transport of humans and freight had to be reduced by reusable spacecraft, building an orbital infrastructure and the use of local resources.

An infrastructure with space stations in earth and moon transit railways is still desirable for further reasons. Astronauts would like to spare the two-week moon naught on the surface. Instead, they could control the work required there from the moonbit. The search for resources konne with the help of satellites also made from the orbit. Of course, but also on the moon surface an infrastructure will be built to process these resources. Linli emphasizes the handling of waste and their potential recycling.

EPSC 2020: How can the Economic Area Earth Moon liven up?

"Lunar base yulin" – proportions similar to the moon and mars

Conclusion technologies for the economic revival of the earth moon region should be in the afternoon in the "lunar base yulin" be tested. The 700 hectare of rough plant is to be built in the north of the province of shaanxi, near the chinese wall,. There prevailing, so linli, which come close to those on the moon or mars, about rough temperature differences between day and night. The simulated moon base should not only serve astronaut training, but apparently also be publicly accessible.

EPSC 2020: How can the Economic Area Earth Moon liven up?

To demand the locational (earthly) economy, a "lunar hotel" should be built, LINLI, designed like on the moon in hollow and with modular cabins. In 2061, so your forecast, china will then operate such stations on the moon itself.