England: google and apple block update of the corona app with check-in function

England: Google and Apple block update of the Corona app with check-in function

Apple and google forbidden an update of the app NHS covid-19 for england and wales because it should violate the data protection rules associated with the exposure notification framework. This reports among other things the BBC.

Accordingly, the update should actually add a check-in function, with which users and users can not only document their presence in one place or on an event on their smartphone, but can also pass this list in case of infection. Exactly this possibility to pass on the list of checked-in places but aborted against the specification that location data was not shared with the respective health workercies, apple or google.

Projected transfer of location data

The prevented update should be the contact tracking app of the british health service NHS used in england and wales actually to yield that function, as it is currently demanded in many places. Users are designed to scan a QR code created for DAFUR, which is provided in places where many people meet. Only locally on the smartphone creates a list of visited places and events. Find the contact tracker that someone with covid-19 was such a place or on such an event, download the associated code into its own database. The app regularly compensates for your list with this and informs about the possible contact, if necessary.

In order to accelerate this mandatory process, a positive test on COVID-19 but also directly the local event list can be uploaded. But therefore, however, violates the requirements of the US corporations, because after all, it is based in principle to location data. For the app responsible for the app, the report was not prepared for the blockade. Actually, the update should be turned out to relax the strongest restrictions online. Scotland, on the other hand, has outsourced the check-in function into another app. Because the exposure notification framework does not use, nothing has been objected to.

Check-in function also for corona warning app

The NHS covid-19 app was downloaded over a total of 20 million times and the now blocked function is awarded by those who should move into the german corona warning app (CWA) this week. Again, infected users and users should upload their thus collected event list to thread other attendantly quickly to quickly.

A spokeswoman for the federal ministry of health insured against our site that the app was not blocked. They are based on the decentralized approach as prescribed by apple and google: "the corona warn app stores neither location-related data via GPS, nor does it discontinue personal data on a central server." total hours all functions "in a full-time constraint with the guidelines of the exposure notification frameworks". Whether google and apple see that differently will show when the contested update is recorded.