Women have short legs

I spend part of the daily writing time on reader counseling, mostly in response to the question: "which motorcycle should I buy?" I usually recommend to men what they want most anyway, they are usually just looking for a bit of encouragement. For the 15 percent or so women among motorcyclists, on the other hand, I don’t recommend what they have chosen for themselves, because they simply don’t have a few important parameters in mind that could spoil their motorcycling experience for good. Most of these parameters result from the fact that it is not worthwhile for any manufacturer to make significant compromises for the target group part, which is estimated to account for less than 5 percent of sales. That’s why there are the standard ies of seat height and weight.

The seat height is on the mind of most girls the first time they get on a stationary motorcycle. The basic human need for safety is on average more pronounced in women than in men, and a firm stance ensures a calm mind at the traffic lights. We men always like to roll our eyes: "oh man! The seat may be a little higher, but the bike rides so much better!" that is too egocentric. For a mathematician it is also incomprehensible why not all people find matrix transformations extremely funny and easy to understand. Standing safely is all about the much quoted "good feeling", without which riders of motorcycles can neither ride well nor safely. That’s why abominable creatures like a yamaha virago ("manwoman") among women of such popularity: the seat is on the height of a comfortable toilet.

The weight however have women already very much more rarely on the screen, because in the driving school senkbleie like a honda CBF 600 are presented to them gladly as alternativlos or the driving instructor due to its double muscle mass good 220 kg for not worth mentioning hold. This 600er scores with the honda virtue of good ergonomics, so the pounds are initially less noticeable. However, at some point someone comes to such ladies on a motorcycle training and puts them on things that are 20 to 60 kg lighter. After that, a CBF just doesn’t go. Here, too, chrome swords score points because, although they are very heavy, their weight is low down so that they can be moved easily around the roll axis at the top. Harley organizes women’s training sessions where interested women can set up and park harleys to convince themselves that they can actually get such a heap of iron off the stand. The gross disadvantage of the low center of gravity for a single-track vehicle of such a standing man’s weight distribution does not fall for friends of the geschwurs further weight, because they are handling indifferent to suspiciously.