Aleppo: un accused the syrian army, committed grays

Aleppo: Un accused the Syrian army, committed grays

Aleppo, summer 2016. Propaganda picture: al-nusra front

Evidence still stand out. The syrian opposition created with a lot of money informs european top politicians

One day after prasident hollande hijab riad had visited the driver of opposition representation, which was compiled in saudi arabia, he and the german chancellor merkel from the mirror cited with the words: "the situation is DESASTROS. She breaks a heart."

Next it is called in the report: "hollande demanded everything to make the civil avenue from the east aleppos and create humanitarian corridors."

Have not established russia and syria since the beginning of august humantitar korridore so that the civil avenue from the east aleppos can flee in the western part of the city? The escape routes were bombarded by the milities, the civilians who wanted to use them were threatened and threatened with weapons violence, as has now been confirmed by UN representatives.

But in the mirror report on the statement of the two top politicians does not have a word. Also not about the own responsibility of the two politicians in the suffering of civil avenue. Why did governments in france and germany support the regime change in syria for so long?

At the latest in the summer of 2012, it became clear that al-qaeda near groups take the power in east aleppo and to defend them completely different than democratic and human values that the EU are so important. The hard sharia design practiced in east aleppo under the direction of al-nusra violated european basic values.

Information and reviews

The gap, which opens here, is concluded that western politicians and leading media refer to how cruel and brutal the syrian prasident and his composite russia. This should mean: even more brutal than the militias, much more brutal. Exaggerated?

This depiction of the conflict actually culminated in statements as the mirror launched in summer: "the islamists are aleppos last hope." the hope is al-nusra and ahrar al-sham, both with tight al-qaeda compounds? In those who tribulated civil avenue, brave and for years as a ruler over care of vital. (what the publicity in this country first experienced spat, from starvation in aleppo was only the speech than the syrian army practiced this.To)

A coarse problem was and is the information about events in aleppo and its rating. The above-mentioned mirror report is written with: "assad troops should have executed 82 civilians". It’s the same message as always: the cruelty of the regime, which obviously represents everything else in the shade. The new reproach that occupies the mantra is at least a bit surprised by the "should".

As a source, the spokesman for the UN human rightsburg, rupert colville, is given, who speak that thousands of civilians, in one "hollish corner" in the last "rebel" tirted, remain and reports "checked" were, what "syrian government troops and their composites have told at least 82 civilians in the eastern part of the city in the past few days. The reports also be of "eleven women and 13 children, in four neighborhoods" have been talking about. Colville sent, "there are still much more giving".

Even UN general secretar ban ki-moon showed itself "in view of reports on gray dies against numerous civilians alerted", how the FAZ reports. The openness that reads from such brutalities will not be less. According to BBC, the UN human rights speaker rupert colville refers to reports whose sources he not is called. The vague is then competitive with a possible factually appearing. In the press conference colville said:

"In all, as of yesterday evening, we have received reports of pro-government forces killing at least 82 civilians (including 11 women and 13 children) in four different neighthbourhoods – bustan al-qasr, al-ferdous, al-kallaseh, and al royalty."

He was ahead of his exercise, after which he had reports on numerous bodies that lie around on the strain. The residents could not mount them because of the stable bombing. The latter description corresponds to what the driver of saudi opposition delegation for syria, riad hijab, yesterday, prasident hollande reported.

Hijjab is interested in representing his sponsors from the gulf states and probably also from the west possible to well. But the UN must follow?

No independent organization in east aleppo

In eastern aleppo, there is no tangible organization, which can provide reliable information, so the journalist eva bartlett, which retained several times this year, on a UN press conference. The UN always refers to unnamed "activist", sohr or the white helmets. The latter is a close to the militias.

At sohr there are these nearby – and the unnamed activists? The regime of the militias did not tolerate independent, critical journalists or rapporteurs, they had to go into death hazard. As the journalism from east aleppo looks like, or you could look at on-the-ground-news (OGN): it is pure PR work for the overthrowers. One of the team members is a german-turke serving jihad, as the star finds out. Its conclusion: "however, OGN is by no means as harmless as it seems to seem."

How much the association of events in aleppo of the interests and the viewing angle deposit, pars pro toto – comments on a reuters photo, which shows syrian soldiers in front of a group of teams dressed in civilian. For the one page it is a proof photo that confirms forced recruitments of the syrian army. For another one who obviously identifies with the syrian army, they are manners who have capitulated.

That’s just twitter, no serious source, but it shows a problem that the UN has also. She judges pictures and reports that are admitted to her perspective and that has focused on the government’s brutalities. The UN applies to relevant, international top media such as BBC, new york times, le monde or tagesschau as "serious source", no matter where their information comes from.

The consequence of it is that in the case of emergencies, for example in the external population numbers, the impression that the UN is very partisan the picture of the "holle in aleppo" drawn. That awakened mistrust.

Mistrust against political messages

Anyone who wants to make an overall picture of the situation in aleppo, which also identifies the war brutality of the syrian army and the russian militars or brings to the light – without ideological distortions – stands on lost posts. You have to wait for what the checking of the shot 82 civilians brings to light and on which sources this is based. In view of the circumstances, the message PR for the cause of those who demand the deposition of bashar al-assad, that is, a political message.

The report by the inside source to the repleneck aleppos – which is not complete – is in mind that the syrian soil troops and their composite militias with heavy device, Z.B. With T-90 tanks, and with support of the syrian and russian air force.

That this is a gruesome and life-threatening situation for civilians, must not be executed. After liberation, reports of civilians and numbers had to follow the openness of a more accurate, comprehensible picture.

The inside source, which is published by a team in australia, is located on information inadequate sources, including among the militias. However, not with the journal one knows from many media. The medium reports to the contemporary challenge: "we’ve contated sources in aleppo regarding reports of A mass massacre of 200+ people by the saa. IT DID NOT HAPPS."

It is the same information principle as at the UN: nameless contacts in aleppo. Only that the message does not fit into the narrative, to which the western office has been used to four years.

Disputes under militias

Interesting is what "rebel sources close to US" the website reported, namely of coarse disputes within the groups, after the support of foreign sponsors. Thus, ahrar al-sham betrayal is accused and a skiing to the turkish euphrates-shield operation ("leaving for jarabulus ‘for money’"to). For this purpose, the militias now blurred that your rough weapon arsenal goes to the syrian army.

The syrian army will use the weapons for the next backlogs and about 30.000 men who are given to their after the victory in aleppo dafur additionally. Idlib could be the next goal, the province lies in the heartland, its back compartment from the control of al-nusra was further secured aleppo. Some also suggests that the IS problem is in palmyra on the plan.

For the EU is difficult on the plan: a new ratio to bashar al-assad. The regime change program did not work, now she has to arrange with him.