Terror’s more detail in the asylum seeker

Sick jihadists of the islamic state with the escape strings in europe?

More and more escapears are looking for protection and obd in germany. In many places, the germans react with too inhuman remedy to "escape" can. Meanwhile try rights "rat catcher" at planned locations of escape of escape, the insistence of the local population to schuren.

Contrary to the official assessment of assessment, a first islamist terror-conventional was arrested in an asylum seeker home. Especially in the face of the present controversies for the right escape of escape policy, it is important to look closely here: the terror imagination proved to be blob as "small fish".

In the media are terrorist history

As the greek minister of defense panos kammenos on 8. Marz 2015 threatened to send members of the islamic state to germany to germany, this threat was not too seriously taken. Too obviously was the propagandistic intention to remove the german federal government prere to influence the EU negotiations on a debt restructuring in the greek sense.

Three months later, the situation seemed to have changed: on the 29. June 2015 alfred hackensberger claimed in the world, the next coarse battlefield for the camphor of the "islamic state" be europe. Jihadists were sourced from the middle east or east africa on bosnia, norway or sweden to germany:

But now it seems, as the IS is also preparing a new strategy: numerous indications suggest that he systematically engages arab camphor to europe. Obviously ground you networks. And it’s certain that you want war. The is widen the war on europe. (…)

200.000 syrian escapeons have been reached to europe so far, and among them numerous members of the IS mixed, (…).

In the guided wires of the IS also sit former officers of the baath regime of saddam hussein. They were trained in the then eastern bloc, many in the GDR.

The world

Hackensberger named a konrumen a kamal, who comes from the syrian aleppo and has lived in germany for a year:

Kamal knows such types. When he came on after his arrival in germany in the recording bearing eisenberg in thuringen, there was a group of funf syrians. (…)

Because of their unusual way of prayer, he has suspected suspicion. As with the is ugly, they had prayed with raised index finger, the symbol for the one god and his state. The arms shrinked in front of the chest can often be seen in salafists, as well as the custom, at the sitting prayer only one leg.

But the neighbors do everything to keep your identity secret. But one day they drink a beer with kamal – for muslims is banned alcohol, and islamists drink highest rare. "They were immediately drunk. Then it bubbled out of them", paid kamal amused. They have ordered them to come to germany and apply here political asylum, they explain him. Here they had to wait for more commands from syria.

Until a few weeks ago, kamal was in contact with the FUF on facebook. However, when he posted a critical article about the IS, they had immediately deleted him from their friend list. "Meanwhile, all your accounts are lolled", says kamal. "I can not find a trace more of them digitally, not one.

The world

In view of these seemingly threatening findings, the bundestag mps ulla jelpke wanted to know about the left fraction of the left and presented a parliamentary request (printed matter 18/5615) on the 4. August 2015 was answered by the federal ministry of the interior. The federal government denied the representation of the "world" decided:

However, the federal government is not subject to any durable information, according to which IS members are specifically mixed under escapeons and / or asylum seekers. Spend itself as such to obtain a residence status in germany or other european countries. There are also no confirmed findings for the stay of IS members or sympathizers in german escape or asylum holding facilities.

In just a few cases, in the past, roommates of the reception facilities with a reference to IS-borrower have turned directly to the law enforcement habits, sometimes in dennziator intention. An IS-associated could not be confirmed so far.

Nevertheless, a use of locking routes and an infiltration of terrorists in coarse escape quotas can not be excluded. (…) the federal security authorities ame that the IS in the federal territory currently has no surgical, hierarchically organized structures.

In view of the current emergency in the escape policy, the bundestag. Ulla jelpke warned against a fraghous report:

Messages of the daily newspaper the world, according to which IS campers have specifically mixed under flight to europe, the federal government could not be confirmed. Thus, such reiniberian media reports appear rather than an attempt of mood against escape. Because these are wrongly placed under islamism suspended, even if they are in truth on the flight in front of the jihadist terror in their hometermarks.

Ulla jelpke

So all just a press? By no means, because the response of the federal government, there was no terror-evil in the asylum holding facilities, was already overhighth on the day of their publication. Because the same day the first IS sympathizer was arrested in an asylum seeker home.

The case motchou

Ayouub motchou is moroccan state burger, who loved most recently in spain. In february 2015, he arrived in the federal republic and appeared – provided by false personnel – in the nationwide first reception center (lea) in karlsruhe (baden-wurttemberg) before he was relocated to an asylum seekerheim in the district of ludwigsburg. But in the last few months, he must be back to spain again. Because when his danger of life was arrested at the beginning of july, he – so report the spanish media – again fled to germany.

Motchou is considered a terror-convictable. Whereupon the suspicion is fundament, is unclear. It was only known that the twenty-year-old was to threaten the social media on the internet at the beginning of july 2015, terrorist attack in spain or against spanish institutions. On the other hand, he announced to leave to syria, so that remained unclear what he was actually intended.

In addition, motchou has a lifestyle, against which also exists terroria. On the 7. July 2015 silvia celestino carrasco was arrested in her apartment in arrecife on lanzarote. She is said to have tried about whatsapp and telegram to acquire young girls for the islamic state. This was in contact with mohamed el amin and ismael noran from the islamic state in syria. However, their recruiting frauds were not successful in any case. Their arrest resulted in the spanish brigada general de informacion of the national police on the trail of ayoub motchou.

Fear of his arrest escaped ayoub motchou over barcelona again abroad. Then pablo ruz, investigating judges of the audiencia nacional in madrid, ied a european arrest warrant. It was not known how the ayoub motchou was on the track. At 4. August 2015 he was arrested in stuttgart by the mobile commands of the police. Previously, he had been observed several days. For this purpose, the landeskriminamt baden-wurttemberg worked with the spanish secret policy comisaria general de informacion (CGI) and brigada provincial de informacion (BPI) in barcelona.

The district court of stuttgart relies a fixed order. Now the higher regional court of stuttgart has to decide on an expulsion to spain. Meanwhile, ayoub moutchou defends against a deportation after the so-called "simplified procedure" according to the european asylum procedure directive of 26. June 2013. Therefore, the case will continue to procure the german justice and the media in the next few weeks.

According to the ministry of interior in stuttgart, it is one "very special individual case". A spokeswoman for the federal criminal police office declared again, there are no evidence that terrorists were interrupted as a flight to germany.

Several rights or. Islam-like media reported motchou on the case. They held themselves back with discriminatory reviews so far, but wrote on the bloobe reproduction of the agency messages.

Current threat situation

Probably 500.000 escape trots will enter the federal republic this year. When a second and third terror-conventional is untarnished, remains to be seen. According to the association of german safety organs live in the federal republic at least 7.700 militant islamists, of which are over 260 as "hazard" classy. In view of the coarse of this group of people, it has the "islamic state" hardly necessary, attack attesta with the escape breeders in the FRG. In addition, the jihadist scene has been a strong travel between the FRG and the european neighboring countries for years anyway. By the withdrawal of the passport, this personnel turnover should now be stored.

Meanwhile, the "abstract threat" by islamist terrorism. In the fourteen years since the "eleventh" prapotente god’s warriors pronounced dozens of threats against the federal republic. The last threat comes from the chubby jihadist mohammed mahmoud from vienna. On the 5th. August 2015 he published together with yamin A. Z. From germany the propagandavideo "tourism of umma". This threatened mahmoud: "oh merkel, you dirty dogs: we will throw us throws for the insulting of the prophet. We will throw us the blood that cast her by the muslims in afghanistan. (…) we will throw us in the weapons delivery to the abdomen here in the islamic state. Our revenge will be on site!"