71 Percent of germans reject time change

Federal government: abolition of making "no problem"

In the night from saturday to sunday, the watches in europe will be influenced by an hour. That’s been like this since 1980. At that time, one hoped that the twice decreases energy saves energy. Investigations, however, showed that the opposite is the case.

At the burgern, the time change is extremely unpopular: a current survey after it is rejected from 71 percent of germans. As the reason for the respondents, among other things, call sleep briefs, daily grounds, and concentration trends. Ten percent make the time change even responsible for depression.

Nevertheless, bundesizierdiersproker steffen seibert on wednesday, an abolition of time change was for the chancellor and her cabinet "no problem", because all 28 EU member states had to be in agreement, what "at the moment not in view" stand.

Graphic: daniel fr, plenz. License: public domain.

In addition, so seibert, be for him "not visible, who seriously operate this at european level". This is noteworthy in that a CDU party congress in april voted mostly for an application of the rheinisch-bergisches kreisverband, in which it is called: "we commit ourselves that the time change in europe is abolished and is again a uniform year-round time again."

Shortly before, the bavarian minister of economic minister ILSE aigner also had to be announced, she was an opponent who introduced by a social democratic federal government and in 2001 into an EU directive and raised to force the EU commission on a petition to compete with to procure the question. What half a year later became, is unclear: a promised jerk of this was unfortunately remained until the completion of this message.

The health insurance DAK health, who had commissioned the survey on the time change in the opinion research institute forsa, was surprised that 60 percent of the dissatisfied for a permanent summer season rather than a whereabouts in the normal time preased by physicians. In russia, where the time change introduced at soviet times after a completion of advantages and disadvantages in 2011 ad acta, the permanent summer time, for which one decided first, was decided in winter to numerous complaints. Therefore, you return to normal time in the night of sunday.