Start of diesel-refurbishment

Start of diesel-refurbishment

The federal corporation office (KBA) has granted the general operating permit (ABE) for several diesel-reveruse. With these systems, the owner of euro 5 self-relays in prohibition zones retract. There are now shares for various engine families of mercedes, volkswagen and volvo. The two german manufacturers support the conversion with up to 3000 euros – but only under certain conditions.


5.4 of the 15.1 million diesel cars in germany (as of: 1. January 2019) are certified according to the euro 5 standard. These are often cars that were approved in 2011 and 2015 and often do not have a significant value. With the nachrustung an SCR catalyst mg to stickoxidausstob traceable to at most 270 / km limited, these cars seal must go into municipal areas closed. A umschlusselung does not take place; but there is an entry in the vehicle registration. If there are more immigration – in the meantime was about discusses the automatic number plate recognition – is open.

According to calculations by the federal environment agency (UBA), the actual nox emissions from euro 5 diesels were an average of 906 mg nox / km far mg over the legal limit of 180 / km. The goal of a nachrustung is to improve air quality. Are effective these systems, the KBA has confirmed through the iance of abes. But who pays darfur?

Only in intensive cities

First, mercedes had known to pay up to 3000 euros for the restoration with a SCR catalyst. The DR. Pley SCR technology gmbh has received an ABE for the motor family OM651. This machine is installed in a number of mercedes models of the C, E, GLK and V-class. And although the daimler points out that you do not consider liability for the parts of third-party providers, there is a website that you can check on the vehicle owner if there is a subsidy.

The federal government has identified so-called intensive dates in which the reduction of air pollutants is particularly important. There are currently the backnang, bochum, darmstadt, duren, dusseldorf, frankfurt, hamburg, heilbronn, kiel, koln, limburg an der lahn, ludwigsburg, munchen, reutlingen and stuttgart. Mercedes only pays when the car before 2. October 2018 was admitted to the current owner and its first residence is in one of these city. Also commuters who have their workplace there can receive a claim. Further regulations are available for severely handicapped.

From the end of october, it explains dr. Martin pley in the conversation with heise / cars, the delivery of the rustsatz begins. "There are approximately 200 inquiries per day, most of which end in orders."He estimates that at least 5000 systems per month are manufactured in view. To do this, pley had already received fruh and on its own company risk to contact industrial partners.

Volkswagen EA189 and EA288

With a little proclamation industry connoisseurs, in the first quarter of 2020, that was possible to pay for numbers most important and also emotionally significant regrate product in the installation: baumot technology gmbh, also known by the name twintec, has an ABE for volkswagen engines EA189 and EA288 obtain. The release captures various TDI variants with 1.6 and two liters of displacement that were installed in the group’s varied models. Among other things, the polo, the golf, the touran, the passat, the tiguan, the T5 and the caddy at volkswagen. At audi, some TDI models can be restored by A1, A3 and A4. And also at skoda (fabia, roomster, octavia) and seat (leon, EXEO) many cars are officially improvement.