Tolerance in new york: gross lobby success for over

Uber may continue to expand aggressively in new york: the controversial driving service promoter has a leading peace pact with the US million metropolis, bill de blasio, closed. The proposal discussed in the town hall to brake the company’s turbo growth is for the time being from the table, shared the city council on wednesday. For the company is a gross lobby success. For de blasio comes the surprising unification of a 180 degree turn right.

In the end of june was initially promoted by the taxi and limousine commission and was initially supported by de blasio, after which taxi replacement services with more than 500 cars before only one percent more vehicles per year had to bring on the straws. For over, which his prasence in new york has increased massively in recent years and now had more cars than the classic taxi provider in use, that had a full braking.

It can also come to that. At first, however, it is said to be clarified in a study to what extent over the rapid expansion of new yorks is already bursting traffic jams and traffic chaos. The investigation in which the company cooperate and disclose data is to take four months – as long as the company may continue to grow unbraked. For de blasio, this is a role ruckwart. A few days ago he had in an opinion contribution in the new york daily news used for the growth brake.

In the eastern custodian metropolis, the conflict between uber, which has invested heavily in his lobbyist army in recent months, and the burgermaster last to a public exchange. Uber protested in front of the town hall and provided for free trips to demonstration. The company launched a petition over her app and started a rough, from celebrities like kate upton and ashton kutcher supported campaign against the regulatory planes. According to the company, the new rules had cost ten thousand jobs.

Driving services via a smartphone app. The company from san francisco has developed in a few years from a small start-up to the world’s expanding heavyweight, the investors now rate with more than $ 50 billion dollars. Uber is in many places with the taxi industry and behavior on the cross, because it has made itself a kind of company philosophy, first to expand and then deal with the applicable rules.