Study: conti was astutzpfeiler of the war economy in nazi time

Study: Conti was astutzpfeiler of the war economy in Nazi time

The pre-channel of the DAX group continental has played a significant role in the nazi economy after the results of an order study and also exploited thousands of forced laborers. This comes out of an investigation of the historian paul beger, the conti had touched and on thursday (27. August 2020) introduced in hanover.

Abused KZ adhesive

Arker found out in the processing of the history of today’s car supplier, among other things, that KZ adhesives had to test shoe soles of rubber products of the company. Be partly "until de-degradation and death have been exploited and abused," threw it. It was also used in the production of gas masks or the shift of production under day.

Around 10.000 forced laborers suffered from "human unwurred work and living conditions", explained continental. The management was "actively involved" and the company has benefited from the calling policy of the national socialist regime.

Supplier for hitler’s war

"Continental was an important part of hitler’s war machinery," says CEO elmar degenhart to the results of the analysis "supplier for hitler’s war. The continental group in the nazi time ". "The study is a consciously selected opportunity and a renewed occasion for our responsibility."So a program has been started, the results of the investigation into the training and training dessert and the archive of continental for science open.