“Arrange to return to romania and bulgaria again”

France’s minister of interior valls relies on the deportation of the roma

The french minister of interior valls knows the truth. You have to tell the french, he proclaimed a week ago. Among the roma there is only a minority intended to integrate in france is valls truth. "They have a way of life that leads to conflicts." and the heater that you "occupy" be to return to romania and bulgaria again.

The begging in the near the camps take to and the crimetat, fed to the minister of the interior. One knows such statements for a long time. What the numbers of evidence for the more complex "truth" missing – a causal relationship is difficult to prove here is to read in the nouvel observateur – is competitive due to preset incorporation. Even the transaction government under sarkozy drove this course.

Now manuel valls, minister of the interior of the social democratic government, is also based on xenophobic moods. According to the youngest surveys, 77 percent of the french see in the space of the camps and the deportation of the roma "the only solution".

The exercises valls led to critical and unrusted remarks and distancing of ministerial colleagues, party colleagues, left, well-known politicians, representatives of ngos and the EU, as well as yesterday by the protestant church of france. The left politician melenchon sees no difference in the exercises to statements of extreme rights. Minister prosident jean-marc ayrault was forced to brook to rest.

In fact, the government comes into the terminal by vall’s exercises. Prassident hollande had criticized the opponent for the election campaign that sarkozy had not survived alternatives when it came to the roma. That he only put on space and sending away. That’s exactly how the policy of the minister of the interior of the hollande government looks.

A current report by amnesty international underpinned this: between july and august alone in 39 room actions 3.746 roma deported, it is called in a document quoted by mediapart.

Not compatible with applicable law

Elsewhere is at 10.000 from improvised camps roma revised the speech. 2012 under the government sarkozy was a total of 12.000. Amnesty draws attention to the fact that the deportation of the roma is not to be agreed with applicable law. And the EU also poses the rights of the roma.

The figures for the roma in france are unauthorized. So it is called on the one hand that 400.000 happow of the roma in frankrich life. Although the time most roma in france are french state burgers and are working on: "only a minority of around 20.By contrast, 000 roma live in excess of precarene ratios – on them often disclaims the public perception."

According to a yorned published examination of the ministry of affairs, 16 life.949 roma, including 4.300 children, in 394 "bidonvilles" camps mentioned, mostly under hard conditions. The coarse part of this roma has been living in france for more than five years, it is called in a report on the ministry’s study.

As out of the documentary moulin-galant on the rough roma camp in essonne (trailer) shows, the local politicians are called for the problems there. Because the cash registers are scarce, but also because it goes against political guidelines, the conditions, for example the sanitars, significantly improve there. That could encourage the inhabitants to remain longest.