Corona makes the train more point

Corona makes the train more point

Image: christoph jehle, before jerking in the main train station berlin.

Traveling under corona conditions has changed visibly. It was decelerated, the number of travelers has significantly reduced and the timetable is valid again

On the 1. July started the trip with the bus sadly from freiburg. After several weeks in which you could not submit a ticket and enter the bus uncontrolled by the jerk-friendly tour, you are almost for normal operation in the sudbaden bus payable to the german course. However, on the driver, however, all in the bus carry the required oral / nasal protection, which mostly laminated the faces mostly mude faces at the fruben morgen.

Upon arrival at the zob of freiburg, many travelers of the face part mask, as soon as they left the bus, and so you can see in the main train station again many uncovered faces. An impression that is again stirred with the climbing of the ICE north again. On the train, at least at the start in freiburg, all the passenger, which meet me, a mask, and so the announcement that sounds right after the departure following the casting of the passenger to the obligation to carry a mouth / nasal protection, quite untrusted and emotionless.

Many travelers obviously have the request to reserve a seat, taken seriously, and the reservation system probably has only awarded windows on individual travelers, which obviously opposes the desire of the passenger. There can also be the announcement that the reservation displays in the new ICE4 were hard to ensure uncertainty. At least in the car, in which I had booked, the reservation fonts also light up as usual.

Otherwise, the train makes a pretty sacrificial impression and the real occupancy corresponds to the online note from low utilization. From ready to handle for early days, no trace, the gang is free and the toilets lightly cleaned. As far as the toilets are concerned, you can only praise the ICE4 against the process model ICE3, the local wcs were as tight as in a chinese airliner and you had to decide at the first step on how to use the toilet, because turning in the schummerig lit toilet was in the swinging in mind not so readily possible and the lack of accuracy of the previous manual users also on the ground easily determine. In the ICE4, however, it has significantly improved both the space and lighting and installed the disinfectant dispenser immediately in the console over the sink.

After reaching the lower sachsian national borders, the calls for mouth / nasal protection in the sound were clearly more direct and the instructions for properly wearing. Obviously, one had noticed passenger, which took the mask obligation very easy. If the mask is meaningfully not to restrict the ceasing of the chin, and if you wear it, not only in your hand.

Something irritating was then the note that you are looking forward to using the gastronomic service on board, but there is also the mask obligation. To the most recent amendments in the dining car paid the change to the disposable dishes and cheapest plastic cutlery, a development that I had to determine in the youngest past, when the winding machines were in coarse extent.

Customs at the corona warning app

Public transport numbers now pay for me to the rare occasions, in which I am a long distance than 10 minutes with a short distance in a room with others. And so I was not astonished badly when the app (android) did not show the usual green screen, but the message that she could not contact the server for 24 hours and thus give me a updated note to my risk.

Unfortunately, I could not give me an explanation by e-mail, nor was the telephone hotline to receive information. From privacy funds, my coordinates were not allowed to record on the hotline and inform me about e-mail still by racy. So I’m just the hope that the app is normalized by itself. In the meantime, the green screen shows again. Unfortunately, it has been found that the first version of the corona warning app can pay only 14 days. In the new version this error should be resolved. However, it can happen that the daily payment starts again. However, the list of contacts should not be affected.

Berlin acts like paris in the summer holidays

The federal capital has lost much of the hustle and bustle of the past few years and is clearly decelerated, almost as the french capital during the summer holidays, when the french arrived in the south – with the difference, however, that in berlin to see as well as no tourists are and the pair of unauthorized sightseeing buses are pretty empty their laps.

Also in the public transport there is a lot of space. The berliners seem to have discovered the bicycle and so they feel reminded of the china of the last century when the traffic lights jump on grun and stumbles a whole pack of cyclists in the crossroads.

The fact that berlin is currently getting the berliner again without tourists, you can also see in the hotels that are far from being utilized. The breakfast chambers are quite empty and the seating a lot. The self-service at the buffet is past, you have to register his wishes and gets the desired then on a tray. Only the drink can be picked up at the machine.

On the outward journey, the ICE reached the linchhof berlin with an incredible little delay of a minute. Even the jerk trip from berlin ran until open castle pretty much right after timetable. A few kilometers from freiburg then slowed down "people on the road" the train so far that he arrived in freiburg with a delay of eleven minutes. Unfortunately, I could not document the very exemplary ride with pictures, since the deutsche bahn did not allow the photographing in the train for the two days of the trip.