Amazon services: apple easier for amazon “acceptable terms of contract”

Amazon services: Apple easier for Amazon'akzeptable vertragsbedingungen''akzeptable vertragsbedingungen'

Amazon pays for its streaming service prime video less commission to apple than other providers. If users extract a subscription over the app store, only 15 percent were fally – not 30 percent like ubrow.

As it came to this deal, has now been known through internal e-mails, which were released in the context of tim cooks appearance before the US congress last week. The negotiations were therefore on a highest level until they drove success in 2017.

Negotiations on a highest level

Apple’s internet boss eddy cue negotiated directly with amazon CEO jeff bezos. In an e-mail, he calls the possibilities amazon for prime video: app for ios and TVOS, 15 percent commission at subscription in the app (no commission for external signups), integration in siri and spotlight, siri calls from prime video films and help with tax implementation. Also the "upsell" of program packages – such as showtime – at prime video should cost the e-commerce giant only 15 percent commission.

Amazon should previously intensively for "acceptable terms of contract" have used with apple and they were finally too. Apple not only got a new service to his platform, but also received direct access to amazon’s sales platform for the first time – even for the paragraph of apple TV rates. Previously, the e-commerce offer had only resellers from apple goods.

Kindle bucher not in the deal

When selling kindle buchers looked directly at iphone and ipad and looks different – apple allows amazon still not allowed to sell without its 30 percent commission e-books in the kindle app for sale. The e-commerce giant offers its electronic books for this reason still not in the application, users have to switch to the web.

Details about the reasons for this can be found in another internal e-mail that apple opened to the US congress. She dates from the time shortly before the death of steve jobs in 2011. The apple mitbengrunder wanted to first wanted apple books – at that time ibooks – "the only booker shop on ios-advised" is. "We have to stand up here our head. You can buy bookers elsewhere, but neither buy, rent or subscribe without paying us." jobs were clear that this "many things prevented".